Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad...Early years.

A photo of my sister (standing) my father and me on his lap. From early on he was a devoted father. I never remember a time when he wasn't available. Smart, funny, handsome, he had a big blue eyes and big warm hands and when he held your hand you couldn't help feeling loved and completely safe. He preferred the background...shy you might say and yes, stubborn too but there was never a day I didn't know he loved me. Now, that is a stable childhood. Happy Father's Day always!


  1. Dads are such an important aspect of our lives. I can't imagine a life with out a supportive dad even if you only have him for a short time.

  2. You're so fortunate to have had a wonderful dad! I love this picture!!

  3. Nice memorial to your father. I've been thinking of mine today also. Almost 27 years he has been been gone.

  4. He looks lovely Maryanne your father!...and what a beautiful story to share!

    I loved you previous post too - on delicious things...good friend comes to lunch....long chats, good food and an afternoon swim.

    And Art shops...yes please.

  5. Beautiful tribute to a great guy who left something good for this world - you!

  6. Dear Mary Ann,

    I know it has been a very long time since I have stopped by and I see as I browse through a number of postings, your art direction appears to have made some considerable leaps.

    I am very happy for you and the memory of your childhood and that of your father. He certainly was ahead of his times and so an exceptional person, for fathers then were not know for showing their feelings as they are today.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a wonderful start to the new week,

  7. What a lovely Dad, we celebrate Father's day in September here in Australia.

  8. Margaret, Dads are important for sure. Special memories are sustaining even after many years... gone!

    Willow, I like this photo...loved the double-breasted suit and the great hat...I thought he was a movie star!

    Maggie, Good to remember our fathers.

    Sophie, Blogland is so perfect for this kind of too!

    Leslie, Kind words...thank you!

    Egmont, Pure pleasure hearing from you and receiving your good thoughts and comments.

    Ro, Easy to celebrate fathers and mothers no matter the day!

    Pat, Agreed...good memories!

  9. What a lovely tribute you've made. :-) He was my rock, too! My Grandpa was my steady beacon my whole life. He was something really special and I miss him all the time - but the memories are with me always.

  10. Dear Blue
    I love what you have written about your Father. And I had a really wonderful Father, too. He was funny, fun, and always had a ready smile. He liked to play ball with the neighborhood kids. And was always in for a good joke! I think he loved Halloween best, I have fond memories of him and his jokes on Hallaween, pity the kids who were the bunt of his jokes, but it was all good fun, even if some of those sissies cried. Hope you day is a good one and maybe you will go swimming later?

  11. I love your description of his hands and the warmth and security they engendered. I can feel that warmth myself. We all don't hold hands with others enough now as grown ups. I saw a couple walking down the street the other day holding hands and found it so touching. Lucky you to have these memories of your dad.

  12. Adorable little girls, and a handsome Daddy!
    I have many fine memories of my Dad too,,,,aren't we fortunate?
    I love the clothing from this era.We have pictures of us in snowsuits, complete with those heavy leggings, and hats tied under the chin. Remember those?
    We could hardly walk we were so bundled up, ha!

  13. Karen, Easy to pay tribute to such a good father and for you a loving grandfather. His funny remarks live on!

    Annell, The blessings are in the fond memories.

    Suki, I so agree with you on the hand important. There is a special feeling holding hands...with friends, children...everyone loves to have their hand held.

    Babs, I liked the clothes too...wonderful suits, hats and ties. I was a California memories are shorts and umbrellas in the winter! ha

  14. a beautiful tribute to love.

    shy and stubborn too--ha! that sounds like what i have heard of me before...