Friday, June 6, 2008

Whadya think?

I just couldn't decide, I like them all but prefer the one on the right. I was told people choose the more traditional placement as it's easier to read in a wallet. It feels good to have them and I like the shiny white slick feeling...a far cry from my muted grey ones.
I have a springtime guest taking up residence on my deck. A pretty little dove is sitting on her eggs in one of my dirt filled clay pots. I understand they mate for life but I've not seen Mr. Dove? It is sweet, morning and night to know she is here expecting her new life. I believe she is my mirror for patience in expecting my healthy new life?!
I am so sorry for the small image...I gave it my best but somehow couldn't get it computer world, I am limited. If you click on the cards they will be huge?


  1. All of the cards look great! You can't go wrong with any of them I like the vertical one too. I think it makes it stand out more because it's not traditional.

  2. No question about it, Mary Ann, I vote for the vertical business card on the right. It wins hands down, heads and shoulders above the other two. It's clean, a great rendition of your art prowess, and the perfect type size for your name and contact info. By going vertical, you arrest the eyes and soar like a grand cathedral, an eagle, a fiery rocket!

  3. Really terrific cards Mary Ann or should I say mary ann. :-) The North / South orientation is impressive, but all are very fine. The dove must have felt safe with you and so made her place there. I think penguins do the mate for life thing as well...not likely to get a penguin on your deck in Santa Cruz - ha ha!

  4. Clearly the vertical format on the right. I don't think conventional ideas and readability count so much on an artists cards. Image and a contact number are the only things that matter.