Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Long Drive Ahead!

MY DATE ARRIVES! He is entranced!

My wish has come and white diamond bangle from such a generous man!

My diamond hairclip is perfect for my hair style which might be described as a sweptback and up style.

Alexander McQueen left this earth with a slice of heaven.

"Perhaps the last piece touched by the designer's hands, it was made by McQueen especially for xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, his long time friend and muse. This simply elegant silk charmeuse gown with its collar of silver feathers, xxxxxxx appeared as the vision of an angel". Alix Browne.

click to enlarge as this is a most beautiful dress and I too feel like an angel! I am wearing Jimmy Choo silver low heeled peep towed pumps which will be perfect for dancing cheek to cheek!


The Rolls trunk is packed with an assortment of boxes, trunks and leather valises...the Inspector assures me it is safe and necessary for the trip to WILLOW MANOR . Mr. Poirot double checked and tells me there are no explosives.

We have started our long trip and have begun with the Inspector and Mr Poirot singing a round of French folk tunes accompanied by Kato...a master musician. I am drinking champagne!
See you at the Ball!


  1. How fabulous Maryanne... I'm entranced and delighted by your ability to reel one in......
    the singing of french songs in the car whilst drinking champagne.... to die for! Esp with said companion!
    Have a wonderful time at the ball!

  2. Oooh la la, Mon are starting ze partee early! Bon!

    And you see.....I vas right....Monsieur P came through weeth the noir et blanc diamond bracelet! Love the Alexander McQueen will look stunning on you!

    See you at the buffet!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    P.S. Please make sure Inspector C tells Kato not to scratch my Bentley when he pulls next to us....(his reputation preceeds him.....) Mon Dieu! ;)

  3. That gown is a true masterpiece,,,,and I know you are just STUNNING in it!
    And your bauble,just delightful!

    I hope you won't be too jealous Blu Sky,,,I have a diamond hair clip also,,,entirely by accident.
    At the last minute I had to change my choice of hair-do, as we are traveling with the top down on the Lamborghini.
    See you there,,,,can't wait!

  4. Oh, my-my-my, but you have exquisite taste, daaaling!! Your gown is to die for! My little gray cells are dancing, as well as my feet, with the charming Mr. Poirot! (Oh, and I did make sure the chocolate sprinkles were brushed out of my cleavage before taking to the dance floor!) ;^)

  5. Such exquisite taste! I myself am wearing a subtle Alexander McQueen dress.

  6. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

    I love your dress - elegant and sensual at the same time.

    Can I have a dance with Monsieur Poirot - I have been an ardent fan of his since my teenage years!

  7. A brilliant stroke to wear Alexander McQueen. Bless you for that.

  8. tres elegante! does it tickle when he whispers in your ear?

  9. Great dress! Great ride! Have a Ball!

  10. Oh yes, an angelic vision you are this evening.... the dress is perfection.

  11. You are just breathtaking in the most gorgeous gown ever..something so Paris 1930's!! And Hercule, that charming devil..what a twinkle in his eye..brighter than diamonds!!

  12. can't to see you at the ball- love the ride!

  13. LOVE IT! What a fun post. I hope to see you there but my day has gotten away from me (stupid work!). I hope I don't stand-up my date - he's an important guy. Ha!

  14. What fun! Fabulous car and the gown! Gorgeous! But with all the excitement of your posts I'm afraid I have spoiled my figure for my designer dress...I just kept putting my hand into the fiddlefaddle box!

  15. Your gown is to die for - exquisite. And you really know how to enjoy yourself! What a wonderful start to the evening - that's style!

  16. How fabulously thoughtful of you to send along your hostess gift ahead! No wonder you are packed for a week at the Manor!
    Your dress compliments your perfect headpiece, and the bracelet, ah, the bracelet; amazing!
    It was an honor to meet you.
    Cheers to a most memorable evening!

  17. what a wonderful night and woohoo on that dress!! Hope you don't have a wicked hangover today after last nights jollies

  18. Lovely gown my dear. The auto is perfect for your drive to the manor!

  19. You will definitely be "Queen of the Ball". The dress is outrageous! I don't know if I have ever seen the likes. Yes, all rise to salute the Queen!!!!!!!

  20. Sorry I missed the ball, but I know you looked marvelous darling!