Friday, April 30, 2010

One and Two and ...

"One" was my first effort in the molding paste/sanding technique over the collagraph/collage technique. I began wrong using a canvas. I stenciled a row of hearts with tinted molding paste and then covered the area with another color tinted molding paste.This was my first time to use my new power sander and I think I was timid about my sanding. All in all I can see possibilities for layers.

"Two" was interesting as I over shot the sander into the paper area and quickly lost some image. I was trying to sand down to a earlier color of red but before I could get to the red I had also sanded the edge which was getting seriously thin. Working on "Three" now and adding more layers and sealing collage areas.

I'll be starting a new project soon and was curious how this molding paste and sanding could be used. A wood panel would be ideal for this method. I'm still not sure of this method as I'm very impatient and the drying and waiting gives me fits and slows down the creative chances and spontaneity.

Added note: Upon reading this post over I am surprised at my seriousness....sometimes I get so caught up in the art making that I forget to have fun...!! I will lighten up as I love doing the work and will try to be more playful in my descriptions.


  1. Ha..reading this made me laugh...
    you are so determined
    looking pretty good from here...
    a sander....this sounds serious

  2. wonderful! I like both pieces and it is wonderful that you are intent on having fun!

  3. Looking good! I really like both of these pieces. Waiting to see what happens when the fun is switched on!

  4. These are wonderful Mary Ann.Its going to be an exciting series. I also tend to get too serious especially when starting something new and trying to live up to the ideas in my minds eye.

  5. impressed by the professional sander. great idea. I like the tea cup image very much and use of number. Agree that with all the intense work, a wooden board might work well. I love the way you experiment and try this and that and new approaches. inspiring.

  6. Looks good , and iteresting !
    Looking foreward to see your next in this series...
    I`m not sure if I understand the technic molding and sanding ..- do you use sandpaper over the collagraphs to get into deeper layers?
    I dont understand every words in English
    But I enjoy that you tell in your blog what you do to your art . Thank you so much !
    B. Liv

  7. Mary Ann--Love these!! I can see them in a great coffee shop or in my kitchen (if you ever decide to let loose of them!). Can't wait to see "6" or "8". My two favorite numbers.

  8. it doesn't sound too serious; that is just words. :)

    i'd go for the board though. The work looks great as always. Hope you are having a wonderful day over there on the other side of USA>..

  9. Suz, Serious sanding for sure...but I'm trying for a lighter spirit...not so serious!

    Cat, Ha, yes, that would be me...intense errr intent on having fun! ha

    Annie, Love your comment...."when the fun is switched on"...! ha

    Robyn, We sound so much alike...intent on getting an idea or project started well!

  10. I like your sense of adventure. Layers add so much depth to a painting. Using molding paste and sanding it sounds like a lot of work, but it's the results that count. Right? I like your results!

  11. Interesting work, both are beautiful

  12. Overshooting the sanding was the Art God moving your hand. Really wonderful. The colors, composition and mainly the execution!! Good going.

  13. Elizabeth, I like 2 too!

    Suki, I've been meaning to use these prints for the longest time...sander was a gift and fits nicely in my hand.

    Liv, I make layers of paint and then sand through the layers giving an old used look.

    Teri, I'm stopping at three...these prints were begging to be used.

    mansuetude, Yes, it's sunny over on this side of USA.
    Had some fun with these teacups.

    Eva, Glad you like the results...I learned plenty about layers on this project.

    Planete, Thank you...I'm just finishing 3.

    Pat, Thank was God overshooting not me? Great news!ha

  14. Really nice - I ge ta 40's /50's kitchen vibe from the second one that is appealing ot me. :-)

  15. I love sanding. And you can use alcohol to get back to previous layers too. I think it sounds like you are having fun!

  16. What's the weather like in Santa Cruz? We might be heading down there tomorrow. I'm hoping for good weather to enjoy the views. Bringing the dog too so hope there are dog-friendly places to go.

  17. Karen, Actually a 20's or 30's vibe...the blue cups are from a tea set I have in the dining room...cobalt blue and orange?!

    Leslie, Use alcohol for the layers...are we talking champagne? ha

    Teri, There is a dog beach on West Cliff Drive, very close to the Lighthouse. Leash law is in force otherwise.

  18. i've been wanting to do a project using molding paste and sand, too - so wonderful to drop by your place and hear and see all your own processes with your work - and even more wonderful of you to share! have a great day!

  19. I like 1, the orange is comforting, the shapes in the background are a painting in themselves, and I've seen that cup before in my mother's friend's cup and saucer collection. Have a good time with it.

  20. I love reading about your process and the reminder here to have fun. These pieces are very cool... roxanne

  21. Hey, did I miss something? What is this "layering and sanding" technique? I just love the one with the single cup and saucer, btw; don't know what you were going for, but it looks good to me!