Friday, November 7, 2008

Shelter Me

Although I wanted to create more abstract pieces, I seem to be working out oasis as a metaphor with more imagery than I had expected. I had such pleasure putting this canopy (chupah) together using scraps of trims and lace with photo collage. I was married under a beautiful chupah but I think there was a little wish to have created my very I least in collage. This piece measures 18"x18" on a foam core base, potato print, added foam core, lace, acrylic, pencil, colored pencil, soft pastel and photo collage. I have two more large pieces and they are a little more abstract.
Pablo and I had our own journey yesterday, it was an hour drive through the mountains, crowded freeways to our destination...IKEA. Yes, with our cart rolling we picked up Lingonberry jam, mustard sauce, Swedish meatballs, dishtowels , picture frames and a new bread knife. We finished it all off with two $1 soft ice cream cones! On the picture frames...they carry a couple of sizes of square natural wood and black frames...perfect for these foam core pieces and the frames include matt and glass. My clever Pablo bought me two lovely grey metal mesh waste baskets for my computer area and work table. A long hard drive but Oh, the shopping!


  1. This is just incredibly beautiful. I love the colors and textures and the idea of shelter. At the same time as shelter indicates an enclosed area, this painting feels so open to the sky to me.

    Never been to Ikea. I think the nearest one is 5 hours from here. I didnt know they sold food. Sounds like a fun trip and the frames and wastebaskets sound great. Mom has used teeny plastic wastebaskets for years. You have to empty them every other day. Finally I bought a medium sized basket wastebasket for myself but I have yet to replace her teeny ones elsewhere in the house.sonducta

  2. well apparently my coffee hasn't entered my veins yet, because I commented on this piece on your last post, so you must go back to read what I wrote today! - alas!

  3. Suki, Thank you for your "take" on this has been a struggle for me. Some pieces come easy and others not, oh well!
    I wouldn't drive 5 hours to an Ikea but if in the area and you have time, worth a visit. The quality isn't high but design is good.
    On wastebaskets, I have been happy with using paper bags in the work messy with paint and glue...hard to be careful when in full swing of creating!

  4. Jeane, My trusty camera is giving me fits and now this blog won't let me publish your other comment? I did receive it but I just don't have much control today? Yes, speaking of art and control, I find it amazing when I think I have the perfect plan and then shocked at a whole new's just part of this creative ride.

  5. Lovely piece. Kind of has a Marrakesh feel to it!

    The closest Ikea is a few hours away. I wish they would open one in our city. My daughter loves the one in Philly where she lives.