Saturday, June 12, 2010

Topsy Turvy Tomatoes?

I'm not sure if we'll ever see tomatoes as this spot only receives afternoon sun. Most mornings we have beach overcast. I'm watering and I have some yellow blossoms but I'll need the heat to bring in the beautiful red globes. This area is easy to grow artichokes, lettuce and brussel sprouts...tomatoes not so much!

So I finished my Tableau of my early beach years and posted it in the sidebar. I've been writing and asking myself what will be next? Any journeys? how about explorations...planets...sacred altars, hidden myths?How about quests in the near future...revisiting stories and tales and places unknown? I've also asked myself what work do I admire right now? What do I admire in others work? What is it I like in my own art making? The short answer is I love circles and squares (did a series of sewn circles in little squares and grids) painting and printmaking (compass series) and mixed media of all variety. I read up on the symbols of circles and squares and then into octagons (8) my lifelong number. So here it is for awhile...grids equal for me circles and squares over and over. I'm smiling..I'm excited and just happy to return and begin again with my beloved shapes.

Movie update: Tonight the "Time Traveler's Wife". I imagine everyone has already seen this one as it was a very popular movie. Once again, I'll get out the popcorn and give it a go!


  1. Maryann, the beach tableau is lovely, has the colors and feel of walking in the sun, sand, and water. I, too, am in that "what next?" phase, as many people seem to be right now. In fact, I just finished a post about it. Good luck with your exciting new direction!

  2. Has it really been so long since I have visited here with you, Mary Ann? I was caught up in a whirl of work...focused and productive, but I've missed your posts so it was good to catch up. My tomatoes have buds but the lemon balm is growing into them with all this rain. Whatever flowers and fruits is a marvel to me. Enjoy!

  3. No it hasn't exactly been tomato weather here either but we keep hoping! And the beach tableau makes me think of those warm days I'm wishing for. I love the combo of that sea foamy green and the rust.

    Good to take stock sometimes, isn't it?

  4. Mary Ann...8's are my number too! B and I got married on the 17th (adds to 8)among others. I, too, love circles. I am excited to see what you will be doing. I can't wait until October comes around again so I can start some new art. I am just too tired after working almost 10-12 hours a day. And, after my "bad" last year, I am now feeling energetic and excited about starting new stuff. I am constantly thinking about it. I need to start journaling the ideas like you do. Do you meditate on what to do?

  5. I love the squares in your piece. They seem to give me a sense of walking from area to area of your painting. Nothing better than toms straight off the vine. Hope they catch some reflected sun.

  6. The beach tableau is so lovely - you have captured the colors and essence of beach life so well. Summer is definately a time of "what next"- a time to reflect on past works and set sights on new worksops and art adventures! Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comment!

  7. Dear Blue
    Thank you for your comment on my site. I tried to make it clear, I was only speaking for myself. Of course sometimes we are painting an abstract narrative and we don't know the words to talk about it. But in time it seems there is a dialog between the artist and the work, and there is thought in the language we know...perhaps it is color, form, texture. I too, love shapes! Thank you for your work! I love to see it! Good luck with those veggies, I got some flowers in yesterday, I love to draw them. So I keep my brown thumbs crossed, that they will grow. Will you go to the beach today?

  8. Yes! What is next? Where does our journey take us today, in our life and in our art. Thank you for reminding me to think while I rest. To plan and to set new goals. roxanne

  9. Sharmon, I don't mind the 'not knowing' stage of what might be long as it doesn't last too long!

    Maggie, Always enjoy a visit from you...and you have been busy. Here's hoping our gardens are productive!

    ZenDotStudio, We all need a bit of luck with our tomatoes from all directions!
    The art work is such a big part of everyday life here...hard to miss a slow down or a speed up.

    Teri, I like the number 8 ...I'm not up on all the meanings but I like what little I know.
    October is a good time to start new work!

    Annie, Thank you for the square's comment...I agree.
    On those tomatoes...I'm checking pressure!

    Lori Saul, Yes, it is good to take time to easy for me to get caught up in the doing!

    Annell, We are both working in our gardens...hoping for the best!! ha
    I don't go to the beach on Saturdays or Sundays but weekdays work best with less crowds!

    Roxanne, Thank you for taking the time to leave a go back to resting, resting and more resting or floating! ha

  10. I don't get to visit as often as I would like as I always enjoy your posts. I have three tomato plants and the one that is in the upside down bucket is doing the best. We've had so much rain that I'm amazed I have any blossoms at all.Looking forward to your movie report!

  11. The spot where I planted my tomatoes only gets sun half the day also. Ah well. Your beach painting is very soothing. And sounds like you have many ideas perking for the art ahead.

    i tried to read "Time Travelers Wife" and didnt like it but i didn watch the move a bit ago and seem to vaguely recall finding it okay.

  12. I saw those upside down tomato thingies on TV and wondered about them. Keep us posted on your crop!

  13. you know how i love your work, mary ann - i so love it! i've always had an affinity for circles myself - and at one time did a lot of geometric shapes in my pieces - and about you tomatoes, i may have mentioned before that i've grown those - love the upside down thingamajiggy - they do need sun though - but yours looks so healthy! just beautiful!

  14. I will be interested in the "tomato experiment". This oddball idea just have never worked for me but I think that I never understand the concept. Love the early years on the beach. I tell you, I can smell the salt and feel the spray.

  15. I love reading your thoughts,,,and I'm wishing you huge big bright red orbs!

  16. We have not put our tomato plants in the ground yet-- keep waiting for 2 days of sunshine in a row-- the cloudy days are still pretty cool as well as the nights-- the bane of living in the Pacific NW. I too love circles.

  17. the movie is not as good as the book, but I thought it was an interesting story...

  18. Eva, I liked reading about the movie...the concept seemed interesting...time traveling... but once again, for me, it was a disappointment...missed the mark...oh, well.

    Suki, With your rain and my beach will be magic if either of us grow tomatoes?! ha

    Willow, I'm out there everyday...pushing, prodding, watering and pleading...I'll keep you posted!

    Gypsywoman, Ah, yes the circles! Crazy for squares as well!

    Pat, Creating this beach memory was good for me...let me let go of old memories needing to be released!
    Weekend traffic is building...I lay low Saturday and Sunday!

    Babs, Thank tomatoes...yes! I'm wishing you DRY days!

    Donna, We have other advantages living on this beautiful coastline...I think you said you have a greenhouse...problem solved?!

    Cat, I didn't read the book but was excited about the concept...not such a good movie for me. She was an artist...never saw any art?

  19. Hi Maryanne,
    Lovely to see the finished work.
    Circles and squares... yes I have been drawn very much to work with such primal shapes over and over too.
    There's such an energy one feels when working with them...for me at the moment it is ovals and circles... same thing. Interesting energy field.
    Look forward to seeingwhat comes!

  20. Almost everything is hard to grow where I live. Tomatoes are a challenge but doable. My husband plants them every year, and jalapenos, which do well. Artichokes would be impossible, but aren't they delectable? You can get them so FRESH where you live. Yum.

    Your beach tableau is delightful. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your forthcoming journeys, Mary Ann.