Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunch With Karen

Actually I took this photo of the Boardwalk this morning. I'd forgotten my camera
Thursday when I met my niece Karen for lunch on the municipal wharf. She took off her lunch hour and drove over the crowded highway and summit...60 miles + so we could have our well needed time together...tasty salad, wine and chatting about family and our current events. Karen's daughter Lauren is getting married in July so we had plenty to discuss...her wedding will be wonderful and it's a big family event! I've loved Karen all her life and so grateful for her friendship.

Today I worked inside with acrylics...this one measures 21"x22" Rives BFK, collage, shells, subtraction prints and stencils. I have plans to add drawing and more color. I'm trying for the flat story surface...as a Tableau. These images are related to my writing of the first year when I moved to this beach town. I was alone, grateful and yet grieving as a widow. I didn't know anyone and signed up for a variety of classes as well as began a routine of walking on the beach... a way to feel connected to others and the community. Some days I just couldn't master the courage and the writing was helpful...I've kept a journal for years in good times and bad and the art usually begins from the words. A few lines written in 1995:

Morning mist, white foamed waves
Serious business this daylight
Walking for health sake
Walking to gather my souls flight
Fog enshrouds me with forgiveness and encouragement to hold on tight.

People and picnics
Walking the dog
Jumping the waves and even sunbathing
We are all here and in my own way a silent agreement to acknowledge this gift
With today's tears of gratitude

Movie Update: It finally happened...Pablo and I sat down to watch our "Goya's Ghosts" and within a few minutes we both knew we had rented this before...a few years ago but still??!
It was all vague and some parts completely forgotten. I enjoyed seeing
Goya's candle hat and they showed many of his prints but the rest of the movie was primarily a story of other characters and the tragedies of war in Spain...not enough Goya, not enough art for me...I can't recommend it.


  1. How lovely to visit today Maryann and find a breeze has blown in and brought a lovely new colour with it ... the post is so lovely and also very touching!

    Its seems you have made a very lovely new life after this deeply searing experience and change.
    The new blog colour , the glimpse of the mountains and seashore, the new work and the reflections all add up to a lovely sense of your being at one with things!

  2. The beach looks inviting. I'd forgotten that you live in California. The Summer beach colours of your painting are very evocative of all things outdoor and breezy and bright. I take it this has been a good move for you!

  3. the collage is just beautiful. The colors soft and inviting.

    Sounds like a wonderful time with your neice and the wedding to look FWD to!

    I liked reading your journaling from when you first moved there. Nice to have the beach to walk on as an intro activity to the area. You were so brave moving there where you knew no one.

  4. hey mary ann! love this piece! appeals to my soft serene senses [the few that i have]! oh, and i left a little note on the previous post, too - i agree with the goya film [with the exception of javier's performance] ;)

    have a great day!

  5. wonderful rich work, beachy and light, makes me feel the mist! goya ghost was disappointing wasn't it? sounds like your lunch was great! always great to look back and take stock!

  6. wonderful Post Mary Ann - loved reading your journal entry from years ago and the painting in progress is wonderful :)

  7. This is a lovely piece, and so you, Mary Ann! Seraphine is supposed to arrive via Netflix tomorrow. Now that you mention it, I think maybe I've seen Goya's Ghosts too. I don't remember much of it and it's most likely for the same reasons you mention!

  8. My name in your subject line - I'm honored! What a great photo - looks just like I saw it. So glad to have had the visit, the lunch, the hug. I've loved YOU my whole life, too. I just love this collage and your words from '95 - really great work.

  9. Beautiful artwork!

    How lovely to have a friend in a niece and a day to remember together!

  10. Maryann What kind of dog? How old is he or she? What color? What is the name? I love that you live near the beach, I grew up on the Gulf Coast and am in deep morning for the loss! I enjoyed looking at your site.

  11. Lucky you , living closeto this lovely beach !

    Beutiful collage and outdoor oilpainting,
    love your colour !
    Best from Liv

  12. That painting is wonderful. It so reminds me of Santa Cruz. Of being on the boardwalk with Annie when the kids were little. I can smell the saltwater taffy, the sun tan lotion, the salt air. Hear the screams from the roller coaster. How did you do this wonder, encapsulating so much?

  13. I've been enjoying your blog and art for a while now and thought I should say 'hello' from Vancouver, Canada. I really like this piece of yours, the textures are amazing!

  14. I like this piece - such a calm feel about it, serene.

  15. Sophie, Thank you for the lovely observation...I have come a long way as most of us...life is good!

    Annie, The beach and Boardwalk look great from the wharf...children screaming on the rides, sunbathers and barking sea lions!
    It was a good move for me!

    Suki, The collage has changed...more things added.
    Yes, I'm excited about the wedding...so far have the jacket...need to find everything else!

    Gypsywoman, We are in agreement about Javier Bardem...he is always wonderful but the movie...not so much!

    Cat, Lunches with favorite people are always wonderful...cafe to hot dog stand...it's the connection!

    Jeane, Nice to look back...we all have had our endings and beginnings!

    Willow, Kind words indeed...let me know your reaction to Seraphine.

    Karen, We had the best weather and the water just glistened. Hope you had a safe 'shorter' ride home!

    SKIZO, I'll check it out!

    Elizabeth, We don't get to pick our relatives so this is wonderful we like one another!

    Annell, Thank you for looking through these postings! The writing is from 1995 and the writing was relating to a beach observation...sorry,I don't have any pets.

    Liv, In the winter I can hear the waves but I rarely go to this Boardwalk...more for the fun of visitors!

    Pat, Yes the smell of sun tan lotion...it is so strong! ha Great memories for me too when the children were much younger!

    So glad you stopped to say 'hello' Marja-leena...I have visited your site many times...your blog is wonderful!

    Sylvia...Ooops, I changed it a bit...I'll post it when it dries!

  16. I love your press! It is so beautiful!

  17. A truly beautiful collage Maryann. Visiting your site is like having coffee with a friend and fellow creative spirit.

  18. Your words are so poignant Mary Ann. Writing is a wonderful way to heal the soul.

    What a beautiful board walk and a beautiful place to live.

    I love your collage, the colors are so soft and it has a quiet joy about it that reminds me of summer somehow.

  19. Annell, Found the press on the floor in a back room of an antique store...I'm still in love with it...even has a crack in the wood roller.

    Zappha, I'd love to sit and have coffee and talk art with you actually for the summer I've switched to iced mochas!

    OTL, I'm glad you get the feeling of summer from this collage! It is a nice place to live and it borders on a huge redwood forest so it has both worlds...I moved here from a hot, flat valley!

  20. You are not only a talented painter, but a writer as well. I love the poetry. I didn't realize you live near the beach. How fortunate you are!Thanks for the update on 'Goya's Ghosts'. I think I'll skip that one. I'm #15 on the library waiting list for Seraphine. :O)

  21. I love it all here, your painting, your lunch, and your poem, very summery... roxanne