Monday, February 9, 2009

My World in the the letter C

I asked Jeane of ARTIT for a letter and before she had a chance to send it to me...I knew it would be a C. It's a funny family thing... the women in my family always get the best parking spots, always know who is calling before we answer the phone, little stuff like that, it's rather fun. I enjoyed thinking of c words, wonderful, sexy c words as well as some that just slide over your tongue, some that make you smile. Here is my very short list of c words:
Bad : cruel, critical, curt,cringe, crazy, contempt.
Good: collage, cosmetics,curiosity,
courage, crazy, conscious, creative, color, cloud, chocolate.
If you would like me to give you a letter, just ask!
Talked with Florie about her guest appearance and all the wonderful comments she has received and she said she would go online and read them all. Thank you. I will report back later this week on her reaction! She has a card line that is in specialty stores and has spent a good deal of her time preparing and participating in the county Art Studio Tour. Next month we have been juried into a "Collage & Assemblage" show and I will take my camera to the opening!
I had a great weekend...the rest I needed. Saturday, I spent the afternoon having an in the house "spa" day. Sunday, quiet, reading...pure peace. Out to dinner last night with a little champagne...perfect weekend.


  1. oooooo Mary Ann, you have that thing! that pre knowledge thing - that happened with me and a best friend I had as a young girl, but when we went our different ways, the pre-knowledge thingy went also! loved your C words - your weekend sounded so grounded and just right!

  2. love your C words and would love a letter from you cos I love this blog fun - wonder if I can guess what letter it will be......

  3. fun and love the accompanying drawing of a chalk board and piece of chalk. I too had a rest and renew weekend. Congrats on getting into the juried show. Good luck too. Is it hot there yet??

  4. Hi Mary Ann, great to "C" you again. Yes, V-day inspired (?) Loved your c letter list. <3

  5. I'd love a letter!

    It's funny hearing you speak about the "talents" of the women in your family, as that is a trait that runs through my own family as well...though I appear to be the token male that got a bit of it!

  6. Jeane, Thanks for sending me the C...I had fun! Sounds like you are in need of a "spa" day soon!

    Suki, I picked the chalk board up at clip first time to use clip art.
    Glad we both had a weekend retreat. It's sunny but not hot.

    Cynthia, Thank you, I like the c for it's variety, s sound, ch sound and k sound. I'm drinking some Chai right now!

  7. forgot my favorite C word - CAT. How would life look with out my cats? Crazy,confused, chilly, crestfallen, colorless (the worst word in the English language). You get my drift? C is for CAT!