Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Waaaay Back!

All the way back to the late 80's! 12"x8" acrylic, gold paint, collage and graphite on paper. At that time I had recently returned from an extended family vacation in Austria and I was enamored with the images of Gustav Klimt. Room after room of his work and all the glittering gold. This piece spoke of my interest in ancient dreamlike settings with the addition of gold. I had never used gold before and I'm sure it was inspired by Klimt. Klimt was not the only great artist that impressed me on that trip...wonderful contemporary artists as well but Klimt was my connection to gold!

The Holiday is moving along. This evening we return to the beach with bags of stale bread. Gathering at the waters edge with prayers and song, we will all toss our bread crumbs into the moving waters...a ritual to begin the forgiving process as this act is a metaphor for releasing our sins of the year...being clearly washed away. It's quite a sight when the birds arrive, the children running, dogs barking and the bread tossing. Enjoy your week and thank you again for all the lovely good wishes!


  1. Love that deep empty space in the center with all the activity on the edges.

  2. Well this is strange: I just finished reading a novel about Klimt and am now reading a biography about him and his work and here I find this reference to him on your blog today. I have no idea about what this signifies, but it's nevertheless interesting and a little startling.

    The casting of bread upon the waters sounds like a very freeing sort of ceremony.

  3. What a sight indeed...bread floating on the foamy water being washed out to sea (or eaten by those birds!). Speaking of which: I LOVE those 3 black birds in your sidebar, with the turquoise? Man, is that a great painting! Putting it up on ETSY any time soon?

  4. I have always loved the idea of bread upon the waters. I didnt realize it was part of your celebration rituals.

    the painting is very evocative. ruined temples comes to mind.

  5. I enjoy your painting, loved the color and I couldn't really see the "gold." But I like the idea of gold. I also like Klimt.

  6. Oh how I love Klimpt. After seeing a grouping of his paintings at the LA County Museum, I was moving in a dream for a long, long time. It could have been the fact that standing in front of his most famous painting, I felt like I was being sucked into a maelstrom. I started working with the "gold" effects as well.
    The painting is a real tribute to Klimpt.
    Also, thanks for writing about the ceremonies, I love to read it.

  7. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  8. Interesting to hear about your ceremonies, Mary Ann. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I'm imagining the deep sea blue is water in this piece and I like that. I don't know Klimt but that is OK - I'm not a real art-ie - but I learn from your blog.
    Watch out for those seagulls - wear a hat!

  10. I too love hearing about the ceremony in your life...ways of asking and finding forgiveness are so important. You have a wonderful way of enjoying your life, Mary Ann.

  11. the ceremony at the beach sounds wonderful and so symbolic!

  12. Maggie, Thank you, yes peaceful water in the center for me.

    Louciao, I like it when these strange coincidences occur...very magical!

    Teri, Thank you...the birds in shadow will be posted on my new website... a website in the construction phase. I hope to sell my work out of the website...I'll post the link when it's up and ready.

    Suki, Yes, it is supposed to be a ritual of self forgiveness and I think as most rituals, they move us to a portal of higher thoughts.
    I relate to the ancient baths or temples too.

    Annell, Thank you...I so remember seeing Klimt's work in the Austrian museums where there was gold everywhere.

    Pat, We had similar Klimt experiences only in different museums!

    SKIZO, Thank you so much!

    Robyn, I'm glad you have enjoyed reading about these rituals as most rituals seem to bring us to a better place.

    Karen, I was intending the blue space to be ancient bath.
    You've seen Klimt images even to greeting cards...his images are well known from the 1920's.

    Maggie, This is a mutual appreciation as I so enjoy reading about your art festivals and fun Vermont activities!

    Jeane,The beach ritual is beautiful and the reality of noisy birds and rogue waves make it a human exercise with plenty of smiles!

  13. Interesting.. when I was in the doctor's office yesterday I was drawn to a magazine ad for needlepoint pillows inspired by Gustav Klimt. I was inspired too!

    What a beautiful ritual. Releasing our sins is a good thing!

  14. What fun to see this piece from your past. I see the current you in it too, colours, textures.

    I love the picture you paint of the prayers and ceremony at the beach. Such a lively picture of community and ritual.

    How wonderful to focus on letting go of what we often hang on to, going over and over our transgressions. To start anew and feed the birds at the same time, a perfect combo.

  15. Gorgeous piece... Found your blog through Annell... I'll definitely be back...

  16. This is such a beautiful piece - the colors are glorious and reminiscent of Klimt. Wonderful art collage!!

  17. I had orthodox friends near in Boston. I learned so much from them. Making weekly Hullah one of my fav.

    A beautiful ritual and clean beginnings. Blessings on you in the New Year and always

  18. I have to tell you how gorgeous this painting is and your ceremony on the beach sounds so moving to me. roxanne

  19. I have to tell you how gorgeous this painting is and your ceremony on the beach sounds so moving to me. roxanne