Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Business cards

New image for my business cards..what do you think? I need to update my email as well as my new blog address. My dear friend Deena is putting it together so we can tweek it and I think we are going with a creamy white shiny card with black lettering. I have trouble with reverse printing...hard to read.
David McMahon from authorblog has requested his readers to post an answer to this simple question and also to post it to him so he can follow any discussions. The question is What is your dream? My dream is after coming home from 10 days in the dream, wish, prayer is to have the lung capacity ENOUGH to love Pablo, to paint, to play.


  1. Sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope your situation improves, so you can enjoy your life and your art.

  2. I think this will make for a terrific business card, Mary Ann! Love your dream. All the best wishes for you to live that dream. You are a strong lady, one of inspiration.

  3. I admit I dream of houses.
    I wish for peace among people.
    My prayer is for being alive in each moment.

  4. Hello,
    Any new artistic inspiration over the holdiay weekend? I was inspired by the new Mary Oliver book of poetry - Red Bird. I think this might be the best she's done!