Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two for One

I have decided on Inspector Clouseau as my driver to the Willow Manor Ball. Inspector Clouseau was very persuasive and offered himself and his loyal houseboy (his title) Kato for the long evening. It seems both are masters of disguise and Kato will be serving tea for Hercule and myself during the drive. The inspector tells me he is also a master at both the French and English accent so as to help Mr. Poirot in communication needs? Because he is on an extended leave of absence (no explanation) he is available for hours beyond normal chauffeur hours. This could work out well or not...I hope Pablo doesn't have to rescue me like last year!

I have hired this Yellow Rolls Royce and it requires a person experienced in driving on the English side. Isn't it a beauty? Wasn't there a wonderful movie "The Yellow Rolls Royce, that featured short stories in the life of this fabulous car? I'll check Netflix. No matter, Hercule Poirot and I will be cozy with our tea and more. I understand an Ermine vintage throw will be available to keep our legs warm. Is this getting exciting?!

I have been under the weather this past week with an infection and have been chugging handfuls of antibiotics...I will not miss this event! Another dress fitting and tomorrow they deliver my diamond hair clip. Willow is buying flowers and I'm sure planning a few surprises! See you there!


  1. Uh-oh! I must alert the manor staff that Clouseau and Kato will be playing hide-and-seek. You should make sure the inspector doesn't show up to collect you in his Silver Hornet, instead! ;^)

  2. I don't know if you ever get to the Ball with Inspector Clouseau driving. Go to Mapquest first and then enlarge the map, so there is no question. Although the wrangling between the two men might force you to get out and walk.
    This is VERY funny just thinking about it.

  3. Ohhhh, love this car. I think it and my Pope-Hartford should get together in the parking lot.

    You will be surrounded by detectives. This might be fun. You all can detect and reveal all the other dancers' secrets. Like in a reality TV show.

    sorry you are feeling under the weather. hope you feels better soon.

  4. Oh, such wonderful dates! But, I have to agree with Pat...make sure your fabulous auto has Mapquest....if Inspector "C" drives....however if Monsieur "P" drives, you will be fine....although I think he drives a bit on the slow side!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    I know when your dimond hairclip arrives - it will brighten your day!

    Less than a week away! We will all have such fun at Willow's Ball!

    See you and your Gentlemen there!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh my! Won't you be going in style with that yellow Rolls! You lucky gal, and to have Inspector Clouseau driving is such an added bonus....I should think you will be the envy of all!

  6. The car!!!! Speechless. I know, that doesn't happen here very often! Did I tell you I can come over at the drop of a hat?

  7. Greetings from Italy. So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather! I'll be waiting to hear all about your the ball. I know you will look fabulous and arrive in style. - Deena

  8. Oh dear! Mary Ann I hope you know what you are doing. With Inspector Clouseau as your driver you may never get to the ball and even worse something could happen to this beautiful car. Hope you're feeling better in time for the ball.

  9. Excellent choice of drivers!

    I didn't know that Pablo had to rescue you last year! What a story I must have missed.

    Hoping you're feeling A+ by now,,,and ready to dazzle them at the Ball!

  10. Your sister would be so jealous. Ha ha! Have a great time at the Ball. I do hope you are well now - no getting sick for you.

  11. Willow, I have given clear instruction he is to stay with the other chauffeurs and keep Kato from any antics...don't you just love this photo?

    Pat, I'm taking all your suggestions...always good to be prepared.

    Suki, We shall both arrive in such beautiful cars...anxious to know your date!

    Robin, Thanks for stopping by...see you in the ballroom or maybe at the buffet?

    OTL, The gowns, the men, the food, the drink...all exciting stuff without weight gain or hangover!

    Annie, Oh yes, grab a gown and fly over with Hercule! Always room in the Rolls!

    Deena, I'm taken back a writing me in the middle of a fabulous holiday! I'm feeling much better....thank you!

    Babs, I'm glad you like my 'crew'! Thank you I'm feeling better...getting ready to dazzle!

    Robyn, The Inspector does seem to be a little out of control...I'll keep my eye on him. He is so charming and assures me he too will keep an eye on him?!!

    Karen, Thank you I am better...who wouldn't be after three hours in ER!
    That sister would have the most beautiful gown ever and ...her favorite Mr Poirot! I think she would like the Rolls too!