Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ancient Waters 2

This piece is 10"x10", foam core, acrylic, joint compound, cardboard and cheesecloth. I like this piece and feel it speaks to me of the ancient ritual baths. click to enlarge! I have two others that are slow going and I may need to put them aside. I am getting a little crazy and feel like I'm walking into it might be time to begin with a fresh vision and return to them at a later time.
I ordered a new sewing machine and I'm anxiously waiting for it's arrival. I bought it on Amazon so we shall see. My old machine gave me fits with the bobbin, broken threads, tension problems...this new one has automatic features so it should be a dream. In my flickr photostream you might notice the sewing fabrics together in some of my circles and squares. Love the layer thing!This time I hope to add photograph transfers onto fabric. Also bought a bleach pen? Could be fun!
Well all that sunny beach weather is gone for now...back to overcast, rain and cold. Actually, I like the mist and fog and some rain.
I met Annie way back in the 90's along with five other women. We were in a Julia Cameron study group..."Vein of Gold". Annie and I became instant friends and she introduced me to her wonderful daughter Patrice of Makingpeace. Patrice and I had a couple of shows at a local gallery but that's another story. I also met Annie's sister Pat and now Pat has begun her blog called LaLa in LA When you have the time, please drop by for a visit. I believe she will be previewing her purse making. ..enjoy!


  1. I really like your work Mary Ann. I like the textures, the colors, and the use of space. It does evoke a feeling of antiquity, and of flow. Peace.
    On another note I am finding a lot of "put aside" works myself as I move my studio. I may put them aside for the last time.....

  2. I SO love your work, it really is fabulous. You are a very talented lady and i love visiting your site. :D

    Think I might pop over and visit your friends too !

  3. really nice Mary Ann - I love your color sense - it does feel very ancient....

  4. It looks like an archaeological find. I love the texture too.

    Good luck with the sewing machine. I gave mine away years ago and now wish I hadn't.

  5. Hi,
    I was thinking yesterday how much Annie would have enjoyed blogging. She wrote so well and took great photos and top of all, she was creative. I have her creations all over my house, tucked in little crannies and hanging on the walls. You are a good friend to everyone.
    Thanks, Pat

  6. This is goregous. A doorway to walk through. Sorry you are so frustrated with your other work, but maybe the sewing machine will snap you into new realms. Funny, I am sitting here with two of Mom's sewing machines and not knowing what to do with them. She told me they were both broken but I cant test them out as I dont have the patience.

  7. Hi Mary Ann, I love the texture in this piece. Have you used metalic paint, the colour seems to be quite reflective? Good idea to turn the other pieces to the wall when they frustrate you. Turn then round in a week or two and you will feel liking continuing with them.
    Love Dianne x x

  8. MaryAnn - you are certainly not a procrastiantor. You just keep making beautiful art. It's simply fantastic to scroll back in this blog and see what you have created in such a short period of time. Is there a show in your future?

  9. Leslie, Thank you. It is easy to forget that the "great artists" had plenty of throw aways and false starts. In some ways it is good to toss out these "put asides" and just go on down the to speak!

    Natalie, Thank you...I've been working on art most of my life...good to have a few successes! ha

    Jeane, I'm glad it comes across as ancient...I'm getting addicted to joint compound and cardboard!

  10. Patti, I was working towards archeological looking piece. I love old, relic, found treasures...a clue to other lives.
    A sewing machine can be a really useful item...the one I have now is a big pain so I'm hoping for an easier one.

    Pat, I believe Annie would have been the best blogger ever, her writing, art and creativity would have been startling. I have a few of her treasures and I do mean treasures.

    Suki, Thank you, I like this one.It was fun using the cardboard again.
    I understand lack of patience when discussing sewing machines. My old one would bring out the worst in me just trying to thread it..such cursing! ha

  11. Diane, No, I didn't use metalic paint but I did use both gloss and flat medium. I like your advice to turn the work to the wall!
    Glad to have you visit!

    Karen, Funny, I always think I'm standing still, accomplishing little. I have rejoined the local art league and will hang one piece in a group show coming up in early spring. I said "no more to shows" and then I did this so I guess it is hard NOT to show.

  12. I wonder if we made a note of our work cycles and phases every year whether we would find a pattern. I know this time of the year is always bad for me. i love your painting.

  13. Love the "Ancient" painting...I get a bit depressed because of grey days...the sun here does me good. Take care, Blue Sky Dreaming.

  14. And oh, Mary Ann, I hope you have some sunshine, too.

  15. Robyn, I would like to believe it is just a certain time of year and in some ways I do believe the new year brings on new challenges.

    Cynthia,I know what you mean by overcast days being gloomy. I float between liking sunny days and sometimes enjoying the misty ones too!
    Yes, enjoy your weekend too!

  16. I so love this piece as well, your design and your textures are so earthy and rich and deep. Have a great day! Roxanne

  17. Mary Ann
    I love your work. It has such an ancient yet new to now look. Many levewls of textures..Thanks for sharing it

  18. Mmmmmmm. This is a real favorite for me of your work. Such silence! Such melody!

  19. I love the richness and depth of this piece. The portal seems to call the viewer to see what's beyond. Wonderful!

  20. Roxanne, Thank you..I know who I sold it to so I can visit it if I start missing it too much! ha

    Linda, Thanks for stopping by and seeing the work as I ancient memory.

    Oh Patrice, Silence, thank you for sharing that reaction.

    lolo, Thank you for your comment. We are almost neighbors!