Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom and Me

Boxes of old photos all wrinkled and torn. Today I remember her and look at her in new ways. I am so surprised to see her tiny waist as she was convinced she was grossly overweight? I remember her doing floor exercises to Jack LaLanne and NEVER wearing shorts. She did love swimming and walking. In my baby years she did crochet work and later embroidery. One of her favorite remarks (she had many) was that she was a great audience member?! She did her absolute best....she had her chance at being a mom and as far as I'm concerned...she did just fine.
In memory: Happy Mother's Day Mom!


  1. What fun to see this image from your archives. To me, your Mom looks like a movie star.

  2. Hello,

    Lovely, loving. I thank you. Best wishes.....pajamas

  3. boy you're not kidding ..she has a tiny waist!
    If she raised you.....
    she was one heck of a mom
    'cause you're perfect
    Happy Mother's Day

  4. Her smile is the same as yours,,do you see that? Funny to me, as I see more of myself in my Mom every day.
    I have these old photos too,,and Mom in the same style of clothing,,,we must be of 'a certain age' together.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I have a very similar picture with my mom without the tiny waist. You've gotten me thinking... time to root out the old photos and see what's there for inspiration.

  6. great photo. fun to see you as a bambino too. i agree w/Babs, you and your mom look much alike esp that smile!!! thank you

  7. Wonderful reflection and tribute to your mother...and I see you in her. Tiny waist, good angle on it.

  8. Don't our mothers look bigger than our generation? It must be the longer hem line. My hem line was pretty short and then I started wearing only pants. But I never looked as tall as my mother in photos. And I was taller.
    You look a lot like your mother. Tht is lovely!
    I hope the day was wonderful.

  9. Funny - I rooted for a picture of my mom yesterday, too. I have a favorite which I couldn't find but found a great one of you and your oldest son as an infant, her and my baby sister and me sitting proudly in between - on the black leather couch. Oh - the hairdo's you sisters had. :-)

  10. Leslie, Thank mom always enjoyed shopping and dressing up!

    pajamas, Thank you...took me half a lifetime to come to the good place of loving and accepting her as a good mom.

    Suz, Thank you...I'm perfect in all my imperfections! ha

    Babs, I was always considered my father's daughter in appearance but now I do see my physical connection...shape face, hands and now smile?!

    Margaret, Spending time looking through old photos is a fascinating experience and inspiring!

    Suki, These old photos are fun. Not so many photos during my early years because of shortages in the 40's.

    Maggie, I'm seeing her in my mirror more and more...never had her small waist though.

    Pat, My mother always wore high heels and dresses so she looked taller...she did shrink in her later years as I am shrinking! ha

  11. Oh Karen, For my part in your photo it could have been a wig...popular at that time! When I was looking through my photos, Pablo was amazed at how many hair colors and styles...everyday became a 'new look'! ha

  12. I see shades of your beautiful mother in your face, Mary Ann! Ah, Jack LaLanne. Wasn't he a character?

  13. Its a lovely image Maryanne.
    She sounds a character indeed... and those comments... they stay with you dont they!

    The modesty is what strikes me... 'audience member' and not wearing shorts. Its a different time... the weight issue was about modesty too in a way... everything in moderation.

    Then again I see you lovely new header and it says something very modest too... could that be learned from your Mom?
    best to you,

  14. Oh, what a sweet mom, and I love your baby picture on your side bar! roxanne

  15. What a wonderful photo. Looking back at those old photos brought up many wonderful memories of childhood I guess. Your mom is a lovely lady and you look so cute in that picture.