Friday, January 30, 2009

A Quick Look Back

I thought I'd post one of the whole pieces from one of the last posting examples to show the other ways I combined cloth, papers, wire, stones and gold leafing. I placed them tightly together for the photo but they can be hung a variety of ways. Each canvas measures 4"x4". "Gold 9"
The new work will have some of the same materials and an addition of new things such as photo transfers and a few surprises. For the first time I am going to first work out some details in my sketchbook...I usually just begin and let what happens happen but this time I want to experiment and make a beginning plan. I know the materials, I know the theme or journey so the sketchbook will help me clarify.
Cynthia over at Oasis Writing Link has given me a great award and I will post all the details this weekend...again, thank you, Cynthia!


  1. These are wonderful with rich color and texture. I am looking forward to seeing your new work as well. It sounds like you have this well thought out. Enjoy!

  2. Just popping in via Starlene's blog.

  3. I'm interested to see how the sketching works out...I often wonder if pre-planning works...maybe it's a little atart with an idea and then just go with your intution? Kind of like writing...I like what you have there and the title, "Gold 9." Your work feels complete/balanced, Blue Sky. Love your blog! Thanks for the link to Oasis!

  4. Interesting work and interesting blog! Perhaps I'm a duck in a pond too!

  5. Beautiful! The grid is a wonderful matrix. You can have fun with endless combinations of circles within sqaures! So texturally rich!

  6. I was disappointed that this one didn't enlarge really big,,,,you know I love to get the real feel for your work. The textures are always amazing, and this one I can see is no exception.
    Hope the pre-planning helps,,,it sometimes gives me a 'jumping off' point,,,and then I just fly by the seat of my pants,,often it works!
    Amazing grouping!

  7. loving reading about your process - this piece is really lovely...

  8. Hi Mary Ann, I also tried to enlarge the image, I think you must have downsized the image really small. I like to see the work up close.
    This is a beautiful group of interchangeable canvasses, I love the idea of being able to change the format.
    Good luck with the planning, I bet you come up with a great plan and then go off on a tangent and do something completly different!
    Looking forward to seeing what happens!

  9. Leslie, I am pretty convincing on the subject of great plans...not so good at completion but I am on my own for a few!!

    Jules, I'm glad you popped live in an city whose name I cannot pronounce with a mountain range that is a rare beauty. Come back anytime.

  10. Willow, Thank you. I like your new banner!

    Cynthia,I hope to share some of my sketchbook discoveries towards the end of this week.

    Philip, Thank you. Always room at this pond!

    Martha, I agree the grid, the circles and squares are made for combining in rich and interesting ways.

  11. Babs, I also was disappointed in the lack of enlarging. I had these photographed at the lab so I'm not sure what I did getting them from a cd to here. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Jeane, Thank you. This sharing is the most fun.

    Diane, Again, sorry about the enlarging. I like having a plan for starters but then as you say to go off in the direction the work demands.

  12. I love the circles within the squares, and I love your 9 block image!!!
    I am a numer 9, in numerology...could have something to do with it.
    The RED, is wonderful...and the textures. Would like to get "up close" to these!!!
    I have involved you in a "tag" obligations though, Jo

  13. Thankyou for visiting me and therby giving me the great treat of your blog.
    It is fasntastic work and I love the comment in the profile, by the way you are just a few months younger than birthday is June 1944 was a very good year!

  14. This looks wonderful! You are doing so many beautiful things. I love all this intense color! Very warming in my land of frost and white!