Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everything Aqua Blue

Last October, my friend Deena gave me a gift for my birthday and informed me that the gifts would continue throughout the year...about every two months! So yesterday, I received yet another gift: A gold bag with everything Aqua of my favorite colors. I love it all and can't help but wonder how these stones, beads, buttons and all will find their way into my life and art. The socks I will wear tomorrow!
Studio: I've been framing and will be dropping off two pieces for an upcoming show/event. The local paper's headline: "Wild At Art " More than 400 artists unite in a stunning county-wide exhibit where assemblage meets collage. Galleries, museums are all participating. My work was juried into an Art League Gallery and the opening will be in March. This time I will take my camera!


  1. Congratulations Mary Ann, that is so cool!
    I love aqua too, it is gorgeous. Your friend sounds like a keeper, how thoughtful and kind of her to give you such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Lucky you!xx

  2. such a fabulous friend you have. Rare indeed!

  3. What gorgeous gifts and the!
    Yes, please take your camera, I look forward to seeing,through your eyes, the exhibition.

  4. How fun! Aqua is such a blue sky dreamy kind of color! :)

  5. Mary Ann,
    What a thoughtful and creative friend you have. Seeing this beautiful collection of textures supporting one colour is yummy. I have a friend whose ultimate compliment in such situations would be "I could lick it". What's left to say? You made my day by posting this little bit of heaven.

  6. Deena rocks! The color is the bomb! What do the socks say on them? Also - kudos to you for the miles you are covering with Willow and Leslie. I'm walking my way thru Lent - 40 days - that should do something for me & the dog. Ha!

  7. What a lovely thoughtful friend - fabuloue aqua blue color

  8. Natalie, Aqua is a killer color!

    Jeane, Her purpose is to bring me a gift to "spark my muse and creative playfulness" every 2 months...great birthday gift.

    Jude, I am really trying to take my camera as a habit when I go out...easier blog posts!

    Margaret, Perfect remark for perfect color!

  9. Karen, You mean you are walking the dog for 40 days? Wow! Deena is wonderful...she is flying to Belize for her birthday next week!

    B&W, Thank you...always nice to have friends, generous creative ones especially!

    Rosie, I am crazy for all colors but aqua and a pale banana color are my favorite light colors.

  10. Very elegant and beautiful gifts !
    The color is my favorite too!

  11. Well I am going to take a good walk, whether I feel like it or not, for 40 straight days (excluding Sundays) and the dog is getting to go with me - er sentenced to go with me. smile - hey she's getting fat, too! We'll see what I can work out physically & spiritually during this time.

  12. Found you through Tangobaby. Love the blog. And this aqua theme is beautiful. Reminds me of Cayman Island waters...

  13. Wonderful about the art show. Good luck. What a lovely idea to send a present every few months. This aqua surprise looks luscious and fun. You are blessed with dear friends.

  14. Sadia,This color is easy to love!

    Karen, The socks say If the shoe fits....Buy it.
    walking, meditating, praying or just taking in will have a wonderful 40 days.

    Flawsnall, Yes, the aqua color in the turn of a wave...beautiful!

    Suki, Wonderful to hear from you as you are in the midst of your rest and relaxation! Your photos are filled with blue blue skies.

  15. What stunning color...I want to swim in it Mary Ann! Clever gift idea too. Your new show sounds sure to remember to take lots of photos...with you in some of them too!<3

  16. Aqua is such a joyfilled, feelgood color.
    I think your friend is a real 'keeper'.
    All the best for the show, Blue Sky,,,"break a brush!"

  17. What a lovely gift! All in your favourite colour, tis my favourite too.
    Good luck with the show, looking forward to seeing the photo's.

  18. congratulations! i just found your blog and enjoy your open and easy style of expressing yourself.

  19. Cynthia, I will really try to take my camera...not sure about pictures of myself. I just started wearing glasses (no more contacts) and all my pictures give me a BIG nose! ha

    Babs, Thank you for your good wishes, group shows are a mixed bag for me...sometimes I'm sorry I got picked but this one should be a good one showing collage and assemblage.

    Diane, Welcome back from your wonderful trip. I will take photos.

    Maggie May, Thank you and thanks for stopping by...I will visit your site!

    Willow, Your right, aqua is a dreamy color. I think in clothing it looks good on everyone.

  20. That is an exquisite gift. I too love aqua, and paired with gold! Those socks look snuggly.

    Congratulations on your exhibition! I cannot wait to see the pictures.