Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These are small sections taken from a larger piece that I've been working on. I've been "trying on" new ways of art making (for me) and it's been a slow process. I enjoy beginners mind and new materials, new ways of expressing is challenging. I'm no longer connected to a gallery and I'm not actively looking for places to show so I have the freedom to step away from consistency of expression and just explore.

The slow motion is showing up in so many areas of my banner change has been put on hold for awhile. My oil painting on the deck was cut short with a cold front that left the deck wet and damp. My promise to swim everyday was also hit by the cold front! ha I have a writing project that has been in the gathering stage and not even a new muse can hurry that process along! Now this painting project of new ways of art making is in a slow down. Part of me is so ready to make some changes and yet the habit of hand and eye is strong so I have taped up three quotes from a favorite artist Lee Krasner (also wife of Jackson Pollack) and using them as inspiration and encouragement.

I have never been able to understand the artist whose image never changes.
Lee Krasner

My own image of my work is that I no sooner settle into something that a break occurs. These breaks are always painful and depressing but despite them I see that there's a consistency that holds out, but is hard to define.
Lee Krasner which the inner and the outer man are inseparable, transcends technique, transcends subject and moves into the realm of the inevitable.
Lee Krasner

Slow or fast I hope all your art making is a rich and full experience!


  1. Art is change, development, progress and adventure. I like your blog and art work! Greetings from Luzia.

  2. Rivers go underground sometimes....I like these greens with the blue blacks. Are they from the oil painting that the rain postponed for a while?

  3. love your small section sneak peeks! and the first quote!! yup

  4. Mary Ann--Did you get to see the Amgen race go through? Were there tons of people? As soon as it was, it was gone. Amazing. That is what has been all over the local radio stations: that when it was over, the crowds dispersed and you never knew it was there. Back to art: I am envious that you are at least making art. I get excited when I am out doing my job and then when I come home I am so darned tired that I just can't. Even though you are slowing down, at least you are doing! Good for you. I think I need a challenge or a class or something to get inspired.

  5. I can't tell you how soothing it is for me to read the words you've written here and the quotes you've included. I am in that exact state of "break" that Lee Krasner refers to. I've been here many times before, but it is so worrisome every time, no matter how much I try to reassure myself that the "muse" is just on sabbatical, gathering new energy and new ideas.

  6. great musings from Lee Krasner AND you....and slow is relative: you're SPEEDY compared to me, the practicing one. but, the openings, arches, entrances and blues draw me to what you're doing now...

  7. I'm really drawn to this new work Mary Ann...something Corbett frequently reminds me seems salient here....'make haste slowly'...

  8. Beginnings are quite an adventure. It seems you are certainly enjoying yours.

  9. I really love these pieces,,whether fast or slow, it's all good.
    These have tons of depth!
    Great quotes!

  10. The small sections are stirring up my curiosity. Glorious fresh colours!

  11. Change is good and as artist we have to change. I do like what you are working on.

  12. Creation is always inside-outside for me and that last quote of Lee Krasner really resonates.
    I like the fact that you are moving around in your atmosphere, feeling the walls and the doors. That is inspiring!
    This new expression is quite beautiful. Keep going, so we can all see where you end up!

  13. how wonderful that you are embracing changes in your work. as Anne Lamott says "Start out slow and taper off." Great quotes from Lee Krasner. Thanks.

  14. Thankyou for your visit to my blog. I've enjoyed my visit to yours! In particular I like the colours and shapes you've used in the artworks on this post. They drew me in straight away!

  15. Luzia, Thanks for stopping by...I agree about the change part...right now I'm in the between part of change...challenging!

    Annie, Love the metaphor...rivers going underground. Acrylic actually but I'm also have an oil challenge going on out on the deck!

    Cat, First quote speaks to me lately and so far still pulling the large piece together.

    Teri, I did not see the Amgen race go through but a friend did...close enough...she said it was all in seconds and then over! An art class is giving yourself over to direction ...can be a challenge too!

    Louciao,The place of not knowing for me, is very uncomfortable and then with time it seems to work itself out or wear itself out! ha

    Neva, Lee Krasner has always been one of my favorites and glad you like these little corners of a first effort of a "my new way"!

  16. it sounds like you are very "busy" I might be a turtle!

    Interesting concepts of slow, and then stretching into New ... it reminds me that there are artists who would paint the same image or the same letter till they felt they broke into the code of or soul of that image. A different soul with a different culture and approach to becoming beauty, perhaps?

    Always wonderful to read your posts.

  17. This is a wonderful quote Maryanne!
    I need to copy it down...of late its been something I have really puzzled over....

    I think that is what is so essential about reading - to find who you resonate with...and the meaning you gain from that that can still the mind that otherwise would not feel quite so consoled to do so.
    Its very late...I hope I make some sense to you!
    best wishes with your endevours...slow /fast...doesn't matter!

  18. I can relate to everything you have written about breaking with galleries, etc. and the interruptions that waylay our best intentions. Thanks for sharing Lee's quotes. A reminder of the book I have about her that I haven't read!

  19. Cynthia, Best advice all day...'make haste slowly'!

    Zappha, Adventures have mystery and challenge and sometimes surprise...I'll take encouraging outcome!

    Babs, I should quit now and cut out these little corners! ha

    Robyn, Thank you for your encouraging words...fresh colors are always a good start!

    Katelen, Change is good...change sometimes is not that easy but still good.

    Pat, Ooops just hit a wall, then another wall and then a little breakthrough...all in a days work! ha

    Suki, Genius "start out slow and then taper off"...I must remember that one!

    Lisa, I've been nutty about that creme white for years...always warms up other colors. Thanks for the visit!

    mansuetude, I like the romance of working on that one rose until...or the culture that finally reaches perfection in the making and remaking of a mark or shape. Thought provoking comment...thank you

    Sophie, Glad you connected to the quotes. I'm running fast, slow and faster and then slower! ha

    Eva, Life and art...not always and easy mix. Enjoy your book about Lee Krasner.

  20. boy do I completely agree with the quotes-- creativity means CHANGE and the work ethic to get to your colors

  21. This is beautiful. And you swim too!

  22. Those are wise quotes from Krasner, Mary Ann.

    Just this morning my husband and I were talking about this notion of someone's art being consistent or not. I find that mine isn't that consistent. I attribute it to the fact that I simply cannot be in the studio every day. With my "day job" responsibilities--managing the gallery--my studio visits are irregular and sometimes infrequent. And I find that my state has always been altered by the intervening days of "real life" work. Sometimes this is actually a blessing.

  23. Donna, Change is hard and showing up even harder!

    Bridget, No I don't swim but I do float with the help of a "Noodle"...I float and my body loves it!

    Stephanie, Thank you. Thank you for the visit.

    San, Tough subject...artists and consistency as change and growth requires inconsistency...I don't have any answers?