Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday: What's On Your Walls?

I'm starting this Wednesday subject because I have plenty of work on my walls and my new work is progressing very slowly...I'm buying time! The question is to share what you have on your walls, be it children's art (some of the best) collections, your own art, etc. So, every Wednesday (if I remember) I will share work on my walls, mine or other artists work.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved the planets, moons and stars. ..I'm not an expert on the science but I'm always ready to read the latest findings. My love for the planets extends to a fascination with the mythology connected to the cosmos. I once did a series on my travels to the planets....metaphorically speaking!

This piece measures 18" x 18" and is mixed media, collage, magazine photos and acrylic. I began this work by first loving the tension between this cluster of circles and from there I developed a vision of planets and moons. I have it in my hallway so it is a view between a window.

It's raining today...very Spring kind of rain...sunshine, showers, wind, overcast and then all over again but not always in that order. I'm going to quit the studio , clean my brushes and go to the kitchen to start soup...plain old-fashioned turkey and rice.


  1. What a lovely painting. I like how you describe it as a window. I will have to take a look around Casa Tangobaby and see what is on my walls.

  2. a rich painting, mary Ann - as always, your colors are really wonderful -

  3. A lovely painting, Maryann! I am also fascinated by the stars and planets. I love the huge distances, it just goes on forever, beyond our comprehension.

  4. Great idea showing artwork on the walls. I like this one very much too, the colors and shapes. The turkey soup sounds delicious too.

  5. That is wonderful. It suggests all the power and mystery that the planets hol for us. Really, really good. I love it.

  6. Fabulous, Mary Ann! I love how it symbolises mythology and the cosmos to you.

  7. I know what you mean. When I am working on a larger piece, it can take me weeks and weeks, as I mainly get to work on weekends. Or even longer….So it’s a real challenge to come up with new visuals for a blog post! This is a great idea. I have wall art. I’ll see if I can get a decent photo….The glass is a challenge too. I am looking forward to seeing more of your art Mary Ann, wall art or non wall art; its all good!

  8. This will be so fun,,,seeing all your wall art on Wednesdays. Betting they're ALL as interesting as this one is.
    What's on my walls changes. A lot.
    All the time, matter of fact.

  9. What a beautiful day for you... spring rain and homemade soup! I love what you are sharing from your walls, beautiful! Roxanne

  10. Mary Ann, your pieces akways have an amazing depth to them ( a reflection of you). Pools of intense colour and texture...This piece beautiful...and so reflects the cosmos in my eyes...
    Soup and rain...sounds good.

  11. Tangobaby, I was struck with your "Casa Tangobaby" remark, now I have all sorts of visions of your exotic walls at the casa!

    Jeane, Thank you, color is a big deal to me and I'm glad you like.

    Dianne, Space is so amazing. My imagination goes wild with what is out there!

    Janette,Thank you, thank you.

  12. Suki, Thank you and the soup was's amazing how tired one can get working in the studio!

    Pat, That's it...power and mystery of the planets...well said!

    Willow, The mythology gives another layer and depth to the unknown...Naming a planet Venus after the Goddess of Love...and then watching her as the morning and evening star! wow!

    Leslie, Getting to know another aspect of a person by what they have on their walls, what they love and love to live! I'm dealing with glass too because I'm not about to's more about sharing than glare! ha

  13. Babs, Me too, my art on the wall changes all the time, I go out to the shed and drag in something I haven't seen in confuses Pablo!

    Roxanne, We all truly LIVE in our homes and art on the walls is the living beauty we bring to our rooms! Rain and soup! Today, sunshine and Chinese take-out!

    Jo, Thank's so easy to take for granted our art, furniture and collections but I know they nurture our everyday lives.