Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious Escort

A dream come true! Yes, yes I know his obituary was printed in the New York Times in the 70's but dear Hercule Poirot will not die along with his little gray cells. He has accepted my invitation to attend the Willow Manor Ball as he is intrigued by the suspicious platter of "dip" served last year by a mystery guest also interested in tracking all the shenanigans on the patio and behind the potted palms. I will be rocking out in the ballroom while he attends to his snooping!

Update: I am still interviewing for a driver to the rented car (photos later) and I'm down to three candidates....I have my dress but may need to find an interesting diamond hair clip...I'm off to some serious jewelry shopping! Mark your calendars!


  1. I have always had the hugest crush on Mr. Poirot. If he's not too busy investigating the potted palm intrigue, I would like to steal a dance with him, if I may. Maybe Hastings will drive?

  2. I love Hercule Poirot and David Suchet is or was the very best. How I loved watching him act as Hercule!!! And to think that he is going to take you to the ball is wonderful news. You will look elegant and with you on the arm of Herule Poirot, everyone will stare with envy. I approve you choice wholeheartedly!!!!

  3. well this is just so funny. I would never have guessed you'd be such a fan of Mr. H. P. Now you will have to tell us all about his mustache, how it looks up close etc. Well, I'll be there at the ball too so I guess I'll see with my own eyes.

  4. Greetings my dear,

    I just love Hercule Poirot and David Suchet is such a great actor as I have seen him in many other rolls on PBS.

    Personally I cannot get enough of him and I am always in heaven when he appears on screen. Have you ever closed your eyes and just listened to his voice. When he is not playing Poirot, his English is perfect.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

  5. Sounds like you'll have a ball. Thanks for the reminder - it's been too long since I read any Agatha Christie.

  6. Monsieur Poirot is marvelous, dahling! But don't forget Major Whatshisname, too! He could be the driver perhaps? TTFN (ta, ta for now) -- :-)

  7. OH

    Can't wait to see that diamond hair clip,,and your gown,,,I'm sure you will dazzle Mr.Poirot.

    Jeeves may be available to drive,,,but then I'm sure you already checked with him.

    I selected a gown,,,and wonderful shoes,,,just in case,,,but I'm afraid I will be sailing to France on the 30th. (or maybe it's Dallas, I forget)
    Drat,,,maybe next year,,I have YET to be available for The Willow Ball.

  8. Oh, Mary Ann, what fun! i hope he doesn't get lost to his investigating and he can whirl you around the dance floor as much as your feet will allow. Have you hired the best photographer? Looking forward to photos. Sometimes the anticipation is almost more fun than the event. Enjoy it all.

  9. Oh, Mary Ann, oh how I envy you. Hercule Poirot....without a doubt the most interesting man I could ever think of to take you to the Ball! Oh, you must tell us who the driver will be, as I am waiting with baited breath to find out!

  10. Oooh! Do tell him I loved his work in the Murder of Roger Ackroyd! Hope to see you there - I'm way behind in getting myself prepared. Willow's ball is the best - I went a little wild last year with Sammy Hagar and may need to tone down my escort this year. Ha!

  11. Well, I am just a bit jealous right now..but I will force myself to get over it..but expect a bit of mischief when you're not looking!!!
    David Suchet is the absolute best!

  12. Oh, I love Poirot. You lucky girl! And a diamond hair clip will be perfect! I can't wait to see you. And I'm green with envy! Let have so much fun at the ball.

  13. What an actor! I love the little grey cells at work-- though your juxtaposing notions of a mystery dip makes me wonder
    Awful tasteless things.

    Have fun

  14. Willow, I'm sure Mr. Poirot would be honored to take you for a spin around the ballroom...I'm hoping you will keep your giggles to a minimum when he speaks his French endearments! smile!

    Pat, Oh, Pat I like your words "everyone will stare with envy" that has never happened to me before! ha

    Suki, I'm a devoted fan of our Mr. Poirot...I'll be sure to report on his mustache!

    Egmont, I'm also a big fan of David Suchet...for me HE is the best Poirot!

    Annie, Funny, I read that Agatha
    Christie grew tired of Hercule Poirot?

    Kelly, I love all the suggestions of drivers for this special evening...Inspector whatshisname is a great choice!

    Babs, Spent a great deal of time looking for just the right hair clip for just the right dress for just the right man for just the right evening...I'm need a nap!

    Maggie, In this case it is ALL ANTICIPATION!

    OTL, Grab a dress, shoes and a man and we shall meet at the ball...I'm sure Poirot will be available for a lovely waltz.

    Karen. Oh yes, good to read you will be toning it down a little this year...I hope you won't be so sloppy with your flask...Cheers!

    Lyn, Sounds like I will be watching you and Willow...I so hope this won't turn into hair pulling in the ladies room!

    Annell, Oh no, you too! My you girls have sticky fingers...I must warn you I am not good at sharing! ha

    mansuetude, Mr. Poirot is a master so I'm sure he will handle a mysterious dip in the most delicate way!

  15. I am also a fan of Hercule Poirot. I'm sure he is feeling very smug now knowing that we are all so thrilled about his visit. Chauffeurs, diamond clips, this is surely going to be the event of the season.