Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stepping Stone: retrospective

I'm loving the new banner. Deena (BFF) is a master with Photoshop both in her work and her art it was my pleasure to pull up a chair to her desk and see all her 'tools' and watch her work the magic. We began finding pieces of my work and moved through choices with little more than yes, no, yes smiles, clapping, try again, no, yes...such a joyful collaboration!! I'm so grateful for her friendship that runs deeper and sweeter than words could ever just is. My job has been to find a good back drop color and I'm pretty happy with this color but I think changing will be interesting too!

This post is also about announcing or making clear my newest project. Right now the question I have for myself is will I ever get it off the ground? Actually I am moving forward, somewhat slowly but forward. My project is about creating a book, a retrospective, a book of images plus text...not a how-to...more of a creative expression of my journey these past years. It's not yet formed and I'm glad to be in process. I've created a muse 'Ruth' to keep me reminded of looking forward and staying balanced. Creating this banner is also a way of keeping myself 'on track' and I've laid aside time to glean my pages here on this site and pages and pages of journal writing...putting what seems important to me in files for later use. I'm excited and unsure about this idea but so far I'm moving ahead just to see what happens!
This is an excerpt from my journal as it pertains to Stepping Stone as my personal metaphor: journal, Thursday May 2010: My book as a stepping stone, the heart home where I get to express in book form a place to land, I can be a conduit, a reminder, a lesson, a support, an inspiration, an example. I can find the words to welcome and the welcoming images. This gives me meaning and purpose to the book and at the same time a clear reminder of all our contributions to one another on this life's journey...working title 'Stepping Stone"

Putting together potato salad and planning a fun holiday weekend. My heart carries a sadness we all share in watching this ongoing oil fiasco. This is an awful wound we have taken to our coastline and gulf area. Politics everyone, I just want the restoration of this disaster.

Finally saw 'Seraphine' last night. Beautifully filmed in the countryside in the early 1900's...showing what a hard life was lived by an artist with everything against her...being a woman, mental depression, war and awful economy but still a spirit portrayed of passion for life, nature and expression. Next in the queue is Goya's Ghost.


  1. Well this is certainly a book I will look forward to seeing. I like the new banner too. You are taking one more step in the journey. Can't get any better than that.

  2. I'm really liking your new banner, too! It's very cool, as is your idea for the book. Are you going to self-publish? I do hope you'll be sharing it as the process unfolds; I can't wait to see what you do!

  3. This sounds great!! I'm wondering if it will be a personal one-off kind of book or one you will consider copying or publishing? It's great to have a project to get your teeth into, so hope it's a good adventure.

  4. Such an exciting venture, Mary Ann! I'm thrilled at the idea because I know you will share your journey here, step by step, and it will be a learning experience for all of us. The process is going to be very inspiring! You go girl!!

    Love your banner too .... especially the little patch of blue sky.

  5. Your book project sounds fabulous! Love the new header. (I'm adding Seraphine to my queue)

  6. What an exciting time for you Mary Ann and I love "Stepping Stones" as a metaphor for your journey....and a new banner as well...seems a transformative time for your creative soul to explore new ground.

    That said, it is so sad about what is happening in the Gulf...we can only hope for an end to this "oil madness"...

  7. Applause, applause for continuing on your journey one step at a time. Someone said happiness is having a goal and the belief that it is achievable. I have no doubt that your next step, a book, will manifest. I love the look of your new header, etc.!
    Don't get me started with BP and the politicians on this awful oil disaster!!
    I've ordered 'Seraphine' form the libarary. Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. You are taking GIANT STEPS, good for you.

  9. I love the working title - Stepping Stones, and I am feeling your powerful commitment to your project.

    The gulf - sadness, anger, loss, wondering what will happen. We shouldn't treat our mother earth this way!

  10. Mary Ann I look forward to our journey with this book, I hope we get to share pieces along the way. It is a wonderful idea,I know for sure you inspired me to pick up the brush and collage items the new header
    I hope you publish this new endeavor

  11. Zappha, Lots of steps in this writing journey...I'm relaxed because it's early!

    Sharmon, No real ideas yet for the steps right now!

    Annie, No personal one-of-a-kind book...looking into publishing but that is down the road. I like the adventure!

    Robyn, I will share...the good, the bad and even the ugly! will be fun or I won't do it!

  12. What a wonderful idea - a retrospective of your work. This sounds exciting and just in these few years, I can see the changes and the expansion of your artistry, I would say that we all would gain from a book of yours.
    Keep at it.

  13. Oh, good for you,,,a book sounds very exciting, and I love your title. I certainly hope it will be available for purchase. I'm sure you are aware of I made a book there for Jack's parents, and it's great! (and you can offer it for purchase)
    Very nice banner,,I'm glad you kept some blue in it. Very nice.

  14. Willow, Hope you like Seraphine!

    OTL, It is a time I'm filling with work and projects...I have health problems which help me to move faster as the clock is ticking!

    Eva, Yes, I do believe the book project is possible...not tomorrow but in good time...I'm pleased to begin. Let me know your reaction on Seraphine.

    Maggie, I have giant feet taking small steps but exciting no matter! ha

    Leslie, For now it's all systems ahead but at the same time I'm keeping a watchful eye on my pace...a pace of moving forward.
    May all our gulf prayers be answered!!

    Suz, I will be sharing my progress...blogland has been very supportive! Feels like a world onto itself!

    Pat, Endearing words...I have been really working these past few years and I think I have given myself the time it takes to explore in so many ways. We are always learning from one another!

    Babs, What would Blue Sky Dreaming do without a little Blue? ha.
    I've looked at a few self publishing places...thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Through willow I have heard of your interest in the Seraphine film. I found it absolutely wonderful and was thinking about posting something on it. Being the huge procrastinator I am, though I have been twiddling with the idea for months (saw the film in the cinema last year here in Spain). I am new to and enjoying your blog ...

  16. I generally like anything you do..I'm a fan! Just beginning is winning!!

  17. Lorenzo, It is so special to know from Spain, to Ohio to California we share this movie and all its moments...easily have a conversation of favored segments over coffee or tea!

    Lyn, Oh good, when I slack off on this book writing, I'll be sure to mention to my guilty self about already winning! ha

  18. I love your new banner!!! I've had to look at it over and over again, it is so beautiful! And your new book will be amazing. I can hardly wait to hear more about it... I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Roxanne

  19. I enjoyed seeing every thing you said. I also liked that film. And I want to see more of your work. Yes, I think there is a connection. Salt water runs deep in my veins....I am deeply distressed by the oil in the Gulf. Tell me all about YOU! Thanks for your comment.

  20. Roxanne, Thank you so much and yes, I had a great weekend. The book is good and is looming in a good way!

    Annell, Thank you for your comments. I think as Americans our salt water veins are in tears over this tragedy.
    Visit my sidebar for older posts when you have the time...
    Welcome to Blogland!