Friday, October 1, 2010

Good to be Home!

Actually I never left but I did enjoy expanding my play to the Willow Manor Ball What fun! Thank you Willow and thank you to everyone who read my post and to those who also left a made the fun all the sweeter!

Today I'm back in my own world looking at finishing the first in my series of five 'accepting autumn". A part of the 40 pieces but a strong focus on the many layers of the turning of nature and of the human heart. These five are drawing me to design, to textile, to weaving of stories in mixed media.
Have a great weekend and again ....What fun yesterday!


  1. It was so nice meeting you and dancing w/Mr. Poirot last night. It is good to be home though.

    tell me, what are the dimensions of your workspace?

  2. welcome back even though you physically did not go anywhere-- imagination and play are necessary to ground us into our work place.

  3. So fun to see your workspace, and imagine you in it. And love that it looks USED.
    (boy does mine look used. Even when it's not)

    I guess you know your gown was envied and lusted after by hundreds last night!

  4. Back to earth after the Ball. A great work space to unwind in.

  5. Oh good, your space is as creatively chaotic as mine!

    "The many layers of the turning of nature and of the human heart"...hmmm...a very intriguing concept to explore.

    Textiles, mixed media, weaving of stories, and many layers of meaning? Sounds like my cup of tea!

  6. Suki, My studio takes up two walls (L shaped) in a larger room...about 8ft by 12ft square is my actual space with table and print table against each wall and a sun tunnel in the center for light.

  7. I love seeing your studio! The printing press and the painting above it are fabulous. As though they are meant to be spotlighted together. I hope you have a wonderful weekend... and if you ever want to know more about blurb books let me know! roxanne

  8. Accepting autumn - what a rich topic to paint and explore. Its my favorite season, and currently my favorite season of life as well.
    "Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
    Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself..."

  9. Donna, I always feel good sitting in the studio...even if I'm just writing, surrounded by my materials, and new work...a time to savor.

    Babs, Even when I say I've cleaned the studio...I really mean I've made room to work, pushed back the junk and put lids on paints!

    Zappha,I like this space even with the lights's an energy.

    Robyn, Pretty basic space but I know where everything is and can locate obscure little items in minutes!

    Louciao, The mixture of these things, fabrics, paint and trims have always fascinated me...finding lost things, fragments, pieces left behind that tell stories. I love making mystery.

    Roxanne, Thank you for noticing that has been unfinished for months but... someday! I would love to ask you questions about your publishing experience...I'll send an email as I get closer.

    Leslie,I never doubt that we are "ducks on similar ponds" and your words resonate easily. This quote is perfect, yes, gently...good advice.

  10. You say, 'accepting autumn', and I am thinking accepting fall. And thinking about the other meaning, and how sometimes when we are trying something new, experimenting...we fall, or fail, and we accept it as part of it all. I am back from CA, have new ideas, but they must stay in the dark, until they are ready to come out. I am seeking.....

  11. your accepting autumn project sounds wonderful...I hope you will be posting more about this as it evolves!

  12. GREAT to see your space
    easing into acceptance here

  13. Your studio looks like mine. I feel better now. I am always saying "Oh, pardon the mess of please avert your eyes".

  14. Great meeting you at the Ball!! And your studio seems to be chock full of everything you lucky to have the space!

  15. Thanks for answering about yr studio size. I am trying to figure out space sizes and how much I need to live! Currently know of a 600 square foot house for sale. Maybe that is carrying things to far though.

    It might be fun to do a post on very small studio sizes.

    At a house I recently saw the owner had put in one of those sky tunnel things. Never had seen one or heard of one before. Most interesting.

  16. sounds like you had a lovely time and your space looks great!

  17. Annell, Seeking is good as well as exploring new ideas. There is a time to share new work...never need to rush the process!

    Laura, I am exploring about 5 pieces on this subject...then decide what might be next...all a part of the 40 pieces planned.

    Neva, Art spaces are all so wonderful and individual...we are having studio tours in the area and people just love to see where artists work!

    Pat, I'm glad my space looks busy like yours...I can't be tidy and at the same time drip's all fun!

    Lyn, My studio is full but I'm always finding myself driving to the art supply for a little this and a little that!

    Suki, My actual standing and walking space is 6' by 7'...a little corner for sure.

    LDV, Imagination and play never gets the studio or out!

  18. I am so late immediately after Willow's Ball, I was whisked off to the airport where I flew to MA for KJ's "YART" Fair....ah, so many parties....

    But, was lovely to meet are as gorgeous in person as on-line! Loved the dress, the jewels - your dates!
    Thank you for letting me dance with Monsieur P....he was such a Gentlemen! But....Inspector C....ouch! Stepped on my Jimmy Choo-clad toes.. twice! Still, thnk you for steering Kato away from our Bentley....

    Fun to meet at the Biffet and toast our friendship! And....we are both Scorpios! See you at the Ball in 2011!

    Love your art! Love your blog!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. Your space reminds me of mine.It's so great to have an abundance of wonderful things to create, isn't it?