Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's On the Easel?

Mixed media piece, measures 16"x16",acrylic, pencil, crayons, old blueprint, photo collage. I would call this piece unfinished but I'm not sure what it needs next so I'll wait and watch.
I visited with my friend Deena today. We came up with our "word" for the year. A word that would epitomize our hopes and expectations for the year. My choice for me was "revival". I have created a symbol for this word and intend on signing it in my daily journal and art pieces as a reminder, this is my year of "revival". The dictionary stated: revival: being revived, reawakening of religious fervor, renewal, restoration, comeback, rebirth, resurgence. So 2009 for me, will be a year of revival! I truly don't know what that will include but I feel focused and directed so we shall see!
Today was sunny and rather warm. The roads were crowded with walkers, runners, bikers in all manner of dress, all ranges of ages, moms with strollers, dogs with owners, teenagers on skateboards...a real lively circus atmosphere. I had to drive slowly because the bike lanes were overflowing! Everyone felt like I did...wanting to take in this warm sunshine.
The interview by Willow was a great experience. I have enjoyed her links to all the others that also participated. I have received more visitors to this site and have so enjoyed their take on my interview. Thank you Willow. I have sent my five questions to two interested bloggers and when they post their answers, I will supply a link. Again, great fun!
note: this one enlarges with a click!


  1. I love the mixed media work, the layers, colors and juxtaposition of pieces is satisifying to the eye. Revival year ahead, yeah! I enjoyed your interview too! I did one with Elizabeth of NY, it will be posted tomorrow. It's fun getting around like this. xx <3 <3

  2. I love your word for the year... revival... what a great choice. And your painting, whether it is done or not I love it! Roxanne

  3. I like the way a piece of art speaks to you and tells you to wait and listen for a while. It's as though everything must percolate for a while before you know if it's finished.

    Revival is an exciting word - your own personal Renaissance!

  4. Mary Ann - what a great idea to paint over a blueprint - your color choices are always great and I really love you word for the year - revival.

  5. i like it, mary ann! and very happy that i could make it bigger for a better look!

  6. I admire your idea of designing a creation to be a physical reminder and symbol for a goal that's hard to pin down in that's more of a state of being. I like it : )

  7. I love your way! Best wishes, Mary Ann!

  8. A wonderful peace which evokes an age old document to me. Love the idea of using blueprints. Your word is an inspiring one and I too love the idea of making a symbol that you can use to remind you. I am drooling with envy re: warm weather and all these people. The only people around here are in pickup trucks out on the road. My interview by you to me, is scheduled to be posted on Tuesday. Thanks for those great questions.

  9. Cynthia, I'll be watching for your interview...yes, great fun!

    Roxanne, Thank you,amazing how difficult to find the right word, the word that fits for now. I'm loving your encaustics!

    Leslie, I'm glad you like this piece....enough texture? Could you tell the trim on the bottom?

  10. Patti, I couldn't agree more with your choice of description of this process!

    Lynne H. I don't know why but some photos enlarge and other do not. Better to get a close up for details.

    B & W Thank you...the joy is always in finding a way to express!

    Starlene, I like the way you heard me...thank you. So many people glaze over when I describe too much. ha

    Suki, I've done the word for a year before but the symbol was suggested and I've taken it up...I like it too.
    Now it's really warming up...70 today and I'm dressed in flannel, corduory and boots?

  11. You are very creative. I love the way you wait until the piece "speaks to you" before finishing.

  12. I came back and looked at this again. I do see the trim at the bottom and I like it! And as for texture, yes I see it. I defiantly enjoy work that emphasizes other aspects of design in addition to or instead of texture. In your piece I see shape, color, line, space, pattern and dominance as well as the texture. Juicy!

  13. Love the collage! Rich colors. And so glad you enjoyed the interview. It was a fun experience for me, too. :^)


  14. What beautiful colors. Does it say Jill on the little piece of paper? Its really a nice piece of work - deep and yet uplifitng.