Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cielo: The Sky Above

8"x8" canvas, pinhole photo negative, tissue, acrylic. There is writing embedded in the sky but almost unreadable. Again, meditation to writing to imagery. It reads of being the sky: "This sky of mine" repeated every other line and between lines, with the last line being "echoes my sacred presence". The photo is one I took in Yosemite near Mirror Lake. My love for Yosemite goes back to my early childhood and the area for me, is a soul connection. This is the 5th of the 7 directions and the 6th also used the same photo. I will post the 6 completed directions on flickr. The seventh direction is looking inward and I must say I need a break from working this small! Personally I believe all work is inward so for a little while I will focus my attention on four canvases measuring 24'x36" and then come back to this 8"square.

Before I start work I must first clean the studio.! I rather like a messy space but this has gone so far as I can't find any place to begin new work.Rather that being inviting it is the opposite...too chaotic. So I will devote some time to getting things orderly today. Whenever I dig in like this I make wonderful discoveries of materials, snippets, stones or such just waiting to be rediscovered!
Maybe it is the season but I am getting strong feelings on getting not just my studio in order but many other areas of my life....closet is begging for a winterizing, I need to revitalize my cooking...fresh approach with stews, soups and such and I need a day out....one of those days when you get in the car and take off...find a new place to eat lunch, some photos, shopping...roll down the windows feel the fresh fall air...yes! What do you need to do or go to feel refreshed?


  1. Oh, this one would be a lovely logo for your blog, Mary Ann!

  2. Before commenting, I noticed your categories are all one link and the reason for this, is that you need to place a comma after each word or phrase, so that they become individual links. So if you correct this on all your posts, then search engines can do what they need to do and you end up benefiting from it. I am sorry i have not noticed this before.

    I have noticed you and many other artists are working on canvases that are 8x8 or even 6x6, sizes I find rather small and somewhat difficult getting the artist energies to reflect in the brush work. For larger canvases allow for the artists hand and arm to move more freely and reflecting the energies.

    I have used 10x10 or 12x12 to run tests with materials before committing to a larger surface, like the untitled piece you kindly commented upon last Sunday.

    However, I have decided to give smaller canvases a try myself and revisit the challenge of working in a more tighter and controlled surface.

    It seems that you and a few others I know have been spending time cleaning up their studio, as I just did this today.

    I was wondering if you thought of trying to mix your paper sources for added texture?

    Wishing you all the best

  3. "There is writing embedded in the sky but almost unreadable"

    ah, i love this!!!!

    me too, gotta find my winterish stuff.
    happy birthday again, hope you r playing your tamborine tonight!

  4. I really like this Mary Ann - again your color sense an use of space is so inviting :)

  5. These colors are gorgeous, and I love the negative.
    My studio condition definitely also affects my creativity, just in the way you said.
    I had a day out today,,,spent a couple of hours at the art and craft supply,,,,it's huge, and it's always a destination in and of itself.

  6. You are an inspiration! I have so enjoyed seeing these paintings that are linked to your writing and meditation. Beautiful and thoughtful work!

  7. Lovely work. Explorations such as this bring joy, not only to the painter but to the viewer. A nice journey to share.

  8. Wow, I just looked at the flicker roll and it is very impressive. The colors are invigorating as well as challenging. Good going.

  9. this piece and all the words you write: so inspiring. I am in the process of messing up my workspace which has been sterile for quite some time as I havent done a darned thing.

    I mention, in my World According to Suki today feeling revitalized re: cooking, crafting and finding. I hope this lasts as have felt dull and listless for some time now.

    a drive somewhere new is in my docket too but so cold I doubt I can roll the windows down! Hope your drive is fun. My ex, who was an artist, always liked to drive the back roads with me driving the car so he could gaze out and get inspired by the coutryside. :)

  10. Wonderful piece. Love the proportions and balance and the richness of the colors. To me, it is a very restful piece while still feeling concentrated and intense. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense!

    I find a good studio cleaning to be refreshing. Sometimes, I like to read a magazine that is totally outside my comfort level. For instance, Martha Stewart Living. Afterward, I feel much more in tune with myself and the creativity flows again. I am then happier with myself an no longer feel the need to do or be something that I am not.

  11. I keep finding my eye drawn to the small image of this piece that appears on my blog list on my blog and dashboard. I am really drawn in by this piece- the colors are rich and inviting, the shapes are appealing and the work is simply yummy. This has been a fabulous series Mary Ann. Congratulations. Enjoy your day off!

  12. I love the title of this post and painting as well... beautiful words and art... I agree with Willow... I wish I had time to go out to lunch... I love that you want to do and try new things and be fresh... Roxanne

  13. Willow, What a good idea...I'm so tired of the one I have now! Need to call my computer specialist!! ha

    Egmont, Thank you so much for the comma reminder...sometimes I move faster than my brain.
    I limited this series to three techniques and three materials so I might calm my pieces and try for unity. It has been a challenge and also working on small canvases has been challenging...good luck with your small canvas effort.
    Great to have a clean studio...thank you for your observations!

    Mansuetude, Thanks for stopping by...I, on occasion slap my tambourine against my leg and then jangle it...especially with Dylan playing! ha

    Jeane, Thank you...the size has gotten to me...I need to work larger for awhile!

  14. Babs, Thank you. A trip to the art store usually means a big haul back home!

    Diane, Thank you so much...I believe the meditating and writing serve the art making!

    Zappha, We are all on our art making journey and the sweet part is sharing this here in blogland!

    Pat, So many times when I see this series...it makes me want to begin it all over again...I could easily paint directions for years.

  15. Suki, My personal thrill to be inspiring...I'm so glad you are fired up to create.
    Yes, long drives...the best!

    Kim, Thank you for the observation...I am a very intense person so it is mostly impossible not to have it show up in the work!
    Yes, reading a magazine not art related is sometimes a spirit lifter! I met Martha Stewart and she had REAL gardener's hands! I read People magazine at the dentist and doctors office...fun for a change!

    Leslie, Thank you for the Congrats! I accept with such gratitude...love the word yummy too!!

    Roxanne, A simple lunch can do wonders...we have planned for Thursday a sunset watching with drinks and snacks...I'll take my camera.
    Change in life and art...it's all good!

  16. this painting just 'shouts' SKY.
    To refresh myself I look at other artists' works-- I used to do this in books but am finding fabulous artists in blogland.

  17. Donna, Yes, this sky is shouting! It is too much for me as a header and I will change it soon.

  18. Glorious, rich and strong! You must be thrilled with this piece Mary Ann. I love the thought of writing embedded in the sky.

    There's nothing like a clean out to make you feel refreshed .... afterwards. I just have to coax myself to begin!

  19. hi mary ann - i'm a bit behind on getting out and about visiting all my favorite friends and artists so please forgive - but i am always refreshed and renewed when i see your work! each time i am sure i have a favorite of yours, i realize that is such a fantasy as they are each and every one my favorite - interesting the comment of egmont as i have wondered of that same thing - and think i even left a comment asking you about it a while back - and i'm with you on the cluttered work space - i seem to need it a lot but then at times find i must "clean house" with it all and gather my things together in a more organized fashion if only to start the process once more - wonderful post, lady, as always and a fantastic blog!!! have a glorious weekend!

  20. Like someone else commented I was drawn to come look when I saw your image on my blog list. Beautiful colour and composition. Something so harmonious about it.

    I always get this feeling of "too messy" about my studio space at some point in the process and find I just have to tidy and declutter before I can do any more.

    I can identify strongly with the "transitional" aspect of this time of year. Different food, activity and good reminder to get out and do something different. I am a bit inclined to hunker down when the rain starts!

  21. Beautiful work Mary Ann...I like how there are unreadible words embedded in the sky :)

    Messy studio too!...I'm not the only
    one :)

    To revitalize, I like to walk in the forest...a good long walk.
    Discovering new cafes sounds great...might have to look into that one too.
    Enjoy "winterizing"

  22. Robyn, The last two made themselves so I can say the less of "me" the better! ha

    Gypsywoman, Always a pleasure to see your avatar...what did you ask me about the work?

    ZenDot, This is a transitional time isn't it? Can't imagine anything nicer than warm inside and rain outside!

    Jo, While I'm cleaning my studio and organizing my closet, you will be aboard a New York flight!! I like your plans and wish you a grand time and a few cafe visits too! The one at MOMA New York has great coffee!

  23. oh, i was asking about working on such small pieces - i have never tried smaller - i'm a the larger the better kind of person i guess but your pieces while being small are incredible - and basically, egmont in this post is commenting on the same thing - thanks for dropping by my place today!

  24. oops - forgot to mention how much i love your photo! great having it on your blog - very nice!

  25. Mary Ann,

    How lovely to make your acquaintance. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Nice to meet a neighbor.

    We took a lovely drive down your way yesterday. Although we have been in Carmel almost six months, we are not that familiar with Santa Cruz, and enivrons. Made it all the way to La Selva Beach yesterday, almost SC.

    Happy day,


  26. Gypsywoman, Several reasons for working small, one-cost of framing, 2-cost of art piece kept lower for easy purchase, 3-storage of larger pieces difficult for me and I like to mix it up...sometimes, paper, sometimes canvas...it's all good!

    Marjorie, Welcome to the area and La Selva beach was a good stop. Plenty to discover,the fall and winter weather can be the best and without heavy tourist traffic!