Monday, November 24, 2008

Surprising Blooms

I've regularly neglected this plant, a little water now and then, some sun but in spite of my neglect it has bloomed itself with the prettiest pink blossoms. I think it is a cactus or a succulent?
I'm loving my new banner! Patrice of makinpeace offered to create a new banner. I believe she did an outstanding job...using my imagery against the night starlit sky with the romantic yellow type! She created a celestial/mysterious,dreamy quality and I'm so pleased. Patrice and I had an almost sell-out show together here at a local gallery. I'll put that story together and post our wonderful postcard sometime after the holidays.
Received a wonderful award from Suki this morning and I will do my best to post it later this week...Thank you Suki. I am starting to get busy with shopping, house cleaning so studio time is limited for sure. Great Monday to all!


  1. Beautiful Christmas cactus! You must not have neglected it too much!

    Yes, your new banner is oh-so-classy! Love it.

    Congrats for a well deserved award!

    Gotta run...taking a break from dusting and vacuuming... :)

  2. I really love the new banner - so perfect! Only you would believe that I have the exact same cactus and I too treat it poorly and have it near death most of the year. Mine just stated performing as yours is. Do you remember Grandma always having one in her front window this time of year? I think hers was red. Maybe it's our thing to have these - our connection. Now I have a warm fuzzy feeling for the rest of the day...

  3. Mary Ann, it is nearly impossible to kill a Christmas cactus. My Mum has threaten and tried to kill hers on several occasions, only to have it break out in bloom. Ha! Occasionally she comes to visit and threatens my plants for me. Works like a charm! Now her Christmas cactus has the wing span of over a yard. LOL

  4. Willow, It's called a Christmas cactus?! Now I'll probably kill it with kindness!ha

    Karen, I think you gave this cactus to me when I moved to Capitola. I agree, we will always have our sweet connections to Grandma.

    I'm now a believer...neglect becomes this little beauty.