Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Wedding Song

It was our day to remember always. The beauty of ancient rituals, chanting and friends and family reading prayers, signing marriage contracts...all to support us. So important to us were my two sons and Pablo's son and brother standing at each corner of the wedding canopy (chuppah) symbolizing the four corners of the Universe and the covering itself symbolizing Spiritual presence. Most important was my husband's poem:

Wedding Song
Be still and you will hear our song-
The song of an artist and a poet,
Of a woman and man who found

In each other new lyrics for loving

Late in life, two lights within a home

That summon all to come who know God.

From the day we met until today

When we exchange vows and rings,

It's like time has frozen, and all things

Measured have ceased: Only the lull and hum

We hear, only the strumming of distant stars.

Old, dark promises relinquished,

Now we are free to embrace

Tomorrow's brightest moments

--Truly uncommon hours--

When the pendulum stops

And our heartbeats begin.

Listen again, so strong our song

Sung to the tune of kindred spirits,

Played softly and sweetly and slowly,

A song of love like a blossoming flower

Foretelling of marvels as each petal opens,

A song of wonder--our wedding song!

The reception was champagne and refreshments in the Mediterranean style: dolmas, hummus, breads, olives, cheeses, persimmons, figs, dates and nuts. The three layer cake was a gift and the filling was lemon and ollalieberry! Music- piano. The scroll above was our guest book created by friend Florie. Deena was my angel throughout, photography, watchful eye and all other angel activities. One of my happiest days!


  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt poem! And a lovely, lovely day!! Was this your wedding or anniversary? What a handsome couple you make.

    Best wishes from Willow Manor!! x x

  2. Wow what an incredible wedding this must have been. Everything so beautiful and artistic and handmade. The poem is wonderful Pablo and my heart just opens as I read of your happiness. You both looks so joyful. May the happiness and joy continue. Many blessings, suki

  3. Willow,These photos and poem were from the wedding 11/12/06. We celebrated our anniversary last night with a great dinner out. Desert was spectacular...lemon and rasberry Napoleon! wow

    Suki, It was a perfect wedding... reflecting both of us spiritually, artistically, small and simple in the late afternoon with friends and family.

    Jeane, Thank you

  4. Great shot of the two of you - I remember the day well. It was really special! Sounds like you had a nice celebration yesterday. We did our celebration Sunday evening at this location
    We shared the evening with our original maid of honor and best man and another couple we've also known all this time. Good friends, good food, great wine!
    Happy days!

  5. What a beautiful poem and marriage vow. Just lovely! Roxanne

  6. Karen, Actually the photo was taken when we turned to hear you read one of the blessings...I was so happy to have the family.
    You drove up to Tahoe for dinner? I went on the site and the menu is wonderful...what did you order? I'm glad it was a happy evening with good friends!

  7. Roxanne, So glad you stopped by, the wedding was perfect for us and a truly happy day...fall colors on a sunny but cool day.

  8. Oh, what a good memory you have! I was thrilled to be called on.
    We got married in Tahoe so returned there 25 years later. Friends hosted us at their beautiful cabin Sat. & Sun. - came home Monday. Light snow falling - much less than 25 years ago!

  9. Oh! Look at your gorgeous wedding photo. It gave me (good) chills! I hope you enjoy many more years of beauty.

    I've just added you to my blog roll so I can check in with you should be sure to let me know if you're ever planning a trip to the city!