Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Muse Mosaic

Mosaic of seven images...two repeated to equal nine from Mosaic Maker a fun site. I have more images but not photographed and some have sold. Is that proper to sell one's muse? My muses over the years have usually been Viking angels...bold ones lighting my way. The mostly yellow faced muse "Forlorn" was created as a way to let my muse hold my doubts and disappointments artistically. My newest muse is in the center made of blue crayon and water. I gave her coin earrings and very curly hair. For my latest project I need strong, worldly intelligence with uncompromising loyalty. Her name is signed Ruth for the good Ruth of the Bible. I like her and believe we will work well together and know she is loyal to me and the project (because I said so! ha)

Watched "Lovely Bones" ...powerful, scary, creepy and from a beautiful perspective. It dragged in some parts but it was mostly heartfelt and thought provoking. Anyone see this movie?


  1. Oh I love your artwork...I especially like the one holding the lantern,,,but I like them all...and Ruth...yes Ruth..I can see it
    crayon and watercolor...
    Now, because we are friends, and no one else is looking..I confess..that you inspire me..
    to drag the artist in me out of the are so free and bold..if only..

  2. Oh, I love your relationship with your muses. I hadn't thought abt things like this - thanks!

  3. What a great piece! I love this. I love your phrase of - Viking angels!

  4. Beutiful mosaic :-))

    Beutiful works !
    And a creativ day to you !!
    Best Liv

  5. I am partial to the middle muse in the top row. Very determined looking.

  6. Muses and musings...dear to my soul, says colormuse. Important to pass on muses to gain different musings.

    "Lovely Bones" book on tape was excellent, compelling, and frightening, so I couldn't see the movie.

  7. I have not seen Lovely Bones but did read it. Your review is just what I would say bout the book.
    That mosaic is really fascinating. Of course, my true love is Valkyrie muse but the new one would be a lot of fun to pal around with and exchange
    ideas with. I like the idea of the mosaic. It is like creating a synthesis of your ideas to see where you are today as apposed to "yesterday".

  8. I love this! Kristina, Lauren & I read Lovely Bones a few years ago. We were so moved that we talked about seeing the movie but decided we couldn't go through it again - and what if they changed some things? Glad to hear it was good.

  9. another piece i totally love! and the whole thing of your muses! fabulous - and the colors, magnificent!! beautiful piece, lady!

  10. This is all new to me. And something to find out about. The artwork is very appealing - love the colours and that each is complete in itself.

  11. I very much like this mosaic gathering of your muses. It's never occurred to me to try to capture that energy as an image. Gives a good way of relating to Her/It. Fun!

    I read the novel "The Lovely Bones" and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I think the movie would creep me out too much.

  12. My eye went straight to the yellow faced forlorn muse but the new blue muse in the middle is inspiring me. Love the whole mosaic.
    I read Lovely Bones a while back and think the movie would be too disturbing.

  13. Your concept of a muse is so interesting....I have never thought of a muse in that way...I think of my muse as color, but not as something that I have created to "be there with me". I'm going to think more on that! I have not seen the movie......

  14. Interesting to read about this lovely mosaic Maryanne - the significance of the various muses...really lovely!

  15. Suz, Thank you...I especially like the muse holding the lantern and I'm depending on Ruth! ha
    The artist in you opened that closet door all by herself...time and materials and I expect to see some paint flying and flinging!

    Mindful Musings, My muse paintings began close to 20 years ago...a real spirit lifter!

    Annie, I like the combination of kind angel and strong Viking all into one muse!

    Liv, 'Ruth', my latest muse has been fun to create!

  16. Maggie, I named her "Flying Fearless Frejya" and she flew away (sold) last year!

    Maggie, I didn't read the "Lovely Bones" so I had fresh eyes...but I can see how it would be difficult to return.

    Pat, I have limited skills so this was a big deal to make for me...good site too!
    I'm just hoping Ruth is smarter than me! ha

    Karen, Its been a long time since I have been so creeped out my a character...Lovely Bones was quite an experience.

    Gypsywoman, Thanks for the comment. I really connect with they images.

    Bridget, The muse fits well with my writing which fits well with my art making....important factors for me.

    Louciao, I'm not sure how it began but I know muse creating is a helpful tool in getting to the essence of my painting.

    Robyn, I agree about seeing the movie "Lovely Bones" after reading the if to return to a nightmare.
    "Forlorn" became necessary for my well being and now "Ruth" is a perfect helpmate in things overwhelming!

    Outside the Lines, I think we create or work with a muse, image or color as we
    most need...all perfect!

    Sophie, They all touch my heart in some way.

  17. Your muse mosaic is so cool! I could use a Viking angel to inspire me right about now. I think painting the faces of your muses is great way to connect with and honor them.
    I read The Lovely Bones, but haven't seen the movie; now I want to put it at the top of my Netflix que.

  18. What a wonderful idea, to paint your muses! I like them all, but especially the one on the top middle that looks like a Viking.
    As for the "Lovely Bones" I avoid stories about child predators. I like Stanley Tucci and I would hate to always think of him in this role.

  19. Love the mosaic, the vibrant colours and wonderful faces of your muses. I love the way these little snapshots fit together to create this wonder whole. Very collage like.

  20. Viking angel muses -- love it! I want one, too, but mine would have to be Celtic. Wondrful images, Mary Ann, especially because you created them to answer a need within. I like Ruth, very funky -- and great mosaic!

  21. so cool, writing and art, COLOR>

    the whole middle row is my fav.

  22. you have wonderful muses here-- strong and vibrant

  23. How special this is..and if you can't buy a muse, maybe you can rent one??

  24. Sharmon, We all need our muses to show up when we are working!

    Eva, I like her too...she has a cloth braid and those glasses are 3-D..very important!

    ZenDot, The site is a good one and I think seeing work in the form of a mosaic is telling.

    Kelly, A Celtic muse would be fabulous!

    mansuetude, The angel Viking muse (on the left in the middle row) is in honor of my sister...gone too soon. All my muses speak to my heart.

    Donna, My muses are as my good luck charms!

  25. I haven't seen the movie, but the book is exquisite. I'm almost afraid to see the movie, since I'm afraid it will disappoint after the magic of reading the book. I respect your recommendation though, so maybe I'll see the movie!

    I like this Ruth with abundance at each ear, and unruly hair. You and she will break the rules together, very effectively.

  26. San, From your words to Ruth's ears!