Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't Tell Willow!

Not yet for Willow's eyes. Mr. Poirot is sending this bronze boxed tower of Belgium chocolate truffles to Willow Manor as a hostess gift and I don't want to spoil her surprise! Mr. Poirot, Hercule is so thoughtful and generous with this gift...I'm beginning to hope for a bauble or bangle for our date on the 30th. Lately I've been loving the combination of black and white diamonds. Do I dare hope?

Studio update: I've been a week away from working in the studio so today feels good but somewhat awkward. I have a piece started and I'll need to re-enter fresh....forgetting about where I was and where I was going. These five new pieces of the forty are about accepting autumn...turning. I have done some meditating and writing and after lunch... I just need to get started...take a step or a leap or put paint to paper and then I'll know what to do next! Wish me luck!


  1. secret is safe with me! Such a lovely gift....Willow will be thrilled! That Hercule....such a true gentlemen!

    And....although I have been asked to keep it a secret, I did go on a "leetle shopping treep" with Monsieur P....for a sparkly "someteeng" that I know will look tres belle on you!

    See you at the Buffet - or on the dance floor.... I hope we can trade partners for a few dances....I would love to tango with BOTH your Inspectors.....
    I have four dates....and they would each love to twirl you about the dance floor!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. I won't tell! Its just so much fun to watch the ball pre-events unfold. Love your car! Can't wait to see the jewelry and dress, and oh - what about shoes! Yours last year were my very favorites. Can you top them?

    You 40 pieces seem a very deep comitment, and I am enjoying them come into being.

  3. Not to worry, I won't tell hardly anyone!
    (and since they are calorie free, it's a fabulous hostess gift)

    Oh! And I DO love a bauble or a bangle,,,why not wish for both?
    Hopefully it won't be too much with your diamond hair clip,,,but like chocolates, when are there ever too many diamonds?
    You will be stunning,,,,can't wait to see everyone all gussied up!

  4. Your lucky to have a beau/escort who is so thoughtful. I know that your attendance at the ball will be a continual delight with Mr Poirot in attendance.
    Glad you are feeling charged up to the task of challenging autumn. I know I will enjoy the outcome.

  5. Oh, I can keep secrets! Those truffles look so decadent and oh, some baubles and elegant!

    I can relate to taking time off from the studio, as I just came back from a week away....feeling a bit uncertain.... but, onward!

  6. Robyn, Thanks for confirming by wishes...hoping for the diamond bangle!
    Be careful with the Inspector as he is a master of disguise.

    Leslie, Fun preparing for the big night! This year the importance of shoes...not so much! 1. the comfort of a low heel satin slipper this year. 2. Low heels with Mr P...I would prefer cheek to cheek on the dance floor!
    Supportive comment on my new work...thank you!

    Babs,You are so right...never too many diamonds or chocolate!

    Willow, You are ever so charming! What is that on your that chocolate?

    Pat, The excitement is building...My virtual heart is beating faster than usual!
    Accepting autumn has so many levels and memories in my to translate in art.

  7. how thoughtful of Mr. P. I hope I can meet him and not trip over his first name!

  8. I like your color scheme in diamonds..see you at the Ball!!
    I would be so thrilled to have a leeetle intoduction to the great Poirot...lucky you!!

  9. OTL, Excitement is building around here...rushing about...snacking on chocolates!
    I did get back into the studio...wish you the best on your return to art making!

    Suki, Happy to introduce will be stunning in your vintage look!

    Lyn, I remember one year you had a whole Russian family...a Count?!
    Mr Poirot is such a perfect gentleman but he has been known to whisper sweet words in French...bring your dictionary!

  10. Glad you got back into the studio, Mary Ann. Its the beginning that is hard but once you've begun its often surprising how quickly one gets swept along.
    Hope the black and white diamond combo materializes ;-)