Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heavenly Call

20"x20", acrylic, collage, burnt edges and stencil. This is the fifth in my quest for 40 pieces. Forty pieces connected to me and my daily meditations and take on life. Recently I came across another reference to 40 in a mystical writing...the quote: "forty days before conception, a heavenly voice calls out that this one is destined to partner with that one". The idea is expanded on and explained that each of us is a spark of a different soul type and that certain soul types are more likely to connect. I like it all for it's mystical beauty and also using the strength of the number 40. I find the reference to 40 days before conception as mind bending! smile. In this piece I tried having burnt edges and I lit the paper over the sink only to be shocked at the high flames and so fast! Scared and grateful I was over the sink..a quick spray of water and the fire was out! whew! Not willing to burn the house down for my art!

Laboring over my website, I'm loading my images into galleries...slow going for me. I began my art making as a print maker and I so appreciate seeing art through the separation of glass (Plexiglas). For me, it gives the work a beautiful finish and also a feeling of a discovered artifact. My frames are a simple black or natural wood frame and the paper images are floated rather than matted. My price will reflect this framing. Opinions?


  1. i agree with the effects of work under glass / framed...that 'higher' level.
    i have a big project ahead of me, and decided today to use plexiglas etched with words of a poem to enclose the 15x19x3 in of the dead sort of tribute, minus the skulls....i'll have to check your gallery...i've never done that. wondered where all your fab work went! this is a happy piece you've created around 40 and burnt edges..burnt offerings. all the best...

  2. Thanks for passing on your experience with burning edges, I am considering trying this and I will now take suitable precautions.
    I agree that work is greatly enhanced if floated behind glass especially with a simple frame such as you describe.

  3. Very glad you didnt burn down the house, but like the burnt edges. And the resulting collage. Quite strong and affecting.

    Hmm, the 40 reference is velly interesting. I guess that even if conception happens with someone you just met that night, still, the heavenly voices brought you together. They knew!

    Good luck w/your website. So these are virtual galleries?? With virtual frames? I got a little confused there. Anywya, good luck with that. Cant wait to see the website. a lot of work.

  4. This is thoughtful and lovely work!

    Glad the fire was so easily put out!

  5. Well it was worth the fire hazard! I too am doing some framing, but it's hard to comment because I'm finding that each series needs a different approach. Quite an important decision though as the frame can complete the work.

  6. First off, your title, for me, Heavenly Call. What I imagine is that heaven is right here, right now, and it is calling. We have but to step into it. Realize it, and it. And embrace it. I loved what you said about the spark of the soul that goes with the spark of another soul, like a puzzle piece. Boy that explains a lot.

    And I love the number 40, oh, to be 40 again. And your painting is wonderful!

    I sounds like you are creating a virtual gallery? Do I have that right?

    I'm sure I don't have everything as you thought it, but I did something wonderfully meaningful to me! And it was all from your creation!

  7. lovely Mary Ann - you made me laugh so hard about how high the flames went when you lit the piece - thank god you were quick! xxo

  8. Very enjoyable post! Are you goign to be having a commercial web site - art for sale?

  9. I hope you managed to keep your eyebrows! It was worth the risk of setting your house on fire as you got a great effect around the edges of the paper, giving a nice outline as well as freeform effect that contrasts well with the graphic elements (ie. straight ecges). I am certain your work will look beautiful the way you intend to frame it. I'm looking forward to seeing your website.

  10. Neva, Glad to read agreement on the framed/glass issue. Your project is fascinating...waiting for photos!

    Ian, Yes, do be careful...these papers can be almost explosive! Yes, another vote for floating and glass/frame!

    Momo Luna, Thank you...I'll be pleased to visit your site!

    Suki, Lots of work for me on this website...just slow to catch on and tutorials confuse me.
    I am entranced with the idea of a Heavenly voice!

    Elizabeth, Thank you...the blue is house paint which gives a strong opaque quality. I'm staying away from matches! smile

    Julie, I agree the frame needs to "go" with the image. I am always hunting for readymades and keeping costs down so yet another challenge.

    Annell, I too fell for the Heavenly Call or the Heavenly Voice as a the beauty of the mystic writings.
    The website template allows for a variety of galleries and I'm separating them for clarity...I'm also making myself a little crazy so we shall see! ha

    Jeane, LAUGHING! I usually move rather slowly but the sight of flames stirred me into quick action!

    Karen, Yes, on the website...paypal and even prints of my work might be offered if I ever complete the process...slow going...reading tutorials...ugh!

    louciao, Love it...thinking as an artist, I agree, it was worth the scare as I'm pleased with the outcome! This one was fun!

    Diane, Thank you so much!

  11. I do like the burnt music page in this piece .... connecting. Lovely work! Thinking of you creating your website. It can be slow and frustrating but when you've done it you will feel very chuffed.

  12. The story of 40 days is so beautiful.

    Love the way the burnt/ burning musical score ribbons round the tower which seem strong but in some ways reference biblical notions of this too will fall to dust. Also political allusions to twin towers and a " third" evoking the invisible. Holy.

    You pull away from that event by choice but it's evoking much of this thought lineage ( ithink) nonetheless in that punning mind way of linking ideas

  13. Oh !
    This one is wonderful !
    And so beutiful colours !
    Love it !!!

  14. The music score looks great here and I'm glad you lived to tell the tale with the burning!! The call to prayer might take to the heavens like the flames you lit....

  15. Your art work is very beautiful, I'm drawn to this beautiful piece a lot. If you are burning more paper you should try incense instead of a flame, see advice here;


  16. I really like to look at this painting. I started fantasizing about the painting (how two worlds are exchanging ideas, bringing world peace-I said it was fantasy!) and then I read what you had to say. My ideas weren't to far off from what you were painting. What fun to be in alignment with the artist.

  17. Robyn, I'm looking forward to "feeling chuffed" at the end of this website business. Chuffed is good...right?

    mansuetude, The towers of heavenly calls but never came across the twin towers...beautiful connection. So much of art making is with unknown factors and I find at the end I am humbled.

    Liv, Thank you, we both like color...I used house paint for the blue...opaque.

    Annie, Glad you like the musical connection and the burnt edges. No calls, no heavenly voices during igniting...just big panic and water spray! smile

    IHANNA, What a great idea using incense instead of a match...a wonderful scented smoked burn...thank you.

    Pat, I believe you and I have been in alignment many times before...very similar aesthetic when it comes to creating!

  18. I find your blog via Egmont---I love this piece. It is "dreamy".

  19. Such an intriguing image Maryanne.... quite pulls me in....that blue is does something .... brings an incredible spaciousness to the work.

    Im glad you didn't burn your house down for art! Numbers can be haunting... bring all kinds of meanings.
    Cant wait to see the website. Inspired by Robyn I went off an put something together... which needs more time and finessing... but it works OK for now!

  20. A very nice piece indeed! Love the pallette & find something ascending and a grounding as well. (Burnt edges require extreme mindfulness!)
    I like your goal of 40 pieces & your inquiry into the symbology.

  21. So much touches me deeply..Soul types? A good soul, a facet of God..I say that I am the Lyn of God..

  22. I love how the ancient buildings blend into your paintings and as always, the story behind your art. roxanne

  23. Celeste, Thank you for finding me and leaving a comment. Yes, dreamy, I like that!

    Sophie, Glad to hear about your website...I agree with your comment about it taking plenty of finessing. Not easy for me but I'm pretty good at sticking to it until it works for me.

    Marie, Thank you...ascending and grounded...good words, I appreciate.

    Lyn of God, Your comment touched me!

    Roxanne, Yes, it's all about the story! Thank you.

  24. Art can be a dangerous occupation, not only flames, but toxicity of fumes and pigments, but we never seem to let it deter us from our obsession.I love the results, it has a religious feeling about it. I'm looking forward to seeing your web site when it's finished!