Thursday, May 6, 2010


My true love brought home to me: Three Ligonberry jars of jam, One jar of Raspberry jam and one jar of Gravlaxsas!! Can't exactly put this to music! ha Pablo was near an Ikea and ran in for these favorites of mine. The Gravlaxsas is a mustard sauce used on salmon and is wonderful.... the jams are wonderful too. Behind these jars of jam is "3" a 16"x16" canvas using again my old collagraph prints, molding paste and acrylic. I have been sanding, repainting, sanding. It's on purpose that it is in the background of this photo as I am about ready to place it on the unfinished work pile. All that sanding left me with a rather dull image. I'll leave it alone and come back to it with fresh eyes! It happens ever so often and this one just missed the mark.

I have plans to continue painting with acrylic in the studio but I have also decided to arrange an easel on the deck and paint with oils in the cool mornings this Spring and Summer. My pulmonary problems won't allow oils in the house so this is perfect timing to return to my first love...oils!

Tonight a quick dinner and a movie "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". It didn't get great reviews but I loved Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" and I'll see anything with a devil played by Tom Waite?!!


  1. Ok--I had NO idea that you could purchase all these wonderful items at IKEA. Next time I head in there I am going to pick up some of those items. The one for the salmon sounds incredible. We were in your neighborhood yesterday. I am posting a few pics tonight and again tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. The "3" looks great behind these jars!

  2. a lovely gift from your sweetheart. imagine living someplace where you can drop into an ikea store. good luck with the painting. sometimes a rest is just what is needed so the elves can come in in the night and do things to the waiting paintings.

  3. I love bringing a jar or two home from Ikea! Sounds like you'll have a lovely feast before the gig...

  4. I have no doubt that you will bring this piece up to speed, in time.
    Sounds fabulous, painting in oils outdoors. I'll be eager to see the results, as my very first love is of that medium also.

  5. I also love specialty jams-- and look for new jams and teas wherever I go..
    and you are right to leave the sanded piece and come back to it later- that happens to me too.

  6. Oh, I learned about something new: gravlaxsas...will have to try it! Coming back at another time with fresh eyes, a technique I should practice more often :o) exciting for you to paint with oils on the deck will look forward to the results...Cynthia

  7. Nice guy! Any tips for the jam or just on toast? I'll have to try that mustard sauce, too. Can't wait to see what you do with oils. :-)

  8. I'm having a terrible case of IKEA envy. When will we ever get one?! I was wondering about the Doctor Parnassus movie. It looked kinda cool.

  9. www.bridgethunter.blospot.comMay 7, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Its so good to hear of others who put work aside to try having another go later. But sometimes I can strugglenand struggle and it ends up in the rubbish bin !!!!

  10. How very strange I came to visit you this morning because i;'m going to see this film tonight (it is coming to our village film club and I missed it when it was at the cinema) I just love Terry Gillam! What a treasure your Pablo is!!! Nice to chat with you again!

  11. Teri, They sell Swedish favorites such as frozen meatballs and a package gravy that is also great.

    Suki, We are about 50 miles from the nearest Ikea so it is a treat for us as well.

    Annie, The Lingonberry is my favorite but it is also fun to try other jams.

    Babs, I'm looking forward to just mixing the oils...I love the buttery feel!

    Donna, Thank you...letting go of a piece for a time is the best advice!

    Cynthia, Not easy to stop trying with a piece for awhile but it seems to be a good choice when nothing else is working! ha

    Karen, It is served as a sauce (such as our cranberry ) with Swedish meatballs as well as a jam!

    Willow, Dr Parnassus...a visual feast!

    Bridget, This is a nice size canvas and if I can't make it gets a heavy coat of gesso!

    Rosie, Thanks for the stop to read your take on Dr Parnassus.

    Tom Waites too.


  13. Well, my mouth is watering..particularly the mustard to place the painting behind the jars,
    and good idea to paint with oils on the deck..good luck eating and painting!!

  14. I find it interesting that sometimes pieces I absolutely hate end up being pieces that I love after I leave them to age and then work on them a bit more. This has encouraged me to never give up on a piece.

  15. You have a good husband!!!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    I like the painting. You say it is dull, what about getting a can of satin gloss clear and spraying it, since you contemplate putting it in the unfinished pile? No loss to try!

  16. Neva, Tom Waite did not disappoint...his gravely voice and dialogue was perfect!

    Lyn, Cranked open the jar of jam this morning...lovely breakfast! I plan on some poached salmon later in the week...with sauce!

    ZenDotStudio, Funny, my attitude picked up as soon as I gave myself permission to quit!

    Pat, Great suggestion but I've already layered and splashed a color over most of the canvas...yes, feel better! ha

  17. Ooh Terri Gilliam. I forgot about this movie. Thanks for making mention.

  18. Nice !
    Have you tried the lingonberry - jam to meat or meatballs , I think it is marvellous ...