Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday's Wall Art Tour

"Untitled" 14" x 24" framed mono type, by Stanley Rieck. I met Stanley in drawing and printmaking classes at the local college way back in the 80's. He was in his early twenties and art was his passion. He was completely immersed in the study of artists and in his own art making. He loved sharing what he had learned and working next to him was quite an experience...a mixture of passion and amazing messiness, especially in printmaking class! We decided on an art exchange and I chose this Liberty mono type, he had created in honor of the Ellis Island re-opening celebration in New York. I have always loved this piece, the raw beauty of the ink and the childlike imagery and loose pastel application. I moved away in the 90's and I have often wondered about Stanley, he had many complications in his life and I wonder if he was able to continue with his art. I have this piece hanging near the dining room and it is very much a part of my life. click to enlarge.
Today, Pablo and I have our tax appointment! He has been up half the night putting things in order. We will definitely take ourselves out to lunch...this preparation has been painful for both of us as I sorted and collected most of yesterday.
Maybe I can get over to the gallery for some photos of the show!


  1. Love your fun Rieck piece! Hope the lunch and gallery sooth the tax blues.

  2. This is an interesting print. Unusual and i can see his passion and maybe his complexities shining forth.

    Ugh taxes. But hurrah for treating yourselves to lunch.

  3. I see a lot of aliveness in this piece. I wonder have you tried goggling his name to see if you can find him? He may even have a blog!
    I like the self-care around the taxes issue; you two have definitely earned a lunch out!

  4. what a fun free flowing piece this is...

  5. Somehow, reviewing receipts is a lot like looking at family photos. Some bring back really bad memories but others, well, you can breathe the fresh air with then. I understand the agony.

  6. Taxes are so stressful for me too....even though my daughter does all the dirty work for me. I hope the lunch soothes away the stress. I like the Reick. The Wednesday Wall art tour is a great idea.

  7. The tax appointment went on for two hours...on and on ended by 3pm and we were starving and wound up at a nearby Applebee's (chain) and we both ordered a massive cheeseburger and iced tea! wheew, did that taste great!

    Suki, I'm glad you find the print interesting...I like the addition of soft pastel!

    Leslie, I did try to goggle him and even went to local newspapers...nothing.

    Jeane, I agree, I learned plenty from Stanley on exuberance.

  8. Pat,I'm just an awful record keeper and I face this fact every year when I scramble to put things in order?

    Robyn, I'm glad you like this piece, it has been fun sharing my walls.
    Lunch was great and a well needed treat!

    Alexandre, Passed it on!

  9. It's really interesting. Surrounded by art with memories must be great. Walking down memory lane, aka your hallway. :)