Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Forgive me box

I created this and four other boxes awhile back...this one is about forgiveness and I thought I'd share...not exactly thankfulness in honor of this holiday but forgiveness is as close as I could get for today. I created this with foam core, tape and gesso. The top is a series of photos of Spanish tile with copper leaf and the sides are acrylic with the words "Forgive me" and "I Forgive you" in all different fonts, also copper wire and copper covered cork legs. The inside is wallpapered with red, purple and yellow photos of the human heart...very dark - just color. I sold two, "Death" and "Prayer" so I can only show two more, I didn't think to photograph the others before they sold. Making these with personal and important themes took me out of just crafty box making and I believe, back into art making.
I have the pumpkin soup prepared and I'll start the pie next. The rest of the cooking tomorrow. The house is clean and already smells of the holiday cooking. I have some Baileys Irish Cream, I'm not much of a drinker but it seems perfect to sip a little while in all this kitchen effort. I am so thankful for this year, it has been both light and dark but truly it has been life well lived and there lies my gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving


  1. A lovely box! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. i love this box and the sentiments behind it (and within it).

    happy thanksgiving!

  3. Lovely box and concept. Happy thanksgiving to you too.

  4. a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  5. This box is wonderful! i would like to see the inside of it as well. I think that forgiveness goes very well with Thanksgiving. I hope your day is lovely. I begin cooking again soon... Roxanne

  6. marja-leena, Thank you. I believe your Thanksgiving was several weeks ago!

    Bridgette, I'm glad you like the forgiveness box. I hope your Thanksgiving was joyful in your new home.

    Suki, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Jeane, A Happy Thanksgiving to you and then back to work in the studio!ha

    Roxanne, I'm glad you like the box, I'll get out my camera and try to get a picture of the inside when I photograph the other two boxes. Ah, the cooking, the eating and mostly the joy...Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. The box is very beautiful! I've made them myself, one decoupaged with concert book cut outs of Mick Jagger stage costumes. Love love love pumpkin soup! My friend in New Mexico made some as well with curry in it. Cheers!

  8. The the concept.The box is beautiful!

  9. Sharon, Thank you for stopping by...I have two more boxes to share.

  10. I love your boxes especially the one in the Meditation 101 post. (I'm a container freak) Yes please to seeing the inside.

  11. Dear Mary Ann,

    I thank you for sharing this with me. It has never crossed my mind to build a forgiveness box and now that I think about it, it would be a good idea.

    It is the symbolism and that in itself is very powerful.

    Thank you so very much,