Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil Painting Outside!

The weather has been perfect....light bugs and birds in and out of hidden places in the bushes and trees...busy with their nest building and tending. I have from early morning until 2:30 pm to paint and then the sun comes around and it is too warm to continue. This canvas measures 16"x16" oil with collage. I have stopped and started so many times waiting for good weather that I have lost track of where I left off. I'll need to do some sitting, staring and writing before I continue. This Sunday, Deena is coming over for an "Oil Painting Retreat".....another word for playing, painting,inspiring, whining and laughing...we will work at this until quitting time...2:30 and then the iced mocha for contemplation!

Saturday Pablo and I will be watching Goya's Ghosts starring Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman and directed by Milos Forman. I'm hoping for beautiful color, scenery, story, history and yes, passion! Anyone seen this one?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. It sounds like a great plan for your day..... and a great spot to paint. Enjoy!

  2. I love your outside studio. Love the painting as well. I love working outdoors like this. Nothing better.

  3. fabulous that you can paint outside. nice to be out in the fresh air. I dont even know if I saw that movie. it sounds very familiar as if I would order it. In fact, I think i might have begun watching and then not finished. But i could be wrong.

  4. Mmmmmm. Looks like a real haven. I'd be good for the sitting and staring part.

  5. Now this is a day that would be such a gift for me. Sharing, painting, chatting.....all sounds like the perfect way to work. Enjoy

  6. love how you start your work, in a grid sort of pattern and there is that amazing blue - nothing better then working outdoors :)

  7. Oh, I do love that brown and blue combo.
    Looks like a great spot for oils, and a perfect day with Deena.

    I miss my oils,,hope to return to them sooner than later.

  8. Oh how lovely! Your mixed media painting looks like it is coming along nicely and I love the outdoor studio. It reminds me of the one I had years ago when I was living in the rural town of Moreland ,GA. Oh how I missed that screened in deck!

  9. Hi Mary Ann...What a lovely spot to inspiring for the creative spirit! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love your work and would love to understand more about how you select and why. And your outside space is a motivaion in itself!

  11. I love your outside space
    here's hoping you have a wonderful those colors

  12. AND you can BREATHE out there!
    i love my friday afternoon 'PAINT DATES' when my long time friend barbara comes over to play with paint...we'd better add the iced mochas now that summer's here!

  13. Robyn, Unseasonably warm today but a few breezes kept us going!

    Annie, There is something very free about writing or painting outside...almost like being naked but not!ha

    Suki, I'm embarrassed to admit...we both saw it a couple of years ago? Not until a few scenes did we start laughing.

    We did plenty of the sitting and staring but also informing, storytelling and problem solving...good mornings work!

    Zappha, I agree, a good way to work especially when we have such an easy connection. I like alone time too!

    Maggie, My photo left out all the not so perfect parts of this the neighbors car parked too close...oh well almost perfect!

    Jeane, Ultramarine blue mixed with Phthalo Blue (green shade) and a touch of go to blue!

    Babs, I only will paint with oils through the summer outside...but still fun.

    Eva, It's coming along slowly...need to research some of the drier/mediums to speed things up!

    OTL, I'm stretching the weekend through Monday so it's been a nice long one!

    Bridget, My writing informs the work and then the dance begins!

    Suz, Thank's a little space in a little yard but I'm finding it okay...I'm not terribly ambitious! ha

    Neva, Iced Mochas are one of the REAL reasons we work so hard...prizes and rewards!

  14. Nice working space! And I like what's on the easel as well as the images on flicker. I've been painting almost exclusively on Yupo for the last couple of years.

    Side note: It was 105 today here in sunny Peoria, AZ and forecast 110 tomorrow.

  15. Wow, new stuff - oil work. Looking forward to seeing more. It was so great to see you in person last week for our little lunch date!

  16. Thank you Blue Sky Dreaming. Somethings I Think About-Annell

  17. Stan, Thank you for the visit. I salute you...working with Yupo was no easy task for me!
    105 - 110 degrees...leaves me weak and speechless...Oh, find some shade!!

    Karen, Why didn't I take my camera...the weather was perfect and you looked great! Fun Lunch!

    Annell, glad you dropped by!

  18. looks like you have a perfect spot for painting-- and I have not seen the movie but I have put it on my Netflix queue..thanks!

  19. hi mary ann!!! wonderful that you've a place outdoors in which to set up an easel! good for you - and love those colors there! about goya's ghost - just let me say that i was madly in love with javier way before anyone even knew how to pronounce his name! [still am, actually] - in any event, while his individual presence in this film i loved, because he carries any role with such truth and credibility, i found the story a bit slow-moving - perhaps it was just me - one of my all time favorite films of his is the dancer upstairs - an absolute must must see! neat post, lady!

  20. Oh, I love seeing your painting spot outside. How joyous to be on the balcony in the trees. And thank you, always, for your thoughtful comment. Beautiful imagery. roxanne