Sunday, November 30, 2008

Half Moon Bay

I forgot all about this photo I took on our night away...I love the beach, love the rocks,even on a cold rainy day I'm just happy to be at the beach.
The Odd, Unusual and or Interesting facts about me? I'm borrowing this meme from Suki and giving out some bits of information about me. I'm private in so many ways so this is a stretch but why not?! It's a way to share myself a little and to allow others to get to know more about me. So here are my seven:
1. I'm afraid of escalators...actually hold up crowds during the holidays.
2. Never took a computer class...can you tell?
3. I've forgotten how to swim, lost my confidence, I can still float but I can barely paddle around?
4. Took my only cruise "Path of the Vikings" which began in England and included stops in France, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Newfoundland, Halifax and Boston. It was wonderful!
5. I met Tony Bennett in the Palm Springs airport and we had a pleasant conversation.
6.I moved alone to this beach town in 1995 and only knew the real estate agent, I would go to coffee houses every morning just to be around other people.
7. Pablo and I worked three blocks apart in SF in 1966. We both married New Yorkers and many years later met on Yahoo personals in 2004


  1. Tony Bennett seems like such a charming guy! And he is an artist and paints, too. That must be why you are simpatico.

    That's so romantic about you and Pablo! You were meant to be together.

  2. such fun to read you list - and I think we should all be afraid of escalators! - don't trust myself to make that first step sometimes!

  3. The beach is so freeing, isn't it? Watching the surf can be meditative for me. You know we are simpatico on the escalator thing - yikes! - step now? how 'bout now? oops, maybe now!
    I'm still so amazed how you began a new life there in your little beach town. I like to think I could do the same - then I actually think about it and wonder if I could. You are an inspiration, Mary Ann!
    p.s. I missed commenting on your forgiveness box - I have a sister box purchased at one of your art shows - mine has a sand dollar with some gold leaf at the top of the box. I can try to send a picture.

  4. Fascinating, Dreamer! Please remind me: Is your "real" name Mary Ann?

    Half Moon Bay is such an enchanting place. It's the perfect image to pair with these acknowledgments regarding a life that is not without enchantment.

  5. Thanks for sharing a few things about your life - you are very brave to move to a town without knowing a soul. So glad you can share your life with Pablo, he sounds very special to you.
    I also love the beach and sea, I don't live on the beach, but 5 mins away, so I can still smell the sea air in the morning.

  6. Willow, Tony Bennett was so unassuming...just pleasant chatter..I felt at ease with him.
    I have often wondered if we (Pablo and I)had met way back then if we would have been even interested...rather,now is the best time for us.

    Jeane, This must be the season for the seven...odd, unusual whatever!!

  7. Karen, Escalators...the family tragedy....I lost my grip on your hand and we tumbled down several steps before I was able to recover you...very traumatic, it was "going down" at Montgomery Wards store in Oakland. It's a wonder we don't always ride elevators instead but then I have a fear of getting stuck?!!I think you were 2-3years old!

  8. San, Yes, my real name is Mary Ann but sometimes to be exotic I sign it marnya...still my name with one n missing. I have lived a blessed life for sure...without half trying!

  9. Karen, Yes, that would be great if you photographed the box with the sand rush.

  10. Beep beep! I thought that was you clogging up the escalator!

    Billy and I used to frequent Twin Lakes Beach as children with our parents. I wonder if we ever saw each other, or played with each other? I like to think we did!

  11. 1. Who needs escalators when you can climb up the rocks on a beach like that?
    2. Back in high school, in the 80's, teachers told us we'd all have to take computer classes and learn computer languages, which would involve lots of math, so I really dreaded it...then, of course, personal computers came along so I never had to do anything of the kind. Wahoo!
    3. You'd probably remember if you really needed to...but let's hope that doesn't happen.
    4. Sounds like it, especially if you didn't run into any actual Vikings on the trip.
    5. He does seem like an affable guy. Lucky you.
    6. I go to a coffee shop every day, and have ended up friends with most of the employees.
    7. Amazing how people orbit around each other for years before actually meeting....

  12. Your ocean is lovely! The Pacific is my favorite. You went to Iceland? Did you love it? I'm sooo jealous!

  13. Patrice, beep, beep was that you? All I can say is a very lame "sorry"! ha I think I will look for an elevator or maybe shop at strip malls!ha

    Diane, We were staying at Half Moon Bay in a bed n breakfast on the beach but like you, my home is about 5min. away and I can sometimes smell the ocean and on quiet evenings hear the waves. It is my dream come true.

  14. YogaforCynics, There seemed to be a large population of Vikings by heritage on the ship but we focused our pillaging on the buffet table!

    Jacie, We had one day in Iceland, time for a lunch, shopping, a dip in the warm thermal waters and people watching...Icelandic people are so beautiful!

  15. Such a beautiful shot!
    Makes me think of Bodega Bay,,I was there on a bleak, windy, cold day. Very eerie, stark,,,but so totally awesome.
    I'm jealous,,,would like to meet Tony Bennett,,,maybe talk about his painting techiques.
    It is interesting how people arrive into our lives at the time they're supposed to.
    And fascinating your move,,,,who at some time or another hasn't dreamed of that?
    Great post!

  16. Babs, You are so right Bodega Bay is beautiful in any kind of weather!