Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

It's all good! In the photo is my pumpkin soup which I now need to admit, I overloaded with cumin.... too smoky. The table setting looks like springtime but the sun was shining, I had the door open for air flow and too lazy to put out the good china for just the two of us. Also used a throw away roasting pan for the turkey breast so I wouldn't have the heavy clean up. Unfortunately, Pablo inserted the thermometer and unknowingly punctured the bottom of the pan. An hour later the pan was dry and the oven was smoking!! After all that I transferred the turkey to a real roasting pan and the turkey actually turned out tender and juicy. We drank champagne and carried over our gratitude throughout the dinner. My pie was good and thank goodness perfectly spiced. All in all I kept the dinner as traditional yet simple as possible.... Joyful for sure. Tell me about your dinners?
I've got to go now and clean the oven! ha Actually I'm going to do some framing the oven can wait. Happy Weekend.


  1. Always a little mishap on Thanksgiving is to be expected but good food will always win out in the end. (I added too much poultry seasoning to the stuffing, and partially burnt a little of it.)

    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday!

  2. this is such a cozy and intimate image - and a woman after my own heart - the oven can wait!

  3. Hi Blue Sky Dreaming, I happened on your blog via Sukipoet have thoroughly enjoyed reading your postings. Your profile piece really speaks to me, I have found amazing support and connections with wonderful blogger/artists all over the world!
    I love your Oasis series!

  4. PS I have put a link on my blog so I can follow your postings.

  5. We went for ease as well. An abbreviated meal was as good as a full fledged one for us this year. The clean up still felt big though!

  6. Looks a delight.
    I thought cumin was mostly for curries and stuff?
    I loved the idea of "Mustgo" for finner. Very witty.
    I will steal it.
    Greetings from New York.
    (the code for posting is Fatoccad --is that a new food or what?)

  7. Ooh! - your table looks beautiful. Nice celebration of gratitude.
    We started with an invitation to Thanksgiving Breakfast with friends - so the eating and gathering of friends began early. I was also treated to a lesson in making his family recipe for home made rolls after breakfast. You cannot beleive these rolls - and he sent me home with the dough to let it rise and finish the process. I was so surprised - and yes, thankful.

  8. tangobaby, Just read your Thansgiving post and felt such delight in our shared over indulging! Tonight I'm serving turkey mushroom crepes and of course, the lunchtime sandwiches continue.

    Jeane, Sometimes Thanksgiving for two can be just perfect!

  9. Diane, Thank you for visiting me...I think we do share similar views on art making. I will add your site to my favorites as nice to make a new friend!

    Elizabeth, Yes, my recipe was from my favorite Mediterranean cookbook and it included the addition of ground cumin and ground ginger...I just added mistake. "Mustgo" has an exotic ring ...have fun with it!Thank you for stopping by...I will be visiting you often...I love New York!

  10. Your table looks beautiful and how nice to have the doors open. To be that warm. I do have to laugh at the roasting pan fiasco. I used moms old heavy pan and it actually washed up well. Here is what I am "proudest" of. I bought our turkey from a local organic farm. I guess you could call it "free range" though she called it something else. They are smaller than regular birds and have no chemicals in them. By some miracle I cooked it just the right amount of time. It was delicious. Mom said it was the best turkey she'd ever had. It had been killed just three days before, imagine. An interesting experience. "The oven can wait," sounds like "Heaven can wait." Wasn't that a movie? Glad your meal for two was joyful. blessings, Suki

  11. Patrice, Glad your Thanksgiving in LA was simple yet wonderful...all those cute little cousins. The clean up is always a challenge!ha
    Still loving my banner!!!!!

    Karen, Wow, breakfast with fresh baked rolls and then rest,pack the car and off to Thanksgiving dinner with family! With the little ones...memorable for sure!

    Suki, Your Thanksgiving turkey was the closest to the 1st Thanksgiving what with fresh bird and all...I'm so glad your mom was able to appreciate the good flavors!

  12. Hi Bluesky,,,I'm here via Suki.
    (love your screen name)

    We were only three this year,,although I could have fed ten. I find it very difficult to cook 'small'.
    Relating to your "oven can wait".

    Adore your 'box' in the previous post,,,and very much enjoyed my visit.

  13. Your table is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like beautiful china to me!

    We just finished off the last of the bird with creamed turkey on rice with the rest of the cranberries.

    My oven is waiting, too. ;^)

  14. Babs, How nice of you to visit, please stop by any time. Yes, the oven can always wait! ha I am visiting your site as well.

  15. Willow, We finished our turkey with mushroom, turkey crepes. Tonight, I need to go out for dinner, enough cooking! The china we use everyday and includes the flatware and glassware it is Vileroy and Bach and we got most of the pieces for our wedding. So far we have added more spoons and more knives...they went missing or went down the disposal! ha

  16. Your table is lovely. I'm disposable roasting pan all the way but have never had that particular mishap.

    This year's mishap was a gravy boilover. Too many things going at one time. And I had help. I needed it. On the menu: turkey (of course), chestnut-leek-and-apple stuffing, cranberry orange sauce, slivered brussels sprouts with bacon crumbles, wild rice, gravy, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweet potato casserole. Appetizers: artichoke/chile dip with blue corn tortilla chips, Brie and Edam cheeses with crackers, black olives.

    Every year I say I'm going to scale down the next year. Then when the next Thanksgiving rolls around, I'm pumped up to prepare a feast again. We had seven in attendance--our immediate family, my in-laws, and my daughter's boyfriend. He helped too.

  17. San, Thanksgiving at your house is as you said a FEAST! After all I've eaten this past week I still drooled over your menu...I have no shame. Happy belated Thanksgiving, it's one of my favorite holidays!