Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Marcy Model #PL-43211

This little exercise beauty sits in my extra attached room, we call the room the cabana and use it for summer dinners, storage, encaustic studio and for the past three months, exercise room. She is a beauty, good comfy seat, a battery display of time, speed, distance and calories! Picked her up(the name really is Marcy) at a big exercise store and they put her together and delivered so she has been good to go!

Suki completed this tag and offered it to any one interested. "It is to list 5 things I do daily to keep my spirit happy and healthy"
1. I pray/meditate every day, mostly in the evening. I would add journaling as a spiritual way for me.

2. Hot tea and blogging every morning...good for me, learning, smiling, caring and connecting to other creative people.

3.Marcy, I take her for a spin each morning, I've worked up to over 20 min. and just under 5 miles. I play classical music , sometimes ride with my eyes closed , sometimes open, sometimes imagine myself biking down familiar roads.

4. Kiss, hug, affection that romantic stuff with Pablo! We are grateful to have one another and find it easy to be close. The laughing is a great spiritual benefit and I've heard good for one's health too!

5.Make-up, I have pale skin, light eyes and light's scary! I need a quick basic blush, shadow ,liner and lipstick....and then the day begins! When I am done I give myself a smile...all is well in the world or at least I'm now ready to face the world!

That's my five, so if anyone wants to take this subject on please do so. I have been working in the studio on my new work and have had a few false starts so this was a nice break. I've been wondering lately if I'm really an organized person (never saw myself that way) but now rather see myself as very disciplined. So I'll just keep going back into the studio until I can let my old ways die and allow new ways of art making show up....that's the journey.


  1. You and Marcy are making me feel incredibly guilty. Monday is the day I am cracking down on myself. Lookout, me!

  2. I enjoyed your 5 things you do to feel joy list...and appreciated the laughter comment. I agree that its one of the best pick me ups and
    stress reducers...I've been thinking about what you wrote...maybe I'll do the list, too. It's a good topic to think about. Love your oasis...beautiful work...that creation gives you joy too, I bet...sending love and laughter your way.

  3. She's a real sexy model, that Marcy. Does Pablo ever get a chance to ride too? Like the idea of a private quiet room for working out rather than one of those crowded, sweaty fitness centers. Besides music playing, might want to catch up on reading too. A good way to improve both mind and body. No doubt that excercising daily takes a lot of discipline. But so does your artmaking! Especially like your "Oasis" series. I'm drawn in by how these pieces capture antiquity while evoking peace and solitude. Bravo!

  4. Dear Mary Ann, thanks for sharing some of those daily things that keep your spirit happy and healthy. You sound as if you are living your life to the full, I think creativity is one of the greatest uplifting traits!
    Love Dianne x x

  5. Mary Ann, how wonderful to have this little room to expand into as needed. Marcy is a doll and you are an inspiration in there peddaling. I agree that laughter is a quadruple blessing and so healing and refreshing. I do not do enough of that. I am inspired to hear how you are creating and painting hard. I myself have fallen by the wayside. Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Be well, Suki

  6. Mary Ann: I feel you cherishing your own sweet gift of being on the planet. I so admire your commitment to taking care of spirit, mind, body and heart. You are an inspiration, truly.

  7. Mary Ann, I added a link to both you and Suki's blog because I read both postings before I took up the challenge to name my own joy inspiration---adors. :) & <3 !

  8. Willow, See you at the bike rack!

    Cynthia, I was just over at your site...good list!

    Anon. You are full of ideas and suggestions...thank you!

    Diane, It is amazing to think of the things we do everyday and I agree about the creativity...a life saver!

    Suki,This little room is turning out great, a quick run from the deck to Marcy! I'll take some photos of studio beginnings!

    Leslie, Thank you...Actually I had a big scare last spring and have found an even greater place of gratitude. The art has always been a spirit lifter!

  9. Hi Mary Ann - your list of 5 sounds very doable and also things that really affect! it seems to take a little more concerted effort the older we get, don't you think?

  10. Your number 5. is what my neice and I have called the whole "kit and kaboodle". I was saying that I needed to get some assistance in figuring out what make-up I needed to use since the hair is now gray. I find that what I used to do makes me look really odd. So I need to find out how to do, at least, the "kit". You look great!!!

  11. Pat, My "kit" of the "kit n kaboodle" is good makeup brushes and a light dusting of a mineral powder and color on the cheecks. IMAC color for my eyelid in a dusty pinktaupe and liner and a lipstick just a few shades darker than my natural lip color. That seems to nail my features to my face! ha The kaboodle is an extra light shade by the eyebrow and a dusty cocoa in the crease of the eyelid and mascara but that requires a dinner invitation at least!

  12. Those are five great things.

    I'd never thought of make-up as something to make you healthier, but even on a day that I don't leave the house and spend the day holed up by my easel, I don't feel ready for the day unless I put on a little lipstick and even a bit of mascara. I'm glad I'm not alone. It is a spirit lifter, isn't it?

  13. Good topic...and so important! Laughter goes a long way to keeping ones spirit happy and healthy.