Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Winter Spring and Summer

This piece "Silver Ladder" is one of two works inspired by my writing and reading about Labyrinths, meditation trails and images from antiquity. The fabric collage and stitching are almost obscured by layers and layers of oil pastel and joint compound. The silver leaf is a shiny contrast to shades of dull pink, red and yellow. In low light this piece has a glow that I really like.
Great , a little too cool for me but not cool enough to keep the tourists away. The pull of the Boardwalk and beaches too great to discourage weekenders or day trippers. Monday, Deena and I worked on the exchange of my summer clothes from winter and chose items for Goodwill or for consignment...almost done and I'm already feeling lighter! We also had a great day just being together and catching up!
I looked over my schedule for the week and Thursday is my only full day for studio work...not good. I must stay serious about setting more time aside for's impossible to develop if I'm always in a start and stop position. As I've gotten older I'm plain weak and stupid after 7pm. I love my studio...right in the center of the house just like in my heart...materials, them all.


  1. I haven't walked a labyrinth in a while, but I'm fond of them. That kind of moving meditation is centering. I can see the connection in "Silver Ladder." And in having a studio in the heart center of your house.

  2. The labyrinth experience is wonderful. Love this piece of work MaryAnn! I can picture it glowing as you say. Our church constructed a labyrinth after the one in Chartes and it's quite popular - especially on New Year's Eve!
    My family also enjoyed walking the labyrinth at the National Cathedral in Washington DC a couple of years ago - that was special.

  3. Your words as well as your art makes me feel like I've known you for a very long time, as if we've had a connection even before we first met. When you talk about aging in "Winter Spring and Summer", I sure can relate to the "gotten older" part. You're so lucky to have a friend like Deena who assisted you to bring the colors and fabrics of Summer into your home!

  4. Karen,
    A Labyrinth walk can many times lead a person into a profound experience...I will never forget walking one at Grace Cathedral in SF years ago. The
    National Cathedreal for you and family must have also been quite an experience. I'm glad you like "Silver Ladder".

  5. You continue to amaze me! Love it!