Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beginning The Crossover

SPECIAL NOTE: Banner under construction.

24"x36" acrylic,canvas, fabric collage, crayon and
pencil, guiding words:

Creating the dreams written as real
Seeing the glory of hands unshackled
Colors making simple vivid marks
Let me see the inside of this soul's voice
Keep me in the game
Throwing my dice and moving my charm

I've been making changes in my paint handling and favored compositions. For now, I'm okay and will lay this one aside. It seems for me to make a change, I need to swing to an extreme so it takes me awhile before I find a good balance. This 'new way' to paint my poems and writing is requiring me to re- look at foreground and background...shapes organized and disorganized with a minimum of texture and 'stuff'. I want to stay focused on story....story floating as a whole and I'm in the beginning stages of finding better ways to pull this together in satisfying ways. I must keep reminding myself that I no longer have show dates or gallery calls so I need not rush this very personal process. I'll start a new piece and what I learn on that one I will bring back to this one and there begins my crossover dance! It's going to be an interesting spring and summer!

I'm a big fan of PBS and have found (I'm always late to these discoveries)recently an interesting show New Scandinavian Cooking which takes in cooking, travel and very young forward thinking, it is on Saturday afternoons around 1:30pm. Pablo is home from Las Vegas and I have eaten my fill of eggplant, olives and sundried tomatoes so now I will try plainer fish and chicken dishes. Sundays I have on my list "Masterpiece Mysteries" tonight being a Miss Marple episode. Oh My, I'm sounding like my mother?!
I've ordered from Netflix two movies about artists "Seraphine" and "Goya's Ghost"....So often I'm disappointed in "artist movies" but I will give these a try. Anyone seen these two?
I'm not sure of the day or time but Bravo is starting a new series very much like Project Runway only with artists? I will watch it and report!


  1. Yum Mary Ann, I really like these shapes, and I find the over all composition is strong. I think I know what you mean when you speak of your changes...a challenge, but with potential benefits. We watched a movie this weekend - unusual for us. We saw Its Complicated and laughed a lot! It was fun. PBS is a fav around here too. We watch Doc Martin. He makes us laugh too. Have a good week!

  2. The teal and red with the black and white really make a statement. Lovely piece. All that food talk is making me hungry.

  3. I love the colours and composition in this painting !
    Have nice and creative week !

    B. Liv

  4. I really love this piece! The turquoise and red and the dots. Nice one!

    Words and paintings together are very powerful. I think this is a great new direction you are going in.

  5. Love the organization of this piece. I'm not sure if the word "organization" is something an artist wants to hear, but that's what I see. Its great that you're feeling "free" to experiment and I'm looking forward to seeing your new artwork.

    Please let us know about those artist movies. I've always wondered if an accurate movie about an artist would be interesting to watch. I'm assuming there would be lots of pacing, mumbling and staring off into space, which most viewers would give the thumbs down to.

  6. can't wait for your review on the movies and I agree, I am usually not a fan of art movies, though i did like Modigliani.

  7. I saw and really liked "Seraphine," although it has a Camille Claudel like ending. Based on a true story. I like your new work and way of working very much. Crossing back and forth between paintings, learning from each. Not worrying about the world out there in the form of creating for shows. I think some powerful work is going to come out of this.

    Wish I could stay up late enough for Mystery on TV. About all I watch is "Antiques Roadshow" when I remember and sadly HGTV is still on my watch addiction list.

  8. I love what you said about starting a new piece and bringing back what you learn to this piece. This work is very intriguing...I enlarged it and looked very closely, and found myself wondering about all the shapes and lines and forms and favorite kind of work... generates an emotional response and a thought process about meaning and interpretation!

  9. Since painting as well as viewing is very personal, I see my self on the landing of that staircase, trying to figure which way to go, right, left, upstairs.......I don't know. I really like and enjoy this painting and the prose that accompanies it.

  10. So glad to be seeing the large picture. I always enjoy your b&w stripe effects,,and along with the areas we got a peek at,,a very nice composition.
    A terrific place to be in: Discovery,Direction,Crossover.
    These words each express exciting ideas!

  11. Mary Ann -- how exciting to begin a new direction. I like this work and wonder if the shapes and marks evoke a sense of "pages" and such?

    I would recommend The Impressionists; heard many good things about that movie but yet to see it myself! Love Miss Marple -- I don't think age has anything to do with it -- Christie wrote a darn good mystery!

  12. I really like this work. You've arranged the shapes beautifully in the rectangle. have you ever seen the art of dame Elizabeth Blackadder - a Scottish contemporary artist? Well worth a look.

  13. love the banner under construction and this work is so interesting and full of energy :)

  14. Hi! You have your new banner's cool. Two thumbs up.

  15. Leslie, Appreciate your input...change is not always easy but as you said 'with benefits'.
    PBS for me, is a true oasis in TV land.

    Ro, I made the a decision, black white, red with greyed green so I wouldn't be distracted with color.

    Liv, Your words are a delight...thank you!

    Elizabeth, Thank you for your vote of confidence on the combining of words and images.

    Kim, Just received Seraphine, I will post my opinions.

    Cat, Yes I will post a review...I liked Modigliani too!

    Suki, Thanks for the review. Miss Marple was okay...costumes and setting always fun!

    OTL, Thank you for taking such a serious look. I'm hoping to come back with fresh ideas...we shall see!

    Pat, I'm always interested in your take on images and writing...thank you.

  16. "the inside of this souls voice"..
    I'll definitely tag along for this one! You are doing excellent work..
    Miss Marple.."The Mirror Cracked"..turned out to be a good one, don't get the Scandinavian food show yet.
    Did see Goya's amazing history of an era, art, corruption, and what a cast!

  17. It must be freeing to take a new direction. And a little disorienting.

  18. I do like the direction this piece is taking and am intrigued to see where your wild ways will take you--and bring you back. Isn't it freeing to be painting for one's Self.

    My blog friend at the Magic Lantern saw "Seraphine" and thought it was tremendous, but he also got to see an exhibit of her work in Paris around the same time.

  19. Let us know what you think of Seraphine and Goya's Ghost. I haven't seen either one of them.

    Love the composition and colors in this piece!

  20. hi! it's nice to meet a fellow artist....

    i'm now following you....

    come see me too sometime!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  21. Very nice piece!! I go through a similar process with my carvings. What I learn in one I take to the next and keep adding new aspects or ideas.

  22. Babs, Yes, discovery, direction and crossover...good places to be!

    Kelly, I enjoy a little Miss Marple as well as a few other Mystery favorites.

    Jeane, Thank you about the banner as you are the one who creates the exciting banners here in blogland!

    Bridget, Thank you, I will look up Elizabeth Blackadder.

    Karen, Thanks for the thumbs up!

    Lyn, Good to hear about Goya's Ghost...that is our next one with Netflix.

    Jason, Perfect description of my state of mind about studio work right now!

    Louciao, Good news about Seraphine...our dvd was damaged so we are trying again.

    Willow, I'm on the job...'Seraphine' tonight!

    Carmelina, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.I'll try to get over to your site!

    Robyn, It's all in the doing isn't it?!

  23. such strong colors and shapes-- and PBS is fabulous-- arty

  24. How lucky you are to be able to write and paint! I can imagine myself painting but I tried once and I was hopeless. I don't know how I'd find the time for it anyway! But I still envy you.

  25. Changes are good and new directions are such a wonderful adventure. You can tell you are enjoying your journey. I really like the new banner.