Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's on Deena's Walls?

24"x24", canvas, acrylic, mixed media by Deena. The first on the left is titled "Exploring Mystery" the white one is "What is Hidden" and the third is "Finding Me". I'm not sure of all the materials but I do know Deena is an expert at photo transfers so if you have any questions please ask. I am asking Deena if she might host this blog in the next couple of days so be on the watch and give her a bloggy good welcome!

We met well over 10 years ago in a Julia Cameron "Vein of Gold" study group. There were six of us and the leader. After this course, five of us decided to carry on as an art support group. We met regularly for years and sometimes studied a book, sometimes just shared and supported one another...there was wine, laughter and tears too. Two members moved away and one member, our dear Annie past away and then there were the two of us. We have carried on and what can I is a deep abiding friendship that far outreaches art making and yet has also stayed on track, supportive with art play. I am 15 years older than Deena and we have very different lifestyles but again....the friendship continues...we will be friends forever.

ADDED NOTE: If you are interested, Deena has left a comment stating all the materials used in these beautiful pieces. Check it out. I have asked and she said yes, and will post this weekend as a special treat!
EXPLANATION: In the loss of our Annie, came the sweet addition of knowing her daughter Patrice. Patrice( also an artist) and I had an art show together with a blow out music, catered with amazing food and drink, flowers and a 6foot banner outside the gallery of our happy faces announcing the show!!! We spilled out into the street and I believe in some circles they are still talking about that night! Patrice has a blog and has also left a comment! AND Annie's sister Pat (also an artist) regularly leaves a comment so watch for her as well!


  1. I'm immediately attracted to anything with circular motifs. This work draws me in and keeps me wondering. There is just enough information for that. Add red to the mix and I'm totally captured. Great work. Welcome Deena.

  2. I love these pieces, they're gorgeous. I'd love to hear more about Deena's photo transfer techniques. I am always interested in improving my transfer methods, always searching for something easier and more reliable than the methods I use.

  3. Lovely Deena...I love her work posted here. The one on the right pulls me right in! True friendships are priceless.

  4. Oh my..Vein of Gold...a difficult book
    if you do the work
    I belonged to such a group
    changed my life in many ways
    The Artist Way
    We were so different in age and backgrounds...I think that is why it worked so well
    we are still very close friends

    I will visit Deena's blog
    I found the circles rather interesting

  5. these are just marvelous and isn't it wonderful ...the relationships built in art groups? My art journal group is such a tight circle, so much sharing at such a deep level...

  6. I love all three of these. I love the colors red and black so these totally appeal to me. You are lucky to have such a long friendship. What is the key to the success? I just recently lost one that was 46 years long and she is unwilling to discuss it. Hard to figure. Hard to make it right if she won't talk. Oh, how it hurts!

  7. Thank you for your warm welcome. And a big thank you to Mary Ann for including me in her blog. I've immensely enjoyed watching her create her blog family! Yes - she is my soul sister. Among other things, she played the supportive role as mentor and mid-wife to me stepping into my true space as an artist. Yes - she is one of my "forever's".

    These pieces were done with the loving restraint - contained freedom - of only using black/ivory/red. They have layers of acrylic paint, ink, wire mesh, lazatran transfer (it's like a decal), stamping, scratching and sponging.

    Suz - I don't have a blog or a website yet...but the tickle to do one or both is getting stronger!

  8. I believe I am a result of that group, by proxy!
    Love to you both,

  9. lovely paintings. I keep wanting to peek through the circles to see what is behind them.

    I just love how you both met and the group that formed and reformed through the years. I had some groups like that on Cape Cod for writing and spiritual stuff but nothing up here. in

  10. Greetings,

    I thank you for sharing your friends art with us and enriching our lives. I do hope that at some point Denna will consider entering the blogesphere with her own blog.

    Warmest regards,

  11. No matter what these paintings are named, they are intruiging, accomplished and really's nice to be so talented!

  12. The beauty of art expands beyond the canvas and spills over into life. How perfect. Hi Deena!

  13. Very interesting work, geometrics are so enjoyable to me and the red/black.....well, thank you for sharing this great are all fortunate to have those to you, Sondra

  14. I love it when artists share their friend's work. I've just started that on my blog and I find it very rewarding. Deena's pieces are wonderful. Layers that reveal something of the previous ones are always interesting. I remember when it was an assignment in art school and I was very concerned about losing all the work in the first layer.I was so surprise as to how much it improved the painting.

  15. Wonderful pieces- each unique and riveting. I remember reading "Vein of Gold" a long time ago- I had a young son and it was so hard to do daily pages and stick with any thing. Hum... you have inspired me to read it again!

  16. These are wonderful..Thank you for sharing the art and artist.
    Life is wonderful when you have friends.

  17. "What is hidden" immediately caught my attention. Looking forward to hearing more from Deena in the next few days.