Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nostalgia 11"x11"

Years ago I was a printmaker day and night...especially loved relief printing and monotypes.
This last Thursday I was cleaning out my storage shed and rearranging art work in a neater fashion. I came upon both the wooden plate and this framed print. We had old fence boards on the side of the house long time ago and I cut and used them for relief prints, cutting with my tools...looking for angels in the grain of the wood. This one was printed black ink and I hand colored with watercolor.

I feel like the Italian cooks in my old neighborhood (they had their regular kitchens and then a summer kitchen set up outside). I'm painting a little on the deck with oils and then (these oils take a long time to dry) running inside and working with acrylics. Right now I have four oils and three acrylics in some beginning and middle stage. I'm not's fun actually! I'm not focusing on a strict line of a series but I know my writing, spirit connection, circles and squares will show up!

My great niece is getting married late July and I'm trying to find a complete outfit that looks good, feels comfortable and cool enough for late afternoon wedding outside! Today I picked up gladiator sandals and silver bangles for a modern touch and now this week I'll be searching for a great looking purse. I will be wearing white with a turquoise linen jacket. Because it will be late afternoon sunshine....I'm trying to talk Pablo into a Panama Hat...he's not sure! Have a great weekend everyone.... we are smack into summer days and nights...enjoy!


  1. Isn't it fun to find the older work and bring it to the light again? I like seeing the block and the print.

    Oils and acrylics, some collage all sounds good to me. Enjoy your freedom and wedding garb prep.

  2. Wonderful work- this medium has always fascinated me and lovely to see the art made from the block. Sounds like you are enjoying summer!

  3. Definitely a Panama hat to go with what you're wearing! Isn't putting together an outfit just like putting together a composition?

  4. That print is fabulous...
    And I have heard about those Italian cooks and their two kitchens....but an artist withtwo studios...yeah, I can see it
    What don't you do
    You color combo sounds dazzling...I been meaning to get a pair of those sandals...Tell Pablo...yes..hat!
    take pictures

  5. I enjoyed seeing your print and love the woodblock even more. You certainly are busy Mary Ann! Your wedding outfit sounds very striking and ..... definitely a yes to the panama hat!

  6. You are making art wherever you are - that reminds me of the saying...Wherever I go, that's where I am!
    Hopefully it won't be 100 degrees at the wedding - there is always the cool, cool barrel room to hide out in. Ha!

  7. Your print looks (as my mother used to say) "the whole damn family". Isn't it amazing what wood sometimes presents to you. I cut a piece of wood and it looked like Christ. One of the ladies in my shop took it home and her mother made a shrine out of it.
    I have always enjoyed wood prints and the difficulty in making them. Bravo!

  8. oh, what fabulous pieces!!! love your work lady! it's hot summer here too - yeaa!!! heat index about 105 today! but i do so love the sun and the heat!!!

  9. sounds like you are really inspired this summer. wonderful. i like the print very much. love making monoprints myself.

    yes,tell pablo to be really cool and fun and wear the panama. i love hats. He will look like a movie star.

  10. I like the block and print …
    You are like me - have several things going on
    at the time !
    Enjoy summertime with creative stuff !!!
    B :-)).Liv

  11. working on wooden fence posts! wow! good luck with your potpourri of paintings -- have you tried Liquin with the oils? Cuts down the drying time tremendously and you use it sparingly so not too much waste :-)

  12. Now I know what to do with my old fence! Great to hear you've been busy in your outdoor work space.

  13. You have inspired me to return to some printmaking. It is truly a joy to pull a successful print.

  14. Love the texture. The people lined like living flames.

    I like your color choices. Panama hat yes! I am sitting in a ruckus of a wind storm. Coolest it's been in ages. Hope the wedding is fun We dance too much at ours. Love it

  15. j'aime ces impressions 'mono'
    toujours des heureuses surprises!

  16. "Looking for angels in the grain of the wood"--I love it, and how you brought them to life with the handpainting. Your works of art in progress, inside and out,sound like a breath-taking manifestation of creative energy.

    I like the sound of that outfit you're putting together. And an escort in a Panama hat would add just the right touch, I'm sure.

    Happy summer days to you! We're still waiting on ours.

    Word Verification: dewowe
    Your outfit for your niece's wedding will definitely have "dewowe" factor!

  17. Maggie, Yes, it was a delight seeing this old print...memories for sure.
    I am running between oils and!

    Margaret, Yes, putting together an outfit touches on some of the same creative stuff and I agree tomorrow we go Panama Hat shopping!

    Lori Saul, Relief printing is an interesting medium, thinking backwards and still surprises.

    Suz,The sandals had a big price online but I went to a local place and paid a low $22 and they are comfortable!

    Robyn, Yes, I am busy...taking advantage of the warm weather for outside work.

    Karen, Outside -Inside...the day will be perfect...I'm so looking forward to the 24th!

    Pat, Amazing story...image of Christ and then becoming a home's all in the wood!

    Gypsywoman, Oh, my gosh -105! Get thee to the shade! I'm complaining at 80 degrees!

    Suki, I like monotypes too and collagraphs especially!

    Liv, This is unusual for me to have both oils and acrylic at the same time but it is fun...I'll need to do some printing for extra fun!

    Kelly, I put Liquin on my list for the next art supply run...thank you.

    Annie, Your fence boards await you! ha

    Zappha, I so agree, pulling a beautiful print is so satisfying!

    SKIZO, Inspiration...always good!

    mansuetude, Young, beautiful and in love...bride and groom are adorable. I'm the matriarch of this side of the family so I'm hoping for cute, stylish and fun!

    ELFI CELLA, Thank you!

    Louciao, Thank you...I really like print making and may return to it this winter.
    Pablo is willing to try hats on after the great response on this comments page!

  18. I loved seeing the older work, it's new to me! Thanks.

  19. ooooh, i LOVE this! angels in the wood...