Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Always Something!

This is one of my candy stores errr... paint supply stores. I dropped in to one place to pick up YES glue and now I see I'm running low on Odorless paint thinner. I'll drop by this land of much would you like to bet I won't drive away with just odorless paint thinner?!

The weather has been great and my friend Dona drove over Monday for lunch!! She began with a chocolate martini and I started with champagne...altogether our lunch lasted four hours but wait we continued on to the bakery where she bought goodies for the family. We then changed in to swimsuits and took an hour or so for some swimming and more chatting! We have been BFF for 23 years and no plans to stop! Isn't it great to have such a good friend that a whole day goes by with just the fun of chatting!

Update: Annell of SOMETHINGS I THINK ABOUT has posted a piece of my artwork and has quoted my personal take on the subject of 'rejection' in art. Give her a visit...she creates lovely work and lives in an enchanted place...New Mexico!

There is a new show on's about aspiring artists and they are challenged each week with a show and elimination. The big winner at the end gets a show at the Brooklyn Museum and cash! It's on here at 10pm. Has anyone been following this show? Deena just gave me this: check it out!


  1. Oooooh, I'm drooling over your shopping! It's quite like the grocery store,,,in for one item, come out with 4 bags.
    So good you have such a close friend who lives where you do.Doesn't get much better than that!
    I'm not familiar with that show, but it sure sounds interesting.

  2. You describe a wonderful delightful day...first at the paint shop...oh dream....and then with your girlfriend...having the best time just being together.. all the benefits of having a long time friend..lucky you
    sounds like you two couldn't paint straight though

  3. Hi M! Ahhh...I recognize that delicious store! I can get SO lost and disctracted in there in such beautiful ways. Is the show on Bravo called Work of Art? If so, I've discovered I can watch episodes on my computer (since I don't get the channel). I will check it out! Here is the link:

  4. I'd have taken Champagne too. Lol. Sounds like a perfect time. Haven't been watching tv. Not even sure I get Bravo out here now. Used to be an awesome channel when it first started Wasnt it commercial free then.

    Have cheated to watch the Celtics vs LA though. A Boston tradition I HAVE to keep. Lol.

  5. Sadly, my favorite local art supply store Dick Blick's closed up shop. Your's looks wonderful!!

  6. yum! on every count! some days are truly just perfect!

  7. never just one thing! as my kids say, "step away from the checkbook!" chocolate martini??? wow, never heard of that one; must try it! :-)

  8. Looks like a truly fun story and sounds like a super day. Best friends are the best and 23 years is quite an accomplishment. Never heard of the art contest show. Are you going to try to get on?

  9. I'm envious of your friendship. My closest friend who lived nearby--in my own neighborhood--had to pick up and move to the west coast for career. How I miss our meetings over coffee, our walks, our sharings. Such sharings are never quite the same on the phone or through email.

    Haven't watched that show. We have very limited cable and don't get Bravo. It used to be included in our basic cable, but they took it away. B*st*rds. ;)

  10. What a lucky person you are to have such a wonderful friend and still be able to enjoy a lunch time toddy.Arts supplies are like drugs to an artist. Can't resist them.
    I'm really enjoying watching those young creative people work. I have Tivo so I can skip through the commercials and playback/hold scenes to get a better look.

  11. How wonderful to have such a good friend for so many years! Sounds like you had such a great day together...nothing like two girlfriends getting together for a day of fun and gab!

  12. Babs, I know first hand about the drooling, lusting and desiring of art supplies!

    Annell, A close second is shopping online!

    Deena, Thank you, I added the Bravo information to the post.

    Suz, You are so right...we didn't explore any fine work...just the easy fun stuff.

    Mansuetude, Brovo has become the 'reality TV' station...some of these contests (artists, designers) although faked and planned have a certain appeal for me.
    My heart was disappointed with the basketball year!

    Willow, Dick Blick had a great online?!

    Jeane, Yes, perfection is always nice on summer days!

    Kelly, 'Back away from the checkbook' is a great piece of advice!

    Suki, Reality TV is not exactly reality TV but sometimes entertaining!

    San, Those same B*st**ds took off some of my favorites from basic cable too!

    Annie, This store almost always has 30% off which makes me wonder if the regular price might be high to start?!

    Eva, That is a perfect way to watch this show as they fill in with junk between showing the real work...your way allows for true viewing! They spent little time filming the gallery show and that is what interested me!

    OTL, Yes, she arrived at noon and left around 7pm...full day and she had a two hour drive each was a marathon!

  13. Oohh that shop is calling me! No chance I'd leave with less than 10 items.

  14. Sometimes, when I go to the fabric store, I get all tingly. Just think of all the things I will see and maybe "need"......Sort of like when you go for "only" odorless paint thinner!
    And you know these particular stores have a very special smell and just walking in turns one on.
    Really enjoyed this post. Boy can I relate!

  15. It was So close. R u a Celtics fan?!!!!

    U made me smile. Xo

  16. Beam me in please;-)) Wonderful stuff..... Greetings from Luzia.