Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wedding Invitation

This was a collaborative creation for sure. I painted and collaged the imagery and Pablo wrote the text. My dear friend Deena photographed and combined our efforts on her computer and worked her magic creating these 4"x9" invitations which fit perfectly in a packet type envelope. On the back of the invitation were two easy to follow maps for out of town guests. She used a program that created a jagged edge on the painting which I think looks great. I believe I was expressing young new love, the robes for me, signified the patchwork of memories and the wine for celebration. In the original you can make out the cardboard, nude drawings and favorite cloths and lace in their robes.The covered heads represent ritual and the moons are for cycle of life. Tomorrow is our anniversary and we will celebrate with a great dinner out! Also tomorrow I will post Pablo's Wedding poem. I'm surprising myself with this blog and all my sharing. Not like me, I'm usually content to reveal through my work...words, expressing in words to the big world is new to me! Never too late!
Can't seem to enlarge the invitation enough to read the text so here is the second paragraph.
You are invited to join us
when we marry the one
we laugh with, dream with,
and deeply love.
We have chosen to continue
our growth through marriage.


  1. This is so beautiful. Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful collaboration, the invitation and you both in real life. Inspiring. Many blessings, suki

  2. Oh yes - we share the day - I had forgotten.
    :-) Happy anniversary! We celebrate 25 years tomorrow. I have always loved your work on the invitation.
    Be blessed,

  3. Happy Anniversary! Blessings to you and Pablo. I'll be looking foward to the wedding poem.

  4. I kept my invitation. It is such a celebration of you two.
    I love it.

  5. Suki, Thank you for your blessings.

    Karen, Happy Anniversary to you on 25 years! I hope something nice planned!

    Willow, Thank you, the time has been flying but in a good way!

    Patrice, We are so alike, I keep all your cards and even your new address cards...so beautiful!

  6. Oh, this is too beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing - what hope and joy it gives me, to see happy people doing happy things - living life, loving, and celebrating it all!

  7. 4rooms, Thank you for your good wishes. Life for me, has been good lately...I met Pablo on the Internet, Yahoo Personals, so we must believe in magic!