Monday, January 5, 2009

The beauty of Black Gesso!

I've been getting ready for new gesso in this case. I coat both sides of this foam core and sometimes more. I actually did this a few days ago and I've been in the studio working on the small ones. 10"x10". Just puttering around, using my square punch, gluing stuff and generally stirring the soup! So far nothing but I'm not always the best judge so I'll keep working and put things aside until I can look at them with open eyes and heart. I will also be getting out my sewing machine, as I'm feeling a desire for sewing squares.

Yesterday, Pablo and I went to the last holiday event...his cousin's home for brunch. They live in a beautiful home outside of San Francisco and all the cousins, 1st, 2ND and 3rd talked and caught up on each other's lives...great food, eggs, bagels and wonderful bakery type sweets with champagne and orange juice...whew!! It was a long ride home and Pablo has caught cold, he is sleeping in... the day is cold and wet, not raining just very wet and drippy. Two things I want to do this week, a good movie?? and a trip to Michal's craft and art supply to blow my gift card!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the end result of these sleek gesso coated squares!

    Michael's is the best, isn't it? I can spend way too much money there.

    Hope your sweet Pablo is feeling better soon!

    Your WV is "swedn"...any Swedes in your line?

  2. Hope your new project brings you satisfaction!

  3. I so admire your ability to deliver such great photos of what is going on in your life! I'm trying to imagine the behind-the-scenes of you and Pablo to capture these terrific shots. Thanks for that. Sorry to hear Pablo is feeling a cold coming on -wash your hands frequently and don't touch your nose or eyes before you do - can't have you getting sick. :-) Have you seen the Diving Bell and The Butterfly? Sad story but an amazing movie experience - how they filmed that - wow???

  4. Willow, You are on to me now....I'm dumb as a post...what is a WV? My father was Norwegian?

    Yes, Michael's is the greatest, I will need to go a 1/2 hour down the road but I'll make it a day's outing with lunch!

    Cynthia, Thank you, I'm excited and unsure at the same time...good for my kind of creating!

  5. Woo-hoo a gift card! I received several of those when I retired last year. Do people know us, or what!!
    Gee,,,I've been working with doing a black base coat on some canvas papers,,,so MANY possibilities,,,,I've also been working up some gold skins and painting some wire screening gold. I must be getting ready to collage,,,,time will tell!
    Have fun, and show and tell with your finished project! I love Show and Tell!

  6. Karen, I haven't seen the movie but I believe the director is my favorite artist Julian Schnabel. I heard it was a difficult movie to watch.
    I'm being very careful not to catch his cold...I'm keeping my distance. whew!
    So what is this, Miss Nancy Drew photo...I love it!Will there be a blog to go with it?

  7. Babs, It sounds like you are ready for just about collage!
    No matter the amount on the gift card...I always go over!!

  8. mary ann, that black gesso IS beautiful! it's so *black*, so ready for the next step... i just looked at your slideshow in the sidebar, and wow... i love everything!

    i'm sending you wishes for a creative and happy 2009!

  9. Bravo for being so experimental. Can't wait to see the result of this one.

  10. Oh Karen yes! how did they film the scenes from 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' this is my favorite 2008 film along with Anna Melikyan’s 'The Mermaid' you really must see both Blue Sky Dreaming - yes they are both difficult, moving and essential!!! Just like black gesso! Thank you for the lovely posting

  11. Hi Mary Ann, I have just been working on three canvas's where my initial coating was black gesso - I left some areas white and then floated in some transparent glazes, which I have subsequently painted over unfortunately! Still, the paintings are taking me on a journey and I am going along for the ride!
    Make sure Pablo is warm and cosy, hope he feels better soon.
    Love Dianne x x

  12. All of that black gesso--it looks like a big empty space full of possibility. It is!

    Happy New Year to you, Mary Ann. Happy art-making. Happy possibilities!

  13. lynne, Thank you. Isn't it fun to wander around a site? I make such nice discoveries.
    Happy New Year to you and yes, I'm covering the black with new colors and who knows?

    Jean, Experimental...yes, I'm trying, pulling out all my bag of tricks and then some...!

    Rambling Rose, Thank you for the "Mermaid" suggestion...I will look for it at my video store when Pablo is out of town...he likes happy movies lately so I can watch both when I'm by myself with my popcorn!

  14. Diane, Great minds think alike...the black gesso is a great beginning, it seems to add the depth right off. Good luck on your journey.
    I seem to be wandering but I'm rather enjoying the here and there of it all.

    San, Thank you, I like possibilities right there with surprises while all the while ignoring disappointments! ha Good luck on your studio days...2009!

  15. I like the black gesso background. So wonderful that you are working. I love to putter myself. And you will be sewing too. The holiday sounds great fun but sorry Pablo is ill. That is no fun. Sleep is very good though. Sleep and lots of water or ginger ale. :) have great fun spending your gift card. I have a yearning to go to the Michael's here but it is 45 minutes away and we expect storms for a couple days so who knows when I'll be able to get there. Have fun. Always an inspiration.

  16. oh my gosh, when your new post rolled up on my blog roll, it looked like great chocolate brownies - of course now I know it is fabulous black gessoed foam core - both are equal in my book! - starting points looking good! something wonderful is going to happen!

  17. I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and enjoyed almost three hours of quiet, dark, movie magic. Some of it didn't make sense, but I was able to go with it and enjoy the escape.

  18. I love black gesso. This is mysterious.

  19. Mary Ann, I am sorry to hear the cold is going around at your house. I hope it leaves there very soon.

    Black gesso...Dianne is talking about that, too, so I think I am going to stop and pick up a bit when I am out today! I have never used it, but am feeling the prod. It will be so much fun to see how it develops for you. I will be watching.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. Suki, Pablo is done with the home remedies and has decided to let the doctor take a crack at his case...I'l be available for the pharmacy run.
    Sewing in the sense of squares and thread...I use the sewing foot as a pencil and away I go!

    Jeane, I like your positive vibe...
    I'm not sure what I have but I can't find the black gesso first coat... I believe it does something underneath like black soil?

  21. Patrice, Good movie...thumbs up!

    B & W, All of art, for me is mysterious but the black gesso seems to give off a little magical mystery of it's own!

    Kim, One of the best parts of art making are the materials...enjoy your purchase!