Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 4th Photo, 4th File and 4 Tags!

There is very little rhyme or reason to my files and folders, you might say it is a little dangerous or at best mysterious opening any of my files. As far as I can tell this is the 4th photo in the 4th file.
I have been tagged by Jo at Mystory and after I share this little 4th beauty I will tag four unsuspecting bloggers to do the same!
This was a photo taken several winters ago.The beach was littered with flotsam and jetsam and half the village was down at the beach to see what had washed up during the storm. Plenty of people as myself had their cameras out, others were picking through the logs and some building free standing sculpture...there was a festive feeling and the chatting and story telling was in full swing! I've lived in other towns and cities but this one always leaves me with a wonderful sense of connection and community. I remember it was cold out but I was so warmed by the sights and sounds.
Now it is my pleasure to tag these bloggers to show us their 4th photo from their 4th file and then tag four others:
Jeane at ARTIT
Starlene at Return to Myself
Tangobaby at Tangobaby


  1. Flotsam and jetsam. I love the sound of those words! Lovely photo. So, I'm it? Okay, sounds fun. Give me a day or two. :^)

  2. That's a very striking photo,,,and could inspire a fabulous abstract collage,,,go for it!
    Sounds like a very fun day,,ANY day at the beach would be a fun day,,,,,but this one most interesting too,,,,like a seacoast flea market!

  3. Hi Mary Ann, glad you went along with this tag.
    What a lovely image and story it conjured up...I would have been out on that beach with you, camera in one hand and fossicking with the other, Jo :)

  4. That sure is a LOT of flotsam and jetsam. We would get some on Cape Cod Beaches but not usually such a large pileup in one spot. I think someone. if forget who, tagged me to do a 6th file/photo but havent yet done it.

  5. Willow, Anytime...I just want to see everyone's pictures!

    Babs, It was an amazing storm and the clean up was huge but the first day of no rain brought us all out...festive for sure!

    Jo, I'll call you the next storm aftermath! ha

    Suki, It was a huge storm, sandbags, beach village flooded, restaurants, our rivers carry down logs from the Redwoods...it was quite a sight!

  6. Yes, absolutely, your beachtown has "a wonderful sense of connection and community". I should know. I live there too! It's a great place to find one's self and live life full-out.

    Also have enjoyed the photos you share on your blog. You're quite good at capturing those precious frozen moments in time. Keep on clicking -- and posting!


  7. when we lived in port townsend, WA my husband and i loved to go to the beach after a storm (or during it) to see what had washed up. it was amazing! and then after the next storm it was gone and something else had replaced it! this i love...

  8. Really great photgraph! Congratulations on your scribbler award - well deserved.

  9. I'll look forward to doing this soon. Thanks for choosing me.