Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Airport Run!

I created this photo several years ago of my youngest son when he was just starting out in radio. He began at 18 working at a station as part of a college class and one thing led to another and he was "on air " and clearly making this his career choice. It can be very demanding work, on air, planning promotions ,creating and producing advertising. He always seems to be on the cell phone or doing a remote or taking contest winners to concerts...etc...etc.. The job has it's upside too, free stuff, meeting and interviewing interesting music performers and community based events.
Last year he took his two weeks vacation and spent it here while I was 10 days in the hospital...he was a great help and I truly appreciated his kindness and sacrifice of his precious free time. I was therefore happy to hear he had planned a trip to Hawaii and volunteered to drive him to the airport as long term parking can be expensive. He is visiting a friend who is also in radio so he will get a great tour of Hawaii...party wise! Being mom, yesterday we did a little resort shopping, swim wear and shirts. This morning I was on Hwy 17 at 6am driving with the commuters on a curvy road in the dark with (thank God) just a little fog on the summit. He arrives in San Jose on Sunday at 9pm and if the weather is calm ,we should have an easier ride home.

I'm so sleepy (getting old?) but I'm going to the studio to see what kind of paint I can mix and spread around. Sometimes things work better when you are too tired to care much!
Happy St Patrick's to all of you with wonderful green posts..I'm doing my part by putting a corned beef on for dinner!


  1. that photo is such a nice tribute to your son! i always thought that radio sounded a bit glamorous but i'm sure it is like all jobs with ups and downs. get some rest! happy st. p's!

  2. What an interesting job!Loved the photo too.
    Happy St Paddy's right back at you, Mary Ann.x

  3. Great to see him here! He's a really good guy - good job, Mom. Hawaii is where I'd like to be. tell him hello for me.

  4. We just finished our CB and cabbage. I love it with mustard and drizzled vinegar on the cabbage.
    Happy Day,

  5. I agree with Julie - a very nice tribute to your son - hope you mixed and pushed some paint this morning!

  6. Don't you just love sons and their adventures? They are good to their mothers as well. Just like you raised them.

  7. Julie, Thank you...he's a good guy.
    As his mom, I have requested that he get married but he's not listening!ha

    Natalie, He's a cute guy...over 6ft tall and when he was born less than 5lbs. They grow!

    Karen, It's a good photo of him...he is taking his headphones to Hawaii and will broadcast as a guest!

  8. Jeane, I mixed paint and pushed paint all over a canvas and today mixed more paint and brushed even more...same canvas!ha

    Pat, I had issues with my mother and sister so it was so nice to have boys!

  9. Patrice, Me too,cabbage only the mustard...I will try the vinegar next time. Oh boy, did I have a great corned beef sandwich today!!

  10. What a handsome guy!

    No matter when my husband and I have to be north of here we NEVER ever take 17! There are always accidents. What's up with that?
    My sister-in-law traveled that road from Santa Cruz to Stanford for 20 years. Good thing she made big bucks!

    Lucky son, lucky mom :)

    hee-hee...word veri = extot!
    I guess that means he's all grown up!