Saturday, May 10, 2008

This woman, my mother
This woman I've always known
This woman I've loved from a child's heart
The years rejecting her still clear in my head
justified on all points and issues
None of my ploys work anymore
My hard heart won't stop melting
She holds the keys to my most unforgettable traits
the ones I buried and let be hers alone
Now I find joy and I see her
Now I accept my kindness and see her
my silliness, my stamina, my faith and I still see her
As her light here so clearly fades
she never questions my gifts are from hers
I humbly accept to unlock another closed room in my heart
To lighten the corners of shames refusal of a mothers imperfect yet constant love


  1. mmmmmmmmm...
    i'm crying sweet tears connecting too these evocative words. I can feel my hard heart melting, and the unlocking of more room in my heart to love, holding on to the light of her!

    oh mother! i see you in my joy.

    oh daughter! i see my joy in you.

    thank you and happy mothers day maryAnn

  2. Yes, Happy Mother's Day indeed. This is a piece so personal and yet applicable to others. It's good to recognize and validate our connectedness and to be glad. Lot's of love...

  3. Your poem about your Mom made me cry--there is grace as we face lifes biggest challenges--love to you and your mother. julie

  4. Such honest, brave, and WISE words. Thank you for expressing that so beautifully.