Friday, November 14, 2008

Inside the Walls

Back to the oasis and this time to the interior, the real rest recuperation. Represented by ancient markings, floor plans, secret windows, doorways with the palm tree views. Under it all crumbling tile flooring. This piece is on a foam core base, photo collage, acrylic, lace, joint compound and wire mesh. It measures 18"x18" and I like the mix. During this time of the oasis series, I have taken personal time to eat better, meditate, exercise and write. I've come to a peaceful place in my life...the past has it's place and the future doesn't seem so dark (not counting the times I look at my money situation) and I'm finding myself able to stay in the present for longer amounts of time..I've found a more manageable pace for my day. I've also been looking at what is next in art as I'm just about ready now to choose a new focus.
Weekend begins tonight...the weather is so warm and I've packed away all my light weight clothes? We are going to rent a few movies...last weekend we went to see the "Changeling" but left in the middle...upsetting asylum scenes that didn't sit well with us so if anyone has seen this movie...let me know how it ends. I just leave movies when they are too upsetting...I'm so visual that I can't shake the images.


  1. This is gorgeous. I love the grounded sense of home here. The way you combined the lace and mesh and the photo collage. I'd love to see the whole series together.

    How wonderful that painting this series has maybe helped you to eat better and take care of yourself. Come to a peaceful place as you say. So important.

    Thanks for the tip on the movie. Certain movie images I dont want to see too and I find upsetting. Violence towards women esp.

    Have a great weekend. And thanks for all your comments on my blog re: my paintings and my Mom.

  2. sounds like you are just about through with your transition into something else - whatever that may be - physically, mentally, spiritually - and your art pushing pulling your along - lucky you!

  3. I love this just takes my breath away. Like Sukipoet said, I would love to see the whole series together, such strength and serenity!!

  4. Suki,Thank you, I was going for a safe feeling interior space, some mystery but clear skies. I put the series on picasa on my sidebar and if you click on the left corner "oasis series" you can view them altogether.

    Jeane,It feels good to be ready for something new...I have some second doubts about this series but it is what it is and I'm ready to move on and look back later. I don't always have a clear view of my work until some time has passed.

    Dona, Thank you. You have always been so supportive. Remember when we used to meet for tea at Shaw's coffee house...oh, the conversations!

  5. Thanks for telling me about the slideshow in your comment on my blog. I have looked at the slideshow and also the page with all of them together. To me, this is a very strong series. Powerful. They look wonderful together. My favorite is the fourth picture, I think you called it shelter? I'll have to check back. But they are all wonderful. in the slideshow two of them come up larger and i can see the texture you created with the joint compound, I guess. Marvelous.

  6. Your paintings speak to me and I love your choice of subject and colours.
    (Unsettling movies have the same effect on me. I'd rather not watch.)

  7. Robyn, Today was a great day to read your comments...thank you. I'm in the dark about my next focus so it's especially encouraging. Art making brings together so many new friends!
    Mary Ann