Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue Sky's Guest Artist

I thought it would be fun having a guest artist show and talk about her work and process. Please leave comments or questions for Florie and I will pass them on!
"Which Way To Go" canvas, acrylic measures "20 x 20".
The paintings in this series were inspired by a time of great transition in my life. I began my journey at Chincoteaque, the home of wild ponies. These ponies became the natural symbol to represent my thoughts and feelings at the time. Florie
I love this piece, the form, the drips, the ladder and that amazing darkness!
It's going to be a rainy weekend........ After deep cleaning the house on Saturday morning, I plan on curling up and reading and relaxing. It is so easy for me to always be in the "doing" of my life so I think I'm now getting a clear call to quiet down and enjoy the "being" of my days which will include, this stack of books, writing, napping and plenty of hot soup...enjoy your winter weekend!


  1. I love this piece too, the shapes and colors especially. I also love your idea of napping and reading. I get so obsessed with art when I have time off that i put aside other loves. And I am really tired! Your words make me want to rest a little tomorrow! roxanne

  2. Florie's piece is wonderful! I like the neutrals contrasting with the jet black darkness. Wow.

    Enjoy your weekend, too, Mary Ann!

  3. this is a wonderful painting - your weekend sounds so nice - also, I leave you with the letter 'C' - xxo

  4. Thanks for introducing us to Florie and her art. Does she have a blog or website so that I can see more of her work? She sounds interesting, are you going to ask her a few more questions?
    Enjoy snuggling up in front of a fire with a good book and a warm drink.

  5. Whoa!
    I love everything about this!
    The mystery of the ladder,,,
    Gorgeous combinations in the darks,,,just wonderful!

    I definitely get the feeling "which Way To Go", and as if in a 'storm' of emotion.
    (also a very stormy seascape feel)

    This is the kind of work that really touches me,,,,deep down.
    Thank you Florie,and thank you Blue Sky for the introduction.Does Florie have a site where we can see more of her work?
    Great weekend to you too!

  6. I love the painting as one of my very favourite colours is dark blue indigo.
    "Curling up with a book"? It is 46.4 degrees here...and I am very, very hot!

  7. This is a timely piece for me to see because I've been struggling with a composition based on a similar contrast pattern. It's so nice when you find work you identify with in your own practice.

    The small area of dark anchors the work and provides an area to move toward. The vertical against the dark is very commanding and the ladder like shape also helps to move the eye upward. The large forms and lighter values balance the dark well. This work gives me a sense of climbing, pursuing and great strength, of moving into the unknown. Thanks for bringing this work to us.

  8. What quiet mystery up into the heavens...tell Florie that I love the ladder and the leap into darkness as well.
    May your cozy weekend leave you feeling well rested and revitalized, Mary Ann.

  9. I love this painting too. The neutrals are soothing and the black draws me in and in......Thumbs up! Florie.xx

  10. i love this piece, mary ann... that big neutral part in the center just pulls me in.

  11. Wonderful painting! The colors,...
    this is an exceptional image
    Graet post, Mary Ann!

  12. Great post and lovely work - I too would like to see more of Florie's work

  13. Beautiful. Such a great idea to have a guest artist. I know about that island with the wild ponies. Off the Carolina coast right. And there is a children's book about them. Thanks for showing this painting BSD

  14. Came here from San's site. The ``ladder'' I see symbolises a path to many things in life.