Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finding Sunny Days

Last Friday the weather report called for the last sunny day as a storm was coming in for Saturday and Sunday. Pablo and I filled the gas tank, stopped for an egg, potato and cheese burrito and drove ourselves down Hwy 1. Our first stop was a new Micheal's craft art store where I walked the aisles and picked up odds and ends. My favorite "find" was "Miracle Sponges" thinly compressed cellulose sponges, that expand when wet. What does that mean? I can cut my own shapes while it is flat...squares, circles and then use as a stamp when wet!! The total purchases came to $68 but I had a $25 gift card so I joyfully hauled my loot to the car.
Next we drove over to Carmel Beach to enjoy the sunset and breathe in some of the freshest ocean air. At the beach there were 7 big panel trucks filled with equipment and a film crew. Pablo nosed around but couldn't find out the movie, he did find out what the caterer was serving the crew..delicious looking steak with linen tablecloths on paper plates. We drove on to other scenic roads and then decided on clam chowder at the and creamy!
It's raining on and off as they predicted and I'm sure glad we grabbed the opportunity to spend a sunny day together...easy conversation, laughter and love. Tomorrow I will try out those sponges!
This afternoon we are going to a small Oscar party. I haven't kept up with the movies this year but I'm willing to see the beautiful gowns. She will be serving turkey chili with cornbread so it should be fun and cozy sitting around the TV.


  1. What a lovely Sunday! No more needs to be said, but as my dad used to say "Wonder what the poor folk are doing" when our family was enjoying something simple, like barbequeing or camping.

  2. Lovely day. Thanks for the view of the beach.

  3. Ha! Same Teri, mine too!
    Sounds like a lovely day, Mary Ann.

    P.s the word verification today is 'actur'

    Too funny! Have fun at your party.x

  4. What a lovely day! I have been in that area a few glad that you have someone to share your Sunday's with...have fun with the sponges...I can't wait to see what you come up with! <3

  5. can't wait to get some of the miracle sponges; thanks for the tip! my hubby and i had eggs and pancakes in our pajamas and then settled down for the oscars. life is good! smile!

  6. the picture of the beach is wonderful! sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  7. Living in the midwest, surrounded by corn and soybean fields, it sometimes seems that those of you who have access to the sea live on a different planet. sigh.

  8. Does sound delightful. How exciting to come upon a film crew. I didnt watch the oscars so will have the fun today of finding out who won though I know I havent seen any of the movies. Havent been in a movie theatre for over a year!

  9. What a beautiful, full day!

    The one time I drove Highway one I couldn't enjoy the scenery, as I found the drive itself terrifying. The trip on the inside of the mountain wasn't bad, but returning on the outside was more than a trip! Do peple ever go off the road and down the mountain?
    Maybe it was just me,,,,but that road seemed only inches wide when meeting another car.

  10. oh, a scene with no snow...
    imagine that!

    word verification:


    looks boutiful to me!

  11. Sounds like an idea day with an ideal companion - enjoy sponging ! I am envious of the beach view"

  12. A lovely day - art supplies, the beach and a film crew. How good is that?!

    The sponges do sound interesting.

    I watched the Oscars on tv last night too and the only movie I had seen was Slumdog Millionaire, but I did enjoy looking at the beautiful frocks!

  13. Willow, The Hwy to Monterey is smack in the middle of the salad bowl of California...rows of artichokes, brussel sprouts, and strawberries not to mention lettuce.

    Suki, I had not seen the movies up for Oscar awards but I did like seeing all the gowns.

    Babs, There are many dangerous and scary curves on Hwy 1 but not between me (Santa Cruz) and Monterey.

  14. Thank you for sharing your sunny days. We really need it.
    Beautiful photo of the beach!

  15. My favorite dress of the Oscar's was Penelope Cruz's, I think that it was a Balanciaga (thirty years old). But what style an grace. And she carried it off just like a trained princess.
    Your day sounded lovely and the chowder enchanting.

  16. I love those meandering sort of days. Hope your Oscar party was fun.

  17. Pat, I liked her dress as well...I'm not crazy about the mermaid dresses. I love simple lines. The emerald earrings and ring worn by Angelina Jolie was outstanding.

    Robyn, The Oscar party was fun, good food, light conversation...we lost one...fell right to sleep!

    Julie, Yes lif is good especially when we keep it simple!

  18. I remember those drives along Highway 1, when we lived in the Bay Area. Nothing like it.

    And the Oscars were fun this year. I liked the new twist--the nominees from last year paying tribute to the current honorees. Sweet.