Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Studio

Acrylic, 15"x15' Rives BFK paper, collage, trim, graphite. This one and another one was inspired at my Sabbath services last week. The prayers, the chants and rituals reminded me of ancient connections bringing to mind all the humans and all the humans connecting with the divine. I saw a dear friend and later, after services it was so great to hug and chat...break bread with everyone and nibble on sweets and tea.

Outside studio is going well...finally feeling more confident with mediums so I'm ready to gesso paper and begin. Deena and I have planned a midweek studio retreat for next week so the fun continues.

Fourth of July we are attending a neighborhood BBQ. Skirt steak, corn and and....! The weather promises to be sunny and warm so eating out under umbrellas will be divine. Some new people have moved into the neighborhood and I'm looking forward to meeting some new neighbors. We have (all retired) a dancer, a therapist (part-time yoga instructor) and a photography instructor...promising some interesting conversations. I'm a bit of a recluse...only going up to the pool for a daily floating session but even recluses need some laughs and Pablo is more of a 'people' person.

We shopped for that Panama Hat and found a beauty but it was way over the budget ($125) so he opted for a safari khaki hat that has a charming look all it's own. Now I need to find the perfect purse!

HAPPY JULY 4TH!!!!!!!!


  1. This is such a wonderful piece. It has ths softness of whispers in church.

  2. Such a calm, rich, worn feeling of antiquity to this piece. I like the graphite marks you added.

    It sounds like you're having a lovely summer. Isn't it great to be able to combine solitude with an occasional bout of social whirlwinding? I've got plenty of the former; sadly lacking in the latter, but a couple of summer visitors on the horizon will spice things up.

  3. Love this image. I am enjoying our Canada Day holiday now. Happy 4th of July to you.

  4. ancient connections..sabbath
    such woderful writing...
    yes the power of chanting and ceremony...blessed are you to have partaken of this
    Oh I wish I could see his new hat..he sounds like a good man
    I am wishing you a great and relaxing and interesting bbq with your neighbors...sounds like a great group...and thank you Mary Ann for your wonderful words for my sorrow and for liking my little means a lot to me
    OH and I love the artwork!

  5. A beautiful piece full of depth and the richness of time and place. Wonderful art!

  6. This is very inviting and rich work Mary Ann. I appreciate the way you seem to always make a celebration of each holiday.

  7. Mary Ann---I am loving what you are doing. I think that everyone is. You are so exceptional at this! I can just picture you in that turquoise jacket, standing next to your man in his wonderful hat. It really sounds like a great celebration. Will it be in Santa Cruz? Ahhhhh...summer at the beach! I can only imagine. Used to spend many of my summers in your neck of the woods. Miss that smell of the ocean air, the moisture, the sand. I wish you a great 4th filled with lots of fun, sun, and laughter.

  8. Wonderful art!! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. the outside studio,
    the inside celebration
    and sharing...
    the wealth of your
    prolific work...
    enjoying this piece and the slideshow in the sidebar!
    such a venue, this blog!

  10. wonderful piece. love the colors and the drawing. have a fun bbq. sounds like a bunch of great neighbors. here, i hope the sun comes out and warms us up. cold.

  11. Really like what you posted. I keep going in different directions on interpretations. Doesn't matter, does it? So long as I look and keep looking!
    Happy Fourth!

  12. This painting is very good I think :-)

    Good colours and composition !
    All the best ---Liv

  13. This is a very charming post of your painting. I can see all that you said! Have a happy 4th. It will be just another day for me. We plan to go camping for an over night after the 4th, it will be a little quieter.

    I've been so busy, you know there is always so much to do for a show. I have been helping my dealer a little bit, the printer broke, and I brought the labels home to do. Couldn't find them, decided I left them in the Gallery, made a trip out there last night, no one home? Found them this morning, in the car. Sometimes it isn't easy to hang out with myself!

    I'm trying to get the press releases out. They will have to wait until this afternoon.

    I got the labels printed but need to take them over to the gallery. I'm sure people don't realize how much work goes into a show. And sometimes as artists we forget, too, unless we are around...and in the thick of things, as it were.

    Wish you could be here in New Mexico. I know the show will be really wonderful, Lumina is such a beautiful place!

  14. A wonderful feeling of worn and weathered walls and buildings. Lovely painting Mary Ann! Hope your BBQ is everything you hope it to be.

  15. I love what appears to be arched windows -- every sanctuary for the soul needs a window! Enjoy your holiday and your open studio, Mary Ann!

  16. So, Maryann, tell me about this purse. I am just finishing a Ivory embroidered with beige forget-me-nots Silk clutch. For some reason and this sounds odd, Annie is saying I should see if it fits your wardrobe for the wedding? I could email you a picture?

  17. Katelen, Thank you...'softness of whispers' a prayer.

    louciao, Thank you...I was going for worn as in memories.
    Always great to have summer visitors and fun stuff for a change!

    Zappha, Holidays are essential to summer joy...have fun!

    Suz,Thank you for all good words but mostly for stopping by! We are all just moving down the road and support is always welcome!

    Lori Saul, This one had loving inspiration and it pretty much made itself!

    Leslie, These holidays can easily become markers in the memory book...days float by so fast it is nice to stop and appreciate or celebrate.
    I'm glad you like this piece!

    Teri, Actually the wedding will be held in the Livermore Valley at a outside garden and food and music inside cool barrel room!

    Diane, Thank you...weekends can be busy...the beaches are filling up!

    Neva, Your words sing...thank you!

  18. Another lovely piece you've created. The BBQ with neighbors sounds fun - I love to attend those kind of things but I never reach out to invite people myself - weird. Thankfully - people do, right? Can't wait to see the sharp dressed couple on our side!

  19. Suki, Always lots of memories attached to July the Cape had fun fireworks.

    Pat, I like that...different directions and interpretations...I always like your take!

    Liv, Thank goes well when the beginnings are good!

    Annell, Oh, I got such a pain in my stomach reading about press releases and such...not the aspect of being an artist that I ever liked. Good luck with that and hope all goes well!

    Robyn, I'm at my best with a wet paper towel and scrubbing acrylic looking for the old look! ha

    Kelly, Yes, a quick drawing of the sanctuary windows...always looking up and out to the sky!

    Pat, This purse sounds beautiful and Annie would know I would love what you create but this wedding and my outfit require a more woven, beach color type large bag. Can't wait to see this beauty on your site! Thanks!

    Karen, We have begun the great wardrobe put together...trying to get to the beach clean up for the big day.
    This BBQ is at the clubhouse so we can meet, eat, laugh and leave! ha

  20. Your Summer Studio piece is fantastic. I haven't been visiting in a while, and I come back to this incredible growth. Love your style. Hope you have a wonderful 4th. We used to go to the parade in Coronado every year. It's not really celebrated in PR, or else I just miss it bc I'm in the country. Have fun at the BBQ.

  21. Beautiful image Mary Ann; it fits right with your inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful 4th. Mmmm....think I'll pick up a skirt steak for tonight. Yes!

  22. What a wonderful piece. I feel the spiritual connection in it.I particularly like the line work of what appears to be windows.Beautiful.

    Your wedding event sounds like something you are looking forward to. All the planning and the wonderful outfits you have put together. I wish I was a little bird so I could fly out there and see the festivities.

  23. What a phantastic work! Greetings from Luzia.