Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Southwest Wall"

Entering the first oasis for me...placing the water jugs and walls with dark windows...a less than friendly stop but necessary when moving in the unknown wilderness. Metaphorically through my wilderness of regaining my uncharted area for me.
I started to do series with personal meaning years ago. I find a subject that draws me into research, historical, geographical as well as attracting my strong tie with myth, story and spiritual imagery. One series awhile ago had me visiting myth, planet info, also visited Mars...planet colors, textures, war God, endings and forgiveness. All this loaded into a few paintings...for me it's a rich experience. My best hope is the viewer of my work be fully engaged in their own story!
"Southwest Wall" measures 17"x17" and is on a foam core base. Photo and cloth collage, acrylic, joint compound, potato print and soft pastel.
Speaking of oasis...Pablo and I are setting off to travel about 50miles north along the coast to a small town, Half Moon Bay where we will take a few days to eat well, read, sleep and enjoy the scenery. We expect rain so that will make the trip even cozier. We will return in time to vote!


  1. I hope you have a lovely time in Half Moon Bay. such a great name.

    This is just beautiful work. The soft colors soothe my eyes. The water jugs with refreshing cool drink. I espicially love the uneven edge of the background cloth, if that is the cloth part. Thanks for the description of where your mind is too as you create these personal yet universal pieces. Peace, Suki

  2. I'm enjoying watching this series progress - enjoy your get away...

  3. The beautiful.

  4. Suki, Thank you, we did have a good time...the room was ON the beach! Sadly, when strolling through the town we saw stores closing...going out of business...sign of the times.
    The cloth part is in the center, cheese cloth. The uneven outside was created with joint compound, rather by accident.

  5. Jeane, We did enjoy the nights away...some rain, some sunshine.
    I have three more large pieces and two small ones I'm working on now.

    Karen, Thank you, I was tying for the dry bleached colors!

  6. oooh, this painting reminds me so much of Morocco:)

  7. Your work is wonderful. I am so happy to have found your blog. I love your connection to history! Roxanne

  8. Despite this soft desert setting the holiday cups are out at Starbuck's! I know the holidays are not everyone's thing, but let me tell you what is playing in my ear - Yo Yo Ma & Friends - Songs of Joy & Peace! Do yourself a favor and pick up the CD of fabulous collaborations of the most beautiful music - time will fly.

  9. Maryam, Thank you...I could not receive a more wonderful comment.

    Roxanne, Thank you..I'm so glad you found me! I will try to get over to your site this weekend!

    Karen, I love the haunting to me. I have a YoYoMa and friends CD but not the Songs of joy and Peace...I'll make a search.

  10. isn't that just the way though? - we have an idea and within moments it has its own ideas about where it wants to go - this is just a lovely piece - I wish I could enlarge it.