Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Leonard Cohen "Dance Me To The End of Love"

This is my first time to post a video and I won't bore you with the details but I will just say I had some struggles finding the video that worked for me and then struggled to post it. For me, this video combined with Leonard's voice is a wonderful combination for Valentine's Day...romantic, sad, sexy and true...Enjoy!

Pablo and I are exchanging cards, possibly with a personal note. We will drop in on an opening in the early evening of a group show where I have one of my "Oasis" pieces hanging. Little smiling, little snacks and maybe some photos. We plan on a quiet dinner at home. I will wear something red! ha


  1. Very much worth the search, very moving video. Made me sad that I wouldn't be able to grow old with Mike, but glad I had the chance to love him at all.

    Your evening sounds romantic, make it so...

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  2. Sounds fabulous -

    and sounds fabulous! Enjoy your time with your sweetheart. :D

  3. Oh, thank you for that! I love Leonard but I've not heard him sing that before.

  4. Thank you for the music. Lovely!

    I hope you have a romantic day together.

  5. Perfect - oh how I love this man!!!

  6. Mary Ann, I just love the have now ventured into the next phase... :-)...try to control your desire to find the perfect one...leave all that energy for your own lovely creations! <3

  7. It seems this is the Valentine's of song for me. Last night we attended a house concert with two local entertainers who sang love songs. It was fantastic. Then I wake up to find my all time favourite- Leonard- crooning away. Thanks for finding this great version of the song. I appreciate every struggle to overcome the foibles of technology. I've wanted to post a video but I have not figured it out (yet). Kudos to you.

  8. Lovely video. I love his voice. Have a wonderful day. Hmmm, what kind of something??? :) Wish I had a romantic love in my life. Sigh....

  9. Mary Ann, please show us your red dress and Pablo??? Well, not Pablo in your dress, but. . . you know.

  10. Me again, just watched the's killing me. Perfect.

  11. Teri, I was a widow at 48 and am married again these past two is a mystery and full of surprises.

    Natalie, Thank you, I enjoy him everyday or most everyday...Happy Day to you and yours!

    Jude, I too love Leonard's music...this one is so special and I loved the video.

    Patti, Thank you, I'm sure it will be a great day...romance is in the air!

    Rosie, I agree, perfect video, perfect Leonard's voice.

  12. Cynthia, Thank you...I spent more time than I expected but I feel so good that I now know HOW! Small steps for this old brain!

    Margaret, Glad this video hit the spot! Technology, a gift for sure but one that seems to take me so long to master...if posting a video is mastery! ha

    Suki, Glad you like this video and of course, Leonard's voice. Pablo is so tired of this song after yesterday and all my previewing videos.

    Jeane, Happy V Day to you and the candy part of this day!

    Mary, I agree, the video is romantically perfect. My something red isn't a dress! ha I'll try to get a photo of him at the opening..I have posted photos of us at our wedding in "older posts".

  13. happy V day...well, what's left of it!

    I loved your collage work! it's very quirky and inspired and a wonderful use of color too...and it made me smile, always a good thing, no?

    blessings to you...
    (oh, and cynthia sent me ;)

  14. Mary Ann, thank you for the video.
    I listen to Leonard Cohen's music with great delight. A hope you had a great Valentin's Day.

  15. Linda, Thank you for stopping by. I'm also glad you like my collage work. I'll be over to your site soon!

    Rosie, No, not red pjs....! ha

    B&W, I'm so glad you liked the video...Leonard is always wonderful!

  16. Your valentine's day sounds wonderful. My hubby gets back today after a week away but he did organise my favourite Amarula chocolates to be delivered to me yesterday.

  17. What an ideal tolive up to. Wow.
    Thank you, I did shed a tear.

  18. Happy Valentine's Day (late - forgiven?)! You are just so impressive with your site, lady. Always something good to be found here.
    We watched our daughter's boyfriend perform in a band (on V-Day) and he sent out a number to his girlfriend, Lauren - It was hot. I just remember him belting out - ...Mama, rock me..rock me like a wagon wheel... There was obviously more to it. I have to look up that song. It was fun to witness young love. Awwwwh - love at any age is a healer, right?

  19. The mesmerizing lyrics of Leonard's song ... "Dance Me to the End of Love" ... How perfect for Valentine's Day! Yes, we exchanged cards that day, and it seemed that, although we each wrote different words, we actually said the same thing -- two hearts living as one, sharing the journey of our lives and love. Well, aren't we something special! --Pablo

  20. so sweet... your plans and the video, fantastic!